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Yeah that's him. Oh, and that's a robe, in case you didn't know.
Title Wizard
Gender Male
Race Half-High Penguin
Faction None.
Health Good
Level High
Status Undeterminable
Location Constantly on the move, Faynor Village, or the Fourth Wall
Occupation Magic
Employer None
Fur color hes a penguin,not a puffle!
Hair color red
Catchphrase "This ain't a dress, stupid. It's A ROBE!"
Interests Many.
Weaknesses Unknown
Allergies Unknown
Friends Austin8310,,XTUX Hun
Enemies The High Ones
Member of None known.
Archetype The Wizard
Weapon of choice Magical Wand, Wutt Energy

This is the character Diosus, not the user that edited here long ago. If you are looking for the ancient user, please click here.

Diosus is an extremely powerful Wizard with a command over magic that few can match. He owns a small house in Faynor Village and an apartment on the 137th floor of the Sorcerer's Skyscraper, where he is generally found when not off on business, though reaching him in the Skyscraper is generally impossible do to the difficulties of navigating the place.


Early Years[edit]

Diosus was hatched upon a November morning, in the village of Faynor, tucked away in Finestade Land. His father Jacob Magus and most of his ancestors were devote users of magic, while his mother was a common Finestade Land villager, who new nothing of her husband's magical powers or of the Fourth Wall and all its many entities.

His father. Not wishing the prospect and responsibilities of being a sorcerer upon Diosus's shoulders, vowed to keep his most powers from his son Diosus.

And so he was for the time being sheltered from all mention of the Fourth Wall, Wutt Energy, or Magic.

The Attack[edit]

When Diosus was nearing the age of 10 , his existence by unknown means was made aware to the High Ones, a group of renegade High Penguin Sorcerers, who at the time were scouring the very edges of Antarctica for potential recruits in their rising army.

When the High Ones came for Diosus his father refused to give him up and he fought against the High Ones to protect his family in a terrible battle of magical talents. But, Jacob was no great sorcerer and he fell deleted.Though, He did with great success manage to purchase a suitable quantity of time for Diosus and his mother to escape to some distant location, where they might hide safe from the evil of the High Ones for a time, until the long awaited day when it would be safe for them to once more venture forth into the world.

The Hideout, and Recovered Articles[edit]

After a long period of time Diosus's mother Sarah had died, and Diosus decided to get revenge on the mysterious High Ones for their cruelty. He managed to gather enough infortmation as to the whereabouts of their hideout and infiltrated the facility. Diosus, expecting to find some means of defeating them came cross a large blue closet containing various articles relating to the Fourth Wall, and many "Do it Yourself" Magical Textbooks.Along with these, Diosus found notes about his father's hidden abilities and the evil organizations plans to seize the child as a recruit in their army. After that, Diosus fled the hideout, and being curious about this "Magic" described in the old books he had recovered he thus soon after discovering he too was gifted in the art, started out his great studies.




High Ones



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