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Lagois Family crest.png Lagois Family
Residence Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis
USA flag.PNG USA (Shiverpool, Club Penguin, Club Penguin City, South Pole City)
Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland
Gernomia Flag.png Gernomia
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone
Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
Shrouderland Flag.png Shrouderland
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Familia Lagois
Lagois Familia
House of Lagois
Ethnicity Emperor Penguins
(Aptenodytes forsteri)
Citizenship Varies depending on country
Occupation Presidents, Monarchs, Politicians, Scientists, Adventurers, Teachers
Years active 1021 AD-present
Home town Lagoa, Tropicalis
Known for Influencing and governing Tropicalis; having many adventurers and explorers in their family
Title The House of Lagois
Opponent(s) Innumerable
Relatives Lagoidis Family
Laguna Family
Stark Family
Snowski Family
Genus iuvare lagois sumus et nos esse superbus!
— The family's motto

The Lagois Family (/ləˈgɔɪz/; Spanish: Familia Lagois, pronounced La-goys), sometimes known as the House of Lagois is a very large family comprised of the children of Penguino Lagois I that originated from the country of Tropicalis and it's nearby regions. Dating back to as far as the 11th century, the Lagois Family are direct descendants of the first monarch and founder of the Sphenisdean Empire, Pengtivius I.

With over 30 known past generations of history before them, the Lagois Family belongs to one of the longest bloodlines in the entire continent, and are nowadays widespread over the Antarctic, although a majority of the family's members are still concentrated in Tropicalis. The fifth and current generation are known for being explorers and adventurers, who have the uncanny habit of getting themselves into trouble, leading to a series of misadventures.



The crest of the Lagois Family, created and used sometime around the 17th century.

The Lagois Family traces as far back as the early 11th century to Pengtivius I, the first known member of the family and the first monarch of the Sphenisdean Empire who united the many regional factions and colonies together.

According to the earliest records ever found, Pengtivius was said to have a very sympathetic and forgiving personality, and was unnaturally adept at befriending and convincing others. Pengtivius always believed the unity was the answer to most problems, and dedicated himself to bringing the others together. Ever since Pengtivius' reign began, his descendants continued to lead and influence Sphenisdean for many cneturies.

One after another, Pengtivius' descendants would continue to influence the empire, succeeding each other as king of Sphenisdean. Throughout this period, the number of royal family was rather stagnant, and all of their members resided in Sphenisdean.

One of the kings, Pengtivius IX would later be known for switching the official language of the empire as a whole from Latin to Spanish, and requesting the immediate conversion and transition, a decision that would be frowned down upon mostly by the early Latin-speaking Pengstado citizens.

Sphenisdean Civil Wars[edit]

This grudge that the Pengstadoans had against the monarchy would eventually fuel the uprising that became the two Sphenisdean Civil Wars, both of which were major drawback for the nation as a whole, resulting in the splitting of the empire into several smaller states and factions, much like in the early beginnings of the country. This forced most of the royal family to scatter themselves across the region, with some of them becoming leaders and sovereigns of some of these new states. With the dissolution of the Sphenisdean Empire, the incumbent monarch, Tomás I, quickly reorganized his military forces and a large number of his citizens, family members included, into the Kingdom of Tropicalis. As a result of the civil war and the Pengstado rebels controlling a large portion of former Sphenisdean Empire territory, the rebel territory became part of the greater Imperial Empire of Sphenisdean.

The Imperial Empire, lead by a penguin named Quintus, began annexing many of the small, defenceless factions around the region, adding to their growing empire. Many of these states, including the ones led by members of the royal family, pledged their allegiance to Tomás the Kingdom of Tropicalis. While a majority of them were annexed, forcing their leaders into custody or exile, some of them became official "protectorates" of the Kingdom, and agreed to merge into their territory. Though the Imperial Empire continued to ignore and neglect the Kingdom throughout this time, they grew increasingly annoyed at the Kingdom voicing its support for these smaller states and converting them into Kingdom territory. Despite this, they avoided confrontation with the Kingdom at all costs, refusing to acknowledge their existence.

The Imperial Empire later crumbled in 1907 as many of the smaller non-Kingdom aligned and unaffiliated states began to support the restoration of the monarchy, seeing their fate at the hands of the Tropicaliber, a resistance movement that supported the return of the monarchy. After the Imperial Empire crumbled, the incumbent leader of the Kingdom, Tomás V, met with the resistance leaders, as well as the leaders of the surviving smaller states. After negotiating and coming to a proper agreement, all of the states merged and the royal family was reinstated as leaders of the newly reunified "Republic of Tropicalis".

