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Director Renny

Another director?!?
Born Renny Gerald Clarke O'vian
June 6, 1996 (1996-06-06) (age 23)
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Puffle
Other names Cannonball
Education Quite smart, slightly more average than a normal puffle.
Alma mater Unknown, possibly West Club Penguin University
Occupation Directing
Years active 2015-present
Notable works Mcdonalds City, Ruby: Built to Success, as well as sci-fi movie "Impossible Resurgence". He is also set to release a movie called "The Incredible Puffle" in Janurary 2017.
Home town Club Penguin
Height 7¾ inches
Weight 1.49kg
Known for Directing
Title Director Renny "Cannonball" Clarke O'vian

Director Renny is a energetic, young (slightly annoying) red puffle and playful cousin of Director Benny. He likes jokes, comedy, riddles and popcorn. He hopes to be the future Director of the BoF someday. He is sometimes called "Cannonball" for his playful and energetic attitude. He likes Mysterious Pork which actually increases his energy and amplify his attitude. He is educated in martial arts and can defend himself easily. He is also quite fast and for some reason, takes a bit longer for him to lose his breath and faster to catch it. Like his relatives, he is also a Director. He has directed a total of 127 plays so far.


Renny was born in the wild but was kept secret from the rest of the family because he was a red puffle. He once found his way into the stage and instantly grew an interest in filming. When nobody was around at night, he would spend hours at the stage reading the script and practising directing. He found a pair of green glasses in the costume trunk and a director's hat. Around a few months after doing this, a penguin who worked at the Awesome Drama Theatre saw Renny sitting in the Director's seat and yelling out the lines of the script. Renny thought he was really done for it but the penguin just said he thought Renny was really good and took him to the Awesome Drama Theatre where he was hired. He met his aunt, Director Jenny but didn't know they were related. At some point, he came to the BoF and met his cousin, Benny.


Renny is now directing plays in many different locations. He loves his job and has directed a few famous movies and plays. He works at the Department of Plot in the BoF when he's not directing.


Renny is currently wearing a black director's hat and green glasses.


  • He annoys Director Benny so much that he nearly always complains about Renny when he's around.
    • Director Benny even tried once or twice to write Renny out of fiction.

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