Ditto Missile

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Ditto Missile
A CD 10000 being launched.
Type Cruise missile / Laser Guided
Effects Ditto Plus
Source Manufacturers
Location Worldwide
Cost to buy Varies
Cost to sell Varies

Ditto Missiles are missiles loaded with massive amounts of Ditto Plus. Ditto Missiles are less effective than Deletion Missiles. Ditto Missiles sometimes just have Ditto A or Ditto B but this is rare as Ditto Plus is much more effective. Most Ditto Missiles are laser-guided.


After the invention of Ditto Plus by Colonial scientists they decided to put it to use. They made plans for a missile with the new Ditto but the King disapproved and refused to provide the funding. The scientist decided to sell it to PreTerra as they were quite interested. Now with the plans they proceeded to build several test missiles. By 2001 the first few missiles were ready for sale were made.

Soon many governments including the USA bought some. Lichenblossom was the major consumer, buying more then 100,000 a day. Sometime after the War of 2002 Lichenblossom developed the most powerful missile - the CD 10000. In 2001 alone Lichenblossom have produced 9 prototype (the 1000, the 2000, the 3000 etc) but finally came up the last one. Later they invented an easy way of vaporizing Ditto Plus into Ditto Gas. The UAN Bill of Ditto forbids using the weapon as it would bring disaster. The government has agreed to give a Agent Classification meaning that the public doesn't know.


Many governments have their own standard versions but this is the official worldwide standards. All of them are Terrian though the last one (the big one) is Lichenblossom.

  • Standard Assault Missile (SAM) -- The basic missile. Effective against soldiers, penguins, armoured cars, light / scout tanks, etc.
  • Heavy Assault Missile (HAM) -- Effective against tanks.
  • Aircraft Cruise Missile (ACM) -- Like the title says, it's used against aircraft. Can be attached to planes or anti air batteries.
  • Ditto Bombardment Missile (DBM) -- Used mainly against ships, buildings or for artillery. Attached to cannons, ship cannons, etc.
  • CD 10000 (CD-10K) -- Used against whole cities. CD stands for city destroyer.


  • Almost every country have some as they're cheap.

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