Diss Kid

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Diss Kid
Believe it or not, he’s the good guy
Gender Male
Race Half-Demon Penguin
Faction G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S., Defenders
Health Good
Status Alive
Occupation Investigator, Superhero
Interests Puffles, fighting monsters
Friends The Defenders
Enemies Ratspoopin, Fartok, HER, Mectrixctic, Flying Dutchopper, GhostieGhost
Archetype Good

Aw, Crap.
— Diss Kid

Diss Kid is a half-Demon Penguin. Unlike other demon penguins he is a good guy and fights against the side of evil. He is a member of the Defenders and PSA. He is fairly grouchy at times and often uses sarcasm.


DK was born to a demon father and normal penguin mother decades ago. His mother did not know her husband was a demon penguin, and when she freaked out when her child was hatched, since he was born with horns and a stony lobster-like appendage instead of a flipper on his right arm. She tried to kill her husband, who escaped and she left the baby out on the streets.

The baby was discovered by the government and they thought of experimenting on him, but a kind gentleman working for G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S. decided to raise him as his own and teach him right from wrong. He was successful and the child, Diss Kid, grew up to become a hero. When he grew up he started to fight monsters that threatened the city

One day, Ratspoopin decided to create an army of Vampenguins. He created strains of PLPV which rapidly changes the host. Ratspoopin infected Diss Kid’s foster father, and he turned into an evil Vampenguin. Diss Kid was forced to kill his father to prevent him from harming other people, and tracked down Ratspoopin’s headquarters. He destroyed Ratspoopin’s lair and machines, but Ratspoopin managed to get away. Diss Kid has vowed to stop Ratspoopin no matter what.

Many Demon Penguins have tried to get him to join the side of evil but to no avail. The most notable is HER who is one of the most powerful Demon Penguins. She always tries to manufacture misfortunes in Diss Kid’s life, and was responsible for Ratspoopin infecting his father with vampenguinism. However, these tragedies only caused Diss Kid to become stronger and more determined to stop the forces of evil more than ever.

His Father, Flying Dutchopper has tried to get him to join is crew, but hasn't been as persuasive. This is because Dutchopper had vowed never to love again after his wife tried to kill him, so he is wear of becoming attached to Flying Diss Kid. However, he still views Diss Kid's powers as valuable.


Diss Kid is a paranormal investigator who works for GET PROTECTIONS and focuses on crime scenes that are described to be supernatural, or the work of Demon Penguins or Vampenguins. However he is also known to fight other foes such as X-Antibodies, and people who received powers from Power4U.com. He carries a gun with him that uses specialized ditto bullets- they are lined with silver to weaken Vampenguins and Demon Penguins. He wears a trench coat because it looks cool.

Diss Kid has a strong sense of justice and protection, which was taught to him by his foster father. He always tries to do his best to help others, even if society isn’t quite as accepting of him because of his heritage. However, he often says what is on his mind, and lets everyone know if he doesn’t like what he is doing. He doesn’t like being bossed around and can be a loose cannon at times, but he is focused on the mission’s goals and values his team mates.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]

Being a half-demon penguin, Diss Kid is not quite as strong as a regular Demon Penguin, but doesn’t have all the weaknesses.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Resistance to Fire
  • Enhanced Healing
  • He can retract his horns, although he doesn’t do this often
  • Low Level Psychic abilities
  • His lobster claw is very durable and can pack a punch


  • Salt in his eyes
  • Silver


Diss Kid's Theme Music

  • He loves the POPE and Governance and supports them whenever he can to spite the other Demons, but also because he likes their products and services.
  • Flying Dutchopper has met and fought with Diss Kid. He knows that Diss Kid is his son, although he hasn't mentioned it to him for the aformention reason of not wanting attatchment.
  • He’s a parody of the Dark Horse comics character Hellboy.
  • He is enemies with GhostieGhost.
  • During Late 2016, he was involved in the "Who is Diss (This) Kid?" meme.