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Dipper Reswin
Title Dipper Marie Reswin
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Neutral.
Health Good health and mental state.
Status Most likely building another plane.
Location In her garage
Birth date June 18, 1994 (1994-06-18) (age 25)
Occupation Unemployed.
Interests Building and flying planes, but she occasionally cooks.
Friends Pip, Sara, Ash
Enemies Yolanda
Archetype Neutral.

Dipper Marie Reswin is an 18 year old plane mechanic and pilot who lives in an industrial district in Northeast Club Penguin Island with her younger brother, Pip. She, over the years of living with no one except Pip, has gained a skill of cooking which is halfway decent. Her closest friends are Sara and Ash, and her enemy is Yolanda, due to Yolanda's continuous unfair sportsmanship and rivalry. She is a light blue penguin with deep blue hair, and she is always sporting a red kerchief around her neck.



Dipper was born to Irene and Randall Reswin. Both being plane merchants, Dipper would obviously have the responsibility to keep the family business going. In this case, her father began training her at a young age on how to build planes and fly them. At age 6, Dipper was already fairly known around the island for her remarkable flying. She was home schooled by her mother, as she lived fairly far from any other school on the island. When Dipper turned 11, her younger brother Pip was hatched.


At age 14, Dipper's parents grew ill. She and her brother began taking over the shop, and Dipper began training Pip to work in the shop. At age 15, Dipper's parents passed, leaving Pip and Dipper alone to run the shop for themselves. Some neighboring penguins, Sara and Ash respectively, helped out with the shop with their plane and shop keeping knowledge. When Dipper turned 17, business began to boom, as her family's shop was mentioned in the island newspaper. At this time, the competition began to grow, the most notable being Yolanda. To this day, Dipper and Pip run the shop, which they have lovingly named Reswin Family Planes.


Dipper and her brother Pip run Reswin Family Planes, located in Northeast Club Penguin. Dipper builds and flies planes all around the island.


Friends =[edit]

  • Sara
  • Ash
  • Pip


  • Yolanda


  • Dipper is actually pretty talented at cooking out of almost nothing.
  • Dipper almost never leaves the house without her red kerchief.

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