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Country Ed Island
Area Acher
Population 810,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Dinsmarck
Demonym Dinsmarckian
Founded 1525

Dinsmarck is the state capital of Acher and the second largest city of Ed Island.


Strategically located on the southern coast of the Futuro Straits, Dinsmarck is a major checkpoint for almost all shipping and trade in and out of Ed Island.


Dinsmarck was one of the first cities in Ed Island, founded in 1525. As the capital of the Kingdom of Ed Island, its tenure as capital of Ed Island was short lived as the Kingdom dissolved into smaller constituents after the 30 Years Plague destabilized the nation. Dinsmarck then became the capital of the Kingdom of Acher, a position it has maintained for nearly 400 years.

During the Wulfen War, Dinsmarck unofficially assumed the role of capital of Ed Island as Bridgestadt was within shelling distance of Neumenia. When hostilities resumed after the ceasefire and frontlines progressed north, Bridgestadt one again assumed its position as capital.

Notable Locations[edit]


  • Disnmarck is lightly based off of the city of Königsberg.

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