Doble Islands

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Doble Islands
Doble Islands map.PNG
They consist of Cinta and Docca
Key details
Type Twin Isles
Level 12
Location Weddell State
Inhabitants Penguins, and Puffles

The Doble Islands consist of Cinta (the western island) and Docca (the eastern island). The capital of the islands is Grenanda. The islands' population is divided amongst four towns, with the capital being the biggest. The islands are both large, the largest in the state. Routes 21 and 70 connect the two islands. They also have a quick bus transportation system, travelling from Grenanda to Irving Point, and from Hightown through Sealshore, all the way back to Grenanda. Route 21 is a long road, connecting both islands, while Route 70 is a smaller road, leading near the coastline.


It is known, that the Doble Islands were once a single, big island. It was first inhabited by two clans, which were fighting to take control of the island. Finally, they decided to divide the islands by digging a canal. