Disparu Island

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Disparu Island
Renard at Disparu.png
'Captain Renard Stuart Finds Disparu', by Charlie34 Pie.
Map of Disparu Island.png
A rough map of Disparu Island drawn by Captain Renard Stuart.
Key details
Type Missing Island
Location Yowien Sea
Inhabitants Strange Creatures

Disparu Island (literally Disappeared Island in English) is a small island, described as about the same size of F Island, that is located somewhere in the central Yowien Sea. It is said to have been discovered by Frankterran explorers in 1847, but the island's location is currently unknown. Satellites programmed to find the island have failed to find it. Disparu Island is described to be very harmful, and harbor many strange creatures; e.g: Seymouria, Tiktallik, Komodo Dragons, and more.


After Hontana was re-discovered in 1803 by Frankish explorers, many Frankish wanted to discover other islands in the Dewey Sea (Yowien Sea). Many explorers stayed on Hontana and explored it more, as sailors searched for islands in Dewey Sea. Legend says that Captain Renard Stuart, a Frankish oceanographer, was about to release some drift bottles when he heard a loud roar through a deep, nearby fog. He ordered his ship, the Clipper Bonne, to travel into the fog and find the source of the roar. Renard and his crew discovered a dry, and hot island inhabited by strange creatures. Renard described the creatures in his journal as covered in scales, large, frightening, and carnivorous. More detailed descriptions lead some to suspect that the island is inhabited by creatures thought to have gone extinct long ago. Renard's finding excited many other Frankish explorers, and many named the newly found island Éteint Island. When other Frankish explorers attempted to find the island, they got lost. Renard soon realized that the island he and his crew found was surrounded by currents that pushed ships away from it, and that the deep fog and heat confused many sailors. However, the Frankish citizens didn't realize this. Soon, many Frankish began to blame Renard for lying about Éteint Island.

In 1950, Éteint Island was renamed Disparu Island, because it has seemed to have gone away. In 2000, many explorers and sailors were re-fascinated by Disparu Island. In 2003, satellites were soon programmed to solely find the "missing" island; however, currently no satellites have found the island. In 2012, Feey1 Pie swore that when he could, he would search and find Disparu Island. During his free time, Feey studies all he can about Disparu Island. As the Yowien King, he knows that finding such an island would make the nation and him famous.


There is only one account of Disparu Island, and that is Captain Renard Stuart's. The island is described as behind extremely warm, reaching temperatures as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures appall penguins and some puffles. The island is described as being full of dried meadows, scattered forests of palm trees, and tall mountain peaks (which are told to receive some snowfall). Many geologists believe that the island is located under a hole in the ozone layer, like Dinosaur Island.


Disparu Island is said to be inhabited by creatures "from the past", as Captain Renard puts it. The island is told to be inhabited by massive lizards, and medium-sized amphibians. Some birds have been reported to live on the island as well, the most notable being Archaeopteryx. Komodo Dragons, Seymourias, Giant Komodo Dragons, and Tortoises all supposedly live on the island. However, because the island is said to be inhabited by so many extinct creatures, many believe that the island is fictional. For many years, the only penguin inhabitant of the island is Karazachi, who was stranded here after his ship capsized in a storm. He lives with his puffles in a hidden cave near the sea because of the island's hostile beasts.

After 2013, the island also has a small campsite on it's southern coast known as Le Village des Scientifiques (Scientists' Village). The encampment consists of a large log cabin that serves as a laboratory and an assortment of tents for sleeping. No one permanently lives on the island and is sparingly populated by biological and biochemical researchers.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Disparu Island is located in the mid-ocean areas north of F Island and west of Hontana. Is is said to be a low-lying island, and sit in the middle of a strong current and fog bank. The current and fog has haltered sailors from finding the island easily, and has caused disbelief in the island's existence. The island is a volcanic island, most likely, because Captain Renard described it as a "mountain floating on the blue sea". The volcano, Disparu Volcano, is believed to be extinct because there are no accounts of Renard or his crew seeing the volcano smoke. The island is said to be covered in dry deserts, fields, and forests. There are several lakes and creeks flowing through the island.

When Captain Renard discovered the island in 1803, the temperature he recorded there was 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the temperature, Renard and his crew had to keep drinking water and pouring it all over their bodies as they explored the island. The crew said they landed on the island early in the morning, and as the day progressed, the temperature rose to 60 degrees. By 1:20pm, the crew had to leave the island quickly or they would die. The temperature is perfect for the creatures living on the island.


  • Many who believe that Disparu Island exists ignore Captain Renard's map.
    • Because they believe that it would be too hot for him to map the shape of the island, and the fact that he was not a professional mapper.
  • Feey discovered the island a few months before being deposed. Now the island is owned by Frankterre (in agreement with Shops, Snowzerland, and Castilla) and is a designated national park. Public knowledge of the island is still limited since only the government and top Frankterran scientists known about the island.

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