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Penelope Lovejoy
Director Penny.png
Scary, but sweet.
Title Penelope Von Injoface... ha, ha, she wishes!
Gender Female
Race Purple puffle
Faction Talking Puffles
Health Stupid
Level Great
Status Stupid
Location The director's place.
Birth date Somewhere
Occupation Stage/television/film director, Bureau of Nonsense employee
Interests Farting, directing, being a burden
Friends Her boyfriend Spenny (if he weren't imaginary)
Enemies Director Kenny
Archetype Stupid

Director Penny was born in Freezeland. She was a small, beautiful puffle, and many others just found her the cutest thing ever. They oohed and aahed until she was old enough to tell them to shut up. They still drooled over her, but she got them to stop by farting in their face. Now they just do the same on old Lovejoy photo albums.


Her last name was chosen as Lovejoy, unbelievably. However, she is very immature. Many penguins and puffles found her extremely cute, so they crowded her when she was a baby and talked the way people do with babies to emphasize the way they thought about her. Her first words were "Shut up and get out of my face!" However, that wasn't enough to get them off her back, so she farted in one of the penguins' face and anybody else that came near her and oohed her again would suffer from the same fate.

She directed her first play, Belch Fart at age five. It flopped miserably. By of age fifteen (she is 17), she was capable of directing the "Jacko version" of Dystopian: The Musical!, which earned a 1.5 out of 10 snowballs in ratings. It would have been better if she didn't put a joke about toilets after every Mabel line. Later, she decided to direct television comedies, which also flopped miserably.

She met Director Kenny and they dated for a little bit. However, he dumped her because she was too immature and she took her little brother along with her. She was sad, but wasn't ready to give up. She still tries to win his affection, but she fails. Her latest attempt was to make up an imaginary boyfriend named Director Spenny. Her goal was to make Kenny jealous, but Spenny just drives him nuts.


  • "Hey, Kenny, it's me, your future wife!"
  • "Poop is funny because it comes out of your BUTT!"
  • "I enjoy the study of flatulence. By study, I mean I let loose a big one in public."
  • "Y'know what's sad? CONSTIPATION."
  • *eats yellow snow.*
  • "Hahaha! Toilets!"
  • "Have you ever finished taking a nasty poop, and wondered, Where does that even go? I know I have! Hahaha!"
  • "Club Penguin should really build some bathrooms. That's why I see all this yellow snow. It doesn't taste half bad, to be honest."
  • "Watch what you're saying, you big, fat, stupid, ugly copycat of myself!

Chenny and Penny are sitting on the Iceberg, while it's covered in snow.

Chenny: PENELOPE! Don't eat the yellow snow! Penny? PENELOPE!!!!!!!!!!

Penny looking up: Oh, yeah, I forgot. eats yellow snow.

Chenny: are SO immature.


  • In 2007, she was condemned by unanimous MVBC resolution. It's needless to say why those censors look down on her.
  • She eats a lot of cheese and broccoli, which makes her more gassy.
  • She loves to dump taco sauce on Mabel and Link, and then fart on them. It usually causes them to throw up or become unconscious.
  • Her initials shouldn't be confused with Dancing Penguin, Demon Penguins, or Disco Puffle.
  • The Inquisitor is looking for her since she enjoys toilet humor.
  • She was once asked to be the Supervisor in Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes, but Director Chenny beat her to it.
  • She is close to Director Chenny and she created the Bureau of Nonsense for her.
  • Her brother's not much of a farter, but burps well.
  • She is the reason Rainbow Puffles farts glitter.
  • Creating those unholy puffle hybrids was her idea. Director Kenny doesn't mind, since the mutant puffle hybrids annoy the heck out of Benny.

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