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Director Xenny
The X-antibody of Zenny with his signature "X director hat".
Title Director Xenny
Gender Male
Race X-creature puffle
Faction X-creatures Puffle Directors
Health good
Level medium
Status alive
Location Near Zenny, throughout Antarctica

Director Xenny is the X-antibody of Director Zenny. Because there are many puffle directors with names that rhyme with "Xenny", he is often mistaken for being their antibody. He is trying to help Zenny overcome his fears, protect him from danger, and is teaching him to be more "evil" so he can get Chenny to fall in love with him.


A few weeks when Zenny got a job working for Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes, he caught the X-virus. After expelling Xenny, Zenny got very scared and almost died of shock. However, Xenny used some technology Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes had and reverted it. Xenny looked at Zenny and said:

Do not be afraid, my friend. I am here to help you.

"Who-who are you?" stammered Zenny.

I am Director Xenny, your X-antibody. I know you very well. You have many fears, have powerful enemies, and are in love with an evil and rather unattractive white puffle.

"'re good. Hey, WAIT A MINUTE! Chenny isn't unnattractive!"

Whatever. Anyway, I will get her to fall in love with you whether you like it or not.

"I'll like it, no, I'll love it!"

Good. You have much to learn.

Xenny soon found out that he was very sticky and could walk on walls. He enjoyed using this power to pull pranks. However, this power had a downside: some objects would stick to him and he would have trouble removing them.

When he's not with Zenny, he is out directing plays, movies, and television episodes. Many creatures mistake him for being the X-antibody of another puffle director.


I'm NOT his/her antibody! I'm Zenny's!

Cut. Cut. Take it from the top!

Don't even think about hurting Zenny!

Tell me, what about her do you find attractive? I mean, she's evil and all, but what is it about her physically?- Xenny to Zenny on Chenny

I'm evil, but it doesn't mean I did that.

To Zenny, asking about Chenny

Xenny: Seriously, why do you like her?

Zenny: I don't know, I just do. She's kinda pretty...

Xenny: O_O Well, I like you, so I'll help. I guess she isn't that bad...

Random Penguin: Hey, it's an orange puffle! Do something crazy!

Xenny: I'm not an orange puffle...

Random Penguin: Yes, you are! Now, don't be a jerk and just do something crazy!

Xenny: I am not an orange puffle! I'm an x-antibody of a red puffle with orange fur!

Random Penguin: Oh, come on! Humor me!

Xenny: Can't you see that my eyes are blue! I don't even have buckteeth!

Random Penguin: Not crazy enough. *throws snowball at Xenny*

Xenny: Alright, that's enough!

*Takes out snowbullet gun and fires it at the penguin. Bullet goes through flipper, paralyzing him. Xenny breaks 4th wall and turns to audience*

Xenny: Who else wants to see me do something crazy?


  • When he tries to help Zenny overcome his fears, he usually fails.
  • He did, however, manage to get Zenny to overcome his fear of Tars O'vian.
  • He is also scared of Director Kenny.
  • He can walk on walls and can talk.
  • Since he is sticky, sometimes things (especially paper) stick to him and he has a hard time yanking them off.
  • Xenny is not a master, but he does have reverting powers through technology that Zenny gave him.
  • He tends to get annoyed when a nearby puffle says, "AAAH! IT'S DIRECTOR BENNY/KENNY/JENNY/LENNY/PENNY/DENNY/CHENNY'S X ANTIBODY!"
  • He sometimes stalks Zenny, to make sure that he is safe.
  • He thinks Director Chenny is ugly.
  • Like Zenny, he can break the fourth wall, but not as easily.
  • He is an on-and-off member of Nightmare's Army and Icarius' freak show.
  • Jenni is not much like Xenny, but they get along. Jenni also has a huge crush on him.
    • Xenny knows and is slightly creeped out by it.
      • Penelope is disgusted by this and tries to make them hate each other.
        • WishFlyX hopes that the relationship between Jenni and Xenny will help his relationship with Xorai since Xenny is in Xorai's Army; WishflyX and Jenni are in Darktan's.
          • However, Jenni found out that he was disgusted and started to have a crush on Familiar.
            • And WishFlyX turned on Xorai and became friends with Isakui.
  • Like Paul von Injoface and Oble, penguins pressure him to do "crazy things" just because he is orange. Unlike the two, he isn't a real orange puffle, and instead of getting extremely angry or annoyed, he typically tries to kill them with a snowbullet.
  • Jenni X often hangs out with Xenny and has a huge crush on him.
  • He is often mistaken for being Director Benny's antibody.
  • He evaded the Nightmare Epic when someone screamed "AAAH! IT'S DIRECTOR BENNY'S X ANTIBODY!", which confused Xplorer as Benny doesn't have an X-Antibody. Also, it was dark at night, meaning he couldn't get a good view.

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