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Zenny Joy
"Hi Chenny!"
Title The Red director, The scardy puffle, puffle keith.
Gender Male
Race Red Puffle
Faction Teh wannabe masters
Health Good
Level low
Status Trying to be like Chenny and failing....
Location Teh wannabe masters, Club Penguin, fourth wall

Zenny, unlike most red puffles, was born to two non-adventurous red puffles. They abandoned him when he was 3 months old. He at a early age started breaking the fourth wall, the Wannabe masters found this and edited him to have a slightly longer life span to go into their group by restoring Grim Reapuff's ability to do that. He doesn't have a lot of background. He'll live slightly shorter then the Von Injofaces but still longer then a normal puffle.


After he got his ability to talk and extended longevity, he met Director Chenny. Unknown to him, Chenny would be crucial to making him the head of the Department of Uh-Oh in the wannabe masters. They became close friends, but it was risky since Director Lenny and Kenny didn't like red puffles. He covered himself in blue paint, but this wasn't effected, as it would dry and crack. He was swift, and managed to leave just as Lenny and Kenny were being suspicious.

Zenny and Chenny grew closer over the years, and went to the movies, night clubs, and other places together. Zenny also helped Chenny make her plays and spread the word of evil, even though he wasn't evil himself.

Director Chenny showed Zenny Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes, and told him it was his destiny to be a part of it. He agreed to join for her. After a while, he fell in love with her, and started to send her a lot of love mail, but she rejected all of them and told him that she just wanted to stay friends. He isn't ready to give up and continues, to Chenny's dismay and is not giving up anytime soon.

After a while working in the Bureau, he caught the X-virus and soon excreted some goop from his mouth, which formed into his X-antibody. He was very scared at first, but the antibody told him that he would help Zenny overcome his fears and get Chenny to fall in love with him. Zenny and Xenny are close, but Xenny doesn't work in the Bureau and is failing trying to eradicate Zenny's fears or harness Chenny's feelings.



  • He has a huge crush on Director Chenny
  • He tends to run into Director Kenny, right when his red fur is exposed.
    • He is scared of Director Kenny cause he's a Von Injoface, and we know how they act to red puffles...
      • He is even more scared of Kenny, because he also threatens to have Carrion make an "Anti-Zenny robot", and hopes his X-antibody can help him.
  • He has a X antibody, Director Xenny.
  • He can break the Fourth Wall easily.
  • Because he follows her around like a stalker, he is rather clumsy around Chenny, who is two years older than him, or anyone for that matter.
    • He sends love letters to Chenny a lot, and tries to be evil in front of her to impress her, but this often backfires, hurting him, the worst of these being hit by a falling piano.
      • When the Piano fell on him, he screamed "SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF UNDER HEEEEERE!" for a couple hours, no one heard him, when someone finally found him it took a rather long time to get the piano off him, the worst injury was a reeeealy bad headache and the director hat ripped.
  • He is head of the Department of Uh-Oh in Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes
  • He panics and is jumpy to even the slightest thing, like spilled milk.
    • You don't wanna see how he would react to a deletion war, you really really really don't wanna know...
  • He has a habit of being very nice, but he thinks it will hamper chances of being Chenny's friend, although Chenny doesn't mind him being good.
  • Director Chenny and her mom are the only von Injoface members Zenny is fond of (although this may not count since Chenny was adopted, and Jenny is a member through marriage)
  • He is afraid of every other member, except those to and Tars O'vian, since Xenny managed to get him to overcome that fear.
  • Most people he knows (Excluding Jenny, and Hissy Fyt) have somewhat fun scaring him.
  • Strangely, he goes outside Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes HQ often, most of the time into Rockhopper Island forest to make new red puffle friends.
  • He is afraid of Director Penny because she put The Inquisitor into a coma, but he is friends with her because Director Chenny is friends with her.
  • He's the Illustrator Keith of the wannabes, but hes not that easily scared and he doesn't have as much phobias as him.
  • He pretends that Director Spenny is real, to irk Kenny.
  • He, because he runs so much,(most of the time from von Injoface members) is sigifigantly faster then normal puffles.
  • He hides a Teddy Berar called Duckie under his hat, it is his biggest secret, thats why he NEVER takes his hat off EVER.


When learning about the Great Darktonian Pie War


"Revert, revert, revert! Why can't I delete that Chenny Puffle Paddle picture?!"

"Hello Audience!"

"Just keep walking and it'll go away..........just keep walking......."*trembles*

To Chenny

Zenny: Hi Chenny!

Chenny: My name is Chen!

Zenny: Oh, okay Chenny.


Being hugged by Winston

Zenny: ARRRGH!!!! LET GO!!!! ARRGH! LET ME GO!!!! LET ME GO!!!!

Winston: *Keeps hugging*

Xenny: Oh man! *Rollbacks*

Chenny: Your last name is "Joy"?

Zenny: yes......

Chenny: Ill be right back....*Leaves*

Zenny:*sighs* she knows it......

After a random play in his puffle bed

Zenny: So....many....loose.....jackhammers....*hides under blanket*

Xenny: 0_0 That's just cute, yet again most puffles when scared are cute...


Names he goes by[edit]

  • Director Venny (When any Von Injofaces are around excluding Chenny and Jenny)
  • Director Yenny (Same as Venny)
  • Director Zenny


Zenny has done several plays and musicals.

  • Song to Pufflezzz: Success
  • Random play: Fail
  • Random play: fail
  • Random play: Fail
  • Random play: Fail
  • Random musical: Fail
  • Random Musical: Success!
  • Random Play with Xenny: Success.


  1. Chenny: Chenny is Zenny's best friend and also his crush.
  1. Annie: 2rd closest friend, Annie also has a crush on Zenny and is his Co-worker in the Department of Uh-Oh.
  1. Director Xenny: 3rd closest friend, also his X-antibody.
  1. Director Jenny: Chenny's mother, who helps him with his blue puffle disguise.
  1. Puffy: Puffy is his mean brother, and is rumored that they aren't actually related.