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As we all know, Director Benny is a pretty corrupt master. One thing he does is help certain members of his family rise. Here's some things he done.

Director Lenny & Jenny[edit]

Lenny and Janny are Benny's father, who direct and write plays. Benny makes sure that all the plays they contributed to get good reviews and are a smash hit. He also gives them free money

Director Chenny[edit]

Same as above, except with movies instead of drama. He doesn't know that she's still a part of the Bureau of Fiction Wannabes, and his helping her keeps that and the other one alive, to his folly.

Director Venny[edit]

It is theorized that Benny wrote Venny into fiction to have a son. This is so that when Benny resigns as director of the universe (which he probably will never), he has someone to pass the job down to. Although, Benny refuses to let Venny even be a part of the BoF due to Venny not being a director like Benny told him to be.


He allows her to get away from being arrested for kidnapping people, and lets her keep her job as a police officer. He makes sure that the Pizza Shop is up and running so Pizza Penguin will remain rich.


Makes sure his TV shows are watched by many as well as letting the TV shows be created in the first place.


Gives her lots and lots of potato chips and changes the television programs' timing so all her favorite shows would be played in a row.


Benny actually hates Mabel. He makes sure that most other creatures feel the same way, and causes her to get hurt more than she would have. If Mabel gets into a fight with Emily, Emily will ALWAYS win.


Makes Decapod fail every time he tries to raid his factory, and makes sure people are buying his products.


Allows her to win court cases she shouldn't have.

Susan II[edit]

Allows him to get away with crimes he commited in Mectrixctic's Army.


Tars isn't too popular with Benny since he likes Mabel, but Benny nethertheless has saved him from people who want to destroy him.


Makes his freak show/circus popular. Also lets his wife survive many stunts that would have killed her.

Sister Alkamesh[edit]

Allows her to keep her nurse licence.


Allows her to get away with crimes she commited in Xorai's Army. Also gave her a boyfriend


Even though he's old, Benny lets him kick butt in battle


She is pretty poor, he gives her fortune.


  • Many of these are in collaboration with the Bureau of Entrophy or Bureau of Fiction Wannabes, but Benny doesn't know because the Department of Mysteries covers it from him.