Diskaiz Willson-East

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Diskaiz Wilson-East
Diskaiz casual.png
What Diskaiz normally looks like
Full Name Diskaiz Wilson-East
Status Alive
Born Diskaiz Wilson-East
February 1, 1991 (1991-02-01) (age 28)
Species Penguin
Race Mixed
Gender Male
Height 1 metre
Weight 4.7 Kg
Residence Writing
Citizenship Puffish, Snowpriot
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality Puffish
Parents Nica Willson-East and TBD
Relatives Willson Family
Occupation Programmer
Employer Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company marketing/web division
Salary 80,000 fish per year
Education Writing School
Alma Mater Writing University

Diskaiz Willson-East is a penguin who lives Writing and works at the Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company, which happens to be run by his parents who, not supporting any kind of nepotism, let him have a job in the marketing/web division based off of his skill. He also has a feeling that there is something controlling the universe but he doesn't tell anyone because of where he is from. He happens to be from a very odd family that has strange connections to the Fourth Wall. Diskaiz is a level three Forth Wall breaker, meaning he is aware of the wall's existence and he could in theory break it. This has not happened yet however.


Early Chickhood[edit]

Diskaiz hatched in Writing on February 1st, 1991. He happened to hatch around the time when his parents were merging all the corporate assets that they had inherited from ancestors who ran businesses into one company. His early chickhood was very hepatic because of this and he was always moving house to be near whatever office building his parents were renting at the time. Eventually his parents stayed in one place for a while in the home that Diskaiz remembers fondly as his first true chickhood home. It was around this time when his younger brother, Cleke, hatched. Not long after this event, Diskaiz was old enough to start school.

Primary School Life[edit]

Diskaiz attended East Writing Primary School on the first day of the new school year. At first he was anxious and never really talked to anyone but when a new chick enrolled a few months later the two became good friends. About a year after that, his cousin showed him Club Human which he was instantly hooked to. Fortunately for him, a lot of penguins at his school also played it so he started to make more friends. Around this time, his Nerd Penguin heritage started to show as he began taking up a big interest in science. His mother, a Nerd penguin, encouraged this and he read up a lot on science, mainly physics and he understood the Standard Model when he was the penguin equivalent of what a human would call seven years old. Not long after that his interest in gaming also continued after his uncle introduced him to Blockcraft which became immediately hooked to like he was to Club Human. Although he was never the popular chick, he became a respected student in his school for his intelligence due to his school mainly being nerdy so he really didn't need to worry about bullying. But all this changed when secondary school rolled around.

Secondary School Life[edit]

In secondary school, things changed for Diskaiz. He realised how much his parents sheltered him from things and that penguins actually care about what you wear and how you look. Also, because Diskiaz was so sheltered, he had no idea about trends and the whole thing was just too much for him. He stayed mostly silent which concerned his teachers a lot to the point where they tried to see if he was alright. He was and Diskaiz will always remember it as the day his teachers overreacted. After that was sorted out, Diskaiz realised that maybe it was a good idea to actually go out and talk to other penguins so he went and started making friends but got really weird at the same time and got famous for it, a part of Diskaiz's life that he would like to forget. After things cooled down, Diskaiz's father told him about his Twiguin herritage. At first Diskaiz was shocked about this but he later learned to embrace it. Other major changed happened around this time as well. He passed the final secondary school tests with good grades. Now his school life was over it was time for the real world.

Early Adult Life[edit]

After getting a job at his parent's company, Diskaiz saw himself in a stable position. His curiosity had him look into old documents from the Big Fat Building O' Archives where he found many crazy facts about the universe. One day, the Bureau of Fiction noticed this and they sent a member down there to make sure he doesn't stumble across something that they want to keep secret. Many years went by and nothing much happened until the penguin from the Bureau of Fiction retired. So they sent Radioactivechicken who followed him back to Writing and talked to him. It turned out that during Diskaiz's numerous trips to the Building of Archives, he had found out some information about Zanemax, a friend of Radioactivechicken. Zanemax's dark secret was out. Diskaiz was advised to hide from him just in case things go bad. Afterwards he gets back to work in the company but is now aware of what is going on with Radioactivechicken and Zanemax and keeps out of their affairs with each other.


Diskaiz is not a major penguin however Radioactivechicken finds him useful because of his friends in high places. Some penguins do wonder if Diskaiz is powerful but we just don't know it and that he just keeps to the shadows. All this is just speculation though. He does seem to be very interested in politics which makes his peers and other creatures that know of his existence wonder about him. One thing we do know is that he has a stable job in his parents company working on the company's website. He has helped the company grow in the e-commerce market which has lead to substantial profits. When it comes to marketing the company, Diskaiz is mainly uninvolved but he has helped design a few adverts but not many. He has been on the news a lot lately because of his connections with Radioactivechicken making him semi-famous. His knowledge of many secrets means that he likes to keep to the shadows a lot and just have a normal life.


Diskaiz is a penguin who tried to have a normal life but it gets really weird. It is probably best to point out that Diskaiz himself is very weird. He is also very smart and because he's a nerd, he studies science and maths for fun. He is also very good at HTML and web designing but he is not good at working with other penguins. Because of this, if a webpage was written by Diskaiz, chances are he wrote it all, save for a few edits fixing any glitches he accidentally wrote. He also likes to keep out of parties and other social events and hide in his bedroom instead. Despite being bad at face to face contact, Diskaiz can easily talk to creatures online and this is why he has more online friends than real friends. In fact, he can name all his real friends but if you got him to name all of his online friends he might struggle to remember them all because he has so many. He is also good at keeping secrets as well which was useful to Radioactivechicken.




  • Most people he has not met
  • His weird Duckish relative


  • Various enemies he made throughout the years
  • Mectrixtic (they also never met but Diskaiz finds her a nuisance)


  • Diskaiz is partly based off the RL Radioactivechicken.
  • Despite being part Dorkugese, Diskaiz has never visited Dorkugal.
  • Diskaiz can get very rebellious, but at the same time he is very conservative.
  • Diskaiz is so bad at team sports that he explicitly tells people not to put him in an important position as he will mess up.
    • He is also bad at individual sports but because he isn't being pressured by a team his performance is a bit better.

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