Director Venny

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Director Venny Von Injoface
Thank Billybob he doesn't control the universe.
Title Pain in the Nonexistent Puffle Neck
Gender Male
Race Rainbow Puffle
Faction Teh Not Universal Bureau of Fiction Wannabes
Status Probably either smiling or brushing his hair
  • Actor
  • Member of Teh Not Universal Bureau of Fiction Wannabes
Employer Wannabe Masters of the Universe
  • Acting
  • Smiling
  • Brushing his hair
Archetype Anti-Good

Venny von Injoface (nicknamed Director Venny by his unloving father) is a rainbow Puffle who doubles as an actor and member of Teh Not Universal Bureau of Fiction Wannabes. He thinks that he is very attractive due to his fancy hair and shiny teeth, but really nearly everyone who knows him thinks he is a pain in the nonexistent Puffle neck and is just a plain annoyance. He is the son of Director Benny, who wants him to be a director and member of the Bureau of Fiction, but Venny says that directing is too amateur and that acting is much more challenging.

The only Puffles who actually like him are his aunt and uncle, Chenny and Kenny, since he is a coworker of Chenny and hates Benny, just like Kenny does.


As soon as Venny was born, Benny knew that this new Puffle would be the perfect new master of the universe. But at age five, when Venny learned to speak with a large amount of vocabulary, he didn't want to be a director. He wanted to be an actor because he figured acting would be more fun. To this, Benny responded that fun is not important when he becomes the assistant director of the universe, but Venny ignored this and went on to become an actor.

Soon, he decided he would join the Bureau of Fiction with his father's help, but Benny rejected this offer and said that when Venny becomes a real director he could join the Bureau. So from then on Venny has been a member of The Not Universal Bureau of Fiction Wannabes, a secret group that hopes to gain all the powers that the real BoF has in a good way. Coincidentally, Director Chenny, Venny's aunt, works at the BoFW. This made them become close friends, which surprised Venny since no one else likes him. At all. Not even his own father.

Venny is also pretty close friends with his uncle, Director Kenny, since they both hate Director Benny.


Venny is a rainbow Puffle (the first one in the Von Injoface Family) with extremely fancy, swooped-up hair and a blindingly bright smile. He likes to think of himself as "attractive", but really, lots of Puffles think he isn't (of course, he doesn't match the beauty of his distant relative Dustin).


Venny has an indescribable personality. Sometimes he's incredibly sassy and rude, but other times he's show-offish and diva-like. Many other Puffles say he is a stereotypical actor but a unique Von Injoface.


  • Venny is the first known rainbow Puffle in the Von Injoface family.
  • Venny's mother is unknown.
    • However, some penguins theorize that Benny just wrote Venny into fiction as a son so that Benny didn't have to marry.
  • Venny occasionally goes to the Pet Shop to teach Mwa Mwa Penguins how to "have class", as he calls it, or just simply look more attractive and talk normally.
    • This never goes well.


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