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Key details
Type Prison
Level Level range
Location The Third Circle of the Underworld
Inhabitants Prisoners, DissSeals

The second worst prison in Antartica (after Owcatraz), Diss is where truly evil penguins go. These penguins have made pacts with demon penguins to gain power or wealth but have to live up to a deal that the Demon Penguin offered. If the penguin fails to live up to the deal they will be kidnapped and sent to Diss. Demon penguins often make it very difficult for someone who took their offer to live up to their bargain, but they will never send someone who did live up to it to Diss otherwise they'd lose customers. Death does not prevent someone from escaping Diss, as the Demon Penguins hunt for their ghosts in the Ghost Dimension or on Earth, and are very effective at finding them.


Very little is known about it's origins, as there is no-one capable of commenting. Demon Penguins will not speak of it, and Ban has yet to be questioned on the subject.

It was likely created because demon penguins enjoy pain and suffering. They also want the penguins who made deals with them to try to live up to their bargain so the threat of sending them to diss would scare buyers into completing their deal. However many times the demon penguin only cares about part of the deal and not the rest- the demon penguin wants the one they made the deal with to fail so they can be taken to Diss.


Tourist Attractions[edit]

You're kidding, right?


  • Prisoners.


All the inmates are completely evil as they willingly made deals with demon penguins whose goals are almost always evil. They are also arrogant since they thought they would have been able to complete the deal, when the majority do not.

Diss inmates are often tortured to death, and their ghost is captured and is continued to be tortured. Everyone who enters a pact with a Demon Penguin automatically becomes a ghost when they die. Their spirit is tortured until they are a blubbering mess with a broken mind. The Demon Penguin gets bored of their torture of them and keep them locked up, where they are unaware of their surroundings.

Every once in a while, some of these driven mad ghosts are injected with ectoplasm which restores their sanity and gives them a solid body, but causes them to lose their memory. The new ghosts are then slaves to the Demon Penguins and are sent into Antarctica to do their bidding.

Some prisoners refuse to become broken however, and this gains them the respect of the Demon Penguins. The inmates may become promoted to guards and help the Demon Penguins by their side.


  • Prison clothes
  • A life sentence
  • Torture devices
  • Ectoplasm

As a slang term[edit]

From the name of the prison, Diss becama a widely used slang. It has many meanings.


As a noun, it means something horrible. Usages include "Go to Diss" or "This hurts like diss"


Diss can used when people are unpleasantly surprised or angry. Usages inclube "What the diss?" or "To diss with it!"


As a verb, diss is used as a synonym for rejection, or taunting. ex. "They dissed me".


The word Diss can be made into the adjective "Dissish". It is used to describe eerie or vile things. "That was a dissish scream"


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