The Three Families[edit]

At the time of the republic's official creation, Tomás V had three candidates for the newly established position of president - Penguino Lagois I, Antonio Lagoidis and Basiliscus Laguna, his three children (who had all adopted variations of the same surname). Since Penguino Lagois I was already the official heir for the throne during the kingdom era, he automatically assumed the position of president, with Tomás simultaneously abdicating. The two other children, Antonio and Basiliscus, were somewhat envious of this, and turned their backs on each other, setting off to make a name for themselves by starting families and travelling abroad. Ever since their parting of ways, the three held increasingly bitter views of each other, something that would be inherited by some of their descendants, especially by Basiliscus and Antonio's. This resentment would increase in the Lagois Family due to Antonio's descendants facing several accusations about being responsible for Linium Crisis, a near civil war-level uprising in Tropicalis.

Despite all this, all three families, the Lagois Family espeically, had spread out across Antarctica and settled down in other countries and regions, becoming scientists, teachers and business owners. Nowadays, countless family members live all over Antarctica, yet most still live in Tropicalis.

Family Tree[edit]

Pengtivius I
many generations
Tomás V
Antonio Lagoidis
Penguino Lagois I
Basiliscus Laguna
Lagoidis Family
Capella Lagois
Zephaniah Lagois
Alphi Lagois
Penguino Lagois II
Laguna Family
Arcturus Lagois
Ephesus Lagois
Anne Lagois
Penguino Lagois III
Celeste Lagois
Walter Lagois
Jennifer Lagois
Snowski Family
Delphinus Lagois
Rosa Lagois
Silvia Lagois
Steve Lagois I
Brandon Stark
Selina Lagois
Quincy Lagois
Charles Lagois
Steve Lagois II
Helen Lagois
Penguino Lagois IV
Sarah Snowski
Gerald Snowski
Patricia Snowski
Adrian Lagois
Alayne Stark
William Lagois
Cassandra Lagois
Pablo Lagois
Kenny Lagois
Aaron Lagois
Penguino Lagois V
Pengal Lagois
Sarah Snowski II
Jawa Snowski
Lachlan Lagois
Luis Lagois


Republic of Tropicalis
Tropicalis Flag.png
Part of the Tropicalian series of articles.
Tropicalian History
Tropicalis Map2.png
Provinces, Islands and Territories
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Provinces: Pengstado • Beakily • Arbos Islands • Centro de Tropicalia • Southern Tropicalis • Adelia

Colonies: GernomiaMacarooni

Territories: Tropicalian Extraterrestrial ColoniesTropicalian Ocean TerritoriesLaoPica Tropica
Notable Locations
Wars and Conflicts
Notable People
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Italic - Indicates that this member was married into the family.
* - Indicates that this member was adopted.

