Dinosaur Island

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Dinosaur Island
Dinosaur Island.PNG
The coast of Dinosaur Island.
Castillan Map of CP Vicinity.png
Dinosaur Island at the middle of a Medieval Castillan map.
Key details
Type Animal Reserve
Level 67
Location Three miles north of Trading Post.
Inhabitants Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Island is an island three miles north of Trading Post Island. It is the only known area in Earth to still be inhabited by dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures. The island is directly under a possible hole in the ozone, which makes it very, very warm. The average temperature if 48 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is unknown when the dinosaurs arrived at Dinosaur Island, but it is known that island was once inhabited by penguins and puffles. The evidence for penguin/puffle civilizations are the many temples across the island. Each one has drawings of puffles on them, and some store great treasures. Archeologist, and treasure hunters are currently exploring these temples looking for treasures or mummies. Since the history of Dinosaur Island is majorly unknown, historians can only guess that the penguins came from human territory. Possibly as far as Central America.


Dinosaur Island is an Antarctican wildlife reserve. It is maintained by the USA's government, with some aid from foreign wildlife businesses. The reserve receives an average of 6 million Coins each year, 2 million from the Antarctican government. Since Dinosaur Island is the only known land on earth to still have dinosaurs, it receives many funds to keep running. It receives 3 million Coins from tourist alone. There is one gift shop on the island, so far it only sells ancient-looking costumes, and dinosaur costumes.

There are some laboratories located on the island. The main one is located under the hill, which the gift shop is located on. The laboratory sometimes take live dinosaurs, and put them in a large, maintained cage. This cage allows tourist to watch dinosaurs up close, and scientist to examine what dinosaurs really do. Three are three dinosaurs in captivity: Rocker (male), Linda (female), and a young one named Explorer (male). Scientist have discovered that Explorer is very friendly to them, like puffles.


Dinosaur Island is a very large island, being 45 sq. mi. large. It's also very warm, possibly being underneath a hole in the ozone layer. There are many palm trees there, and other ancient vegetation. The island is just as warm as Pen Chi Island, making it very hard for penguins to explore on. There are no cities on the island, besides Dinosaur Beach. Dinosaur Beach is a large beach that is nearby the gift shop, and main laboratory. There is a small hotel on the beach, and a restaurant. The beach is very busy with penguins.


Dinosaur Island is very warm because it's underneath the possible location of a hole in the ozone. It averages 48 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and 38 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. Some how the dinosaurs can withstand the cold temperatures, which normally they could not survive.


Dinosaur Island has many ancient plants. Some of these plants have never been seen before by scientist, and some of them are common plants. There are many palm trees on the island. There are some vines, and fly-eating plants.


The animal reserve is mainly inhabited by dinosaur related creatures. There are many reptiles roaming the wild, and there have been some orange puffles spotted. Elasmosauruses have been found to, including some Quetzalcoatluses.


Dinosaur Island barely has any structures outside of Dinosaur Beach, besides ruins. It's an animal reserve/national park, and is very wild. There is a hotel, and a restaurant at Dinosaur Beach; there are also some laboratories spread out through the dense jungles. Tourist can ride a monorail across the park and look at the dinosaurs up close, but some are afraid that the dinosaurs may damage the monorail. All the buildings, including the monorail, were finished three months after the island was re-discovered.


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