  • 19th century
  • Tomás V (1841-1920) - While not a member of the Lagois Family, Tomás was the father of Penguino Lagois I. Tomás' full name was Tomás Cesar Salvador de Lagoa (de Lagoa meaning "of Lagoa", with "Lagoa" being the name of a town in the country). His last name, "de Lagoa", would be used by his three children, who all simplified the name to their own variations (Penguino used "Lagois", which would be used as a last name by his descendants).
  • Penguino Lagois I (1866-1930) - Penguino Lagois I was the very first president of the Republic of Tropicalis, assuming the position shortly after the dissolution of the Imperial Empire of Sphenisdean and the Kingdom of Tropicalis. Among the eldest of Tomás V's many children, Penguino I was the chosen heir to the throne, and with his ascent, ushered in a new era of modernization and increased militarization, which was further backed by the discovery and incorporation of Linium technology.
  • Penguino Lagois II (1897-1976)
  • Zephaniah Lagois (b. 1898) - A famed and widely renowned explorer in both Tropicalian and in some cases, Antarctic history, Zephaniah was an inspiration to many, his descendants, included. His discoveries greatly benefited Tropicalis in their colonial eras, and proved very useful in the world of cartography, helping to map then-unknown parts of the world. Zephaniah disappeared mysteriously sometime in 1937, shortly after the birth of his son, Arcturus. With nobody knowing how or what exactly caused him to disappear, it is believed that he vanished while trying to traverse a mysterious region beyond the Tropicalian province of the Coral Archipelago.
  • 20th century
  • Penguino Lagois III (b. 1933) - The third president of the Republic of Tropicalis.
  • Arcturus Lagois (1936-2003) - Often considered something of an oddball and an eccentric among the members of the family, occasionally even something of a joke, Arcturus was the son of Zephaniah, and an astronomer. He was known for embarking on several expeditions to try locate and his disappeared father, Zephaniah, though all were unsuccessful in finding out what happened.
  • Penguino Lagois IV (b. 1962) - The incumbent fourth president of the Republic of Tropicalis.
  • Sarah Snowski (1965-2000) - Sarah Snowski was the former First Lady of Tropicalis, the mother of Wikipenguino45 and the wife of Penguino Lagois III. She was believed to have been killed by Darktan.
  • Steve Lagois II (b. 1967) - The son of Penguino Lagois III. Steve is the father of Cheddarbox, Pablo and Kenny Lagois, and currently lives in South Pole City to serve as a representative to the USA on behalf of Tropicalis.
  • Dr. Infinity (b. 1971) - Charles Lagois, or "Dr. Infinity" is a scientist that resides in Club Penguin City, King George's Island, where he runs a workshop. Aside from this, Dr. Infinity is secretly an agent for both the Elite Penguin Force and the Tropicalian Secret Intelligence Services.
  • Warner Lagois (b. 1974) - Considered to be a "rather boring" member of the family by certain others, Warner leads a simple, mostly uneventful life in southern Castilla.
  • Pablo Lagois (b. 1993) - Pablo is the older brother of Kenny Lagois and Cheddarbox and the owner of Pablo's Snack Shack, a restaurant in his hometown of New Sandboro.
  • Kenny Lagois (b. 1994) - Kenny Lagois is well-known for having mastered Card-Jitsu and the martial arts. Kenny teaches aspiring ninja students in Beaksledge, Tropicalis where he also resides. He is also known for participating in the 2016 Summer Olympics on behalf of Tropicalis.
  • Wikipenguino45 (b. 1994) - Wikipenguino is the only child of Sarah and Penguino Lagois IV, and an adventurer who is often the victim of several unexpected misadventures, usually encounters with villains such as his X-Antibody and his band of troublemakers. He also serves as a representative for Tropicalis, usually as a delegate in international organizations.
  • William Lagois (b. 1995) - The older brother of Cassandra Lagois, and the son of Selina and Quincy Lagois.
  • Cheddarbox (b. 1995) - Cheddarbox, or Aaron Lagois is a prankster who is the younger brother of Pablo and Kenny Lagois. In contrast with most of the family, Cheddar is rather immature and folly, and operates a rather successful joke shop in Shiverpool, where he lives.
  • Cassandra Lagois (b. 1997) - The younger sister of William Lagois, Cassandra is the daughter of Selina and Quincy Lagois. She currently resides in Gernomia with her parents.
  • Alayne Stark (b. 1998)
  • 21st century
  • Luis Lagois (b. 2012)
  • Wikipengal45* (b. 2014) - The only known adopted member of the family, Wikipengal is an R63 Clone of Wikipenguino, who she considers her brother.

Distantly Related Members[edit]

  • Lagoidis Family
  • Daphne Lagoidis (b. 2002)
  • Laguna Family
  • Björn Lagune - A distantly-realted cousin of the Lagois Family, Björn lives in Penguio and is descended from members of the Laguna family settled down there in the early 1900's. Over time, Björn's family surname was changed from "Laguna" to "Lagune", likely due to a typo or misconception due to the two sounding similar.


Since Pengitivius I's era, the Lagois Family has been heavily involved in the Tropicalian government and the political world. Most of Pengtivius' sons were kings or rulers of the Sphenisdean Empire or other former states within the local region. As leaders or politicians, they were often regarded as very pivotal figures in Tropicalis' history, helping to mould it and shape it into its current state over the many centuries. They were often responsible for suggesting or introducing major changes to the country such as the adoption and transition to greener energy sources, the rapid modernization of the country, and focusing on general improvements to the military forces. Many of the family's present day members are also politicians or statesmen the country, being governors, mayors, representatives of the country or other jobs of the like.

Besides this, several family members both past and present, have worked as scientists and technologists, taking up roles and jobs in the scientific and technological industries. Basiliscus Laguna, before starting his own family, was a scientist and a technology expert, aiding other scientists in the development of Linium-based technology and developing cleaner energy. Dr. Infinity, otherwise known as Charles Lagois, is a more recent member of the family who works as a scientist.


The Lagois Mansion, one of the family's main residences, located in Tropicapolis.

The Lagois Family is known for owning the Lagois Mansion, a private residence in the upper parts of Tropicapolis, the Tropicalian national capital. The mansion is home to the incumbent president, Penguino Lagois IV, his son Wikipenguino45, the residence's butler and caretaker Dennis Kappa and Wikipenguino's puffle, Terry Van Furry. Moreover, in the residence's history, it has been inhabited by several previous generations of the family, many of whom vacated the residence and moved elsewhere. Among these former inhabitants were the explorer Zephaniah Lagois, Laguna and Lagoidis branch members Basiliscus Laguna and Antonio Lagoidis, and the last king of the Kingdom of Tropicalis, Tomás V.

In addition to the Lagois Mansion, the family owns numerous residences throughout the country and its other territories, including a manor in Lagois City, which was formerly home to the kings of the Sphenisdean Empire during the city's days as the capital, as well as a home in Lao. The family also used to own a castle in the mountains near Lagois City during the Sphenisdean era, named Alcazar Castle, which was later converted into a museum, and has since become a popular tourist attraction.

Relationships with other families[edit]


The family is known to share "rivalries" with sister branches of the family, whom they have always had a history of being suspicious of. Due to the three children of Tomás V, (Basiliscus Laguna, Antonio Lagoidis and Penguino Lagois I) parting ways and splitting into three different after Penguino was proclaimed the official heir, there has been some competition between their descendants. The three became somewhat estranged, with Antonio and Basiliscus embarking off on their own journeys with their own ideas in mind. They started their own families, splitting into two different branches named the Lagoidis Family and Laguna Family, respectively.

Their descendants spread out amongst the more northern parts of the continent as well as the Ninja Archipelago, where they would stay for generations, trying to accomplish success and influence in the rest of the world. While some were quite successful in their jobs, founding companies and businesses that eventually flourished, others were not as successful and grew envious of those who were. Some of the Lagois Family members went as far to believe that the Linium Crisis, a dangerous confrontation between the Tropicalian government and a group of rebels over Linium weaponry, was caused by a band of jealous Lagoidis branch members who were looking to exert influence by force and get back at their relatives in the government.

Regardless the somewhat strained and tense relationship between these three families, especially among the older members, a few of the more recent generations of all three families have interacted and kept in touch. These few are mostly on good terms with each other, despite going against their relatives' wishes.

A rivalry also exist between current members of the Lagois Family, more specifically between the descendants of Penguino Lagois II and the rest of the family. Since Penguino Lagois II was the former president of the country, some of his descendants were upset when he was succeeded by his nephew, Penguino Lagois III, due to his son Delphinus refusing the position. Feeling as if they were treated unfair and growing increasingly jealous of this, some of Penguino Lagois II's descendants deliberately alienate themselves with the rest of the family, believing they are the rightful successors. Some of the other Lagois Family members countered and defended Delphinus and his father's decision, sparking a long-lasting resentment between the two sides.


Many of the Lagois Family's members own puffles of all colours, but have only done so for a few generations.

Color Name Gender Birth date Adoption date Owner(s) Notes
Yellow Sammy M July 3, 2016 (2016-07-03) (age 3) February 2019 Wikipenguino45
Blue Terry Van Furry M March 19, 1997 (1997-03-19) (age 22) N/A Wikipenguino45 Terry is most unlike other blue puffles, being a bookworm and having other traits uncommon to his breed, but nevertheless is a loyal companion to Wikipenguino.
Pink Pinky F N/A N/A Wikipengal45
Green Mike Whirlpool M January 14, 2014 (2014-01-14) (age 5) N/A Cheddarbox
Brown Mathew M N/A August 2010 Dr. Infinity
Black Xander M N/A August 2014 Kenny Lagois A ninja puffle, Xander is very skilled in Card-Jitsu. This makes him a suitable pet for his owner, Kenny Lagois, who is also a ninja. They often train with each other in order to better hone their skills.
Red Riptide M June 17, 2012 (2012-06-17) (age 7) March 2013 Lachlan Lagois


Family Members[edit]

Puffles Gallery[edit]


  • Cheddarbox actually inspired Wikipenguino to wear the same blue face paint.
  • Caspian is believed to have had some personal friendship with the family at some point during his naval voyages.
  • It is common for Lagois family members to be yellow, green, dark green, lime green, or have brown hair.
  • Penguino Lagois III is on the 50 dollar bill, even though Tropicalian Dollars are not the main currency anymore.
  • Pengtivius I is widely believed to have been a Chatham Penguin.
  • Family members with identical first and last names are distinguished with a roman numeral at the end of their name, even if they have different middle names (eg. "Penguino Walter Lagois" is still seen as "Penguino Lagois V" rather than "Penguino W. Lagois"). This tradition is likely due to the family's history of being monarchs in the past.

See Also[edit]

Lagois Family
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"Genus iuvare lagois sumus et nos esse superbus!"
Generation 1: Wikipenguino45 | Wikipengal45 (adopted) | Cheddarbox | William Lagois | Kenny Lagois | Pablo Lagois | Cassandra Lagois | Lachlan Lagois
Generation 2: Penguino Lagois IV | Sarah Lagois | Steve Lagois | Helen Lagois | Dr. Infinity | Quincy Lagois | Selina Lagois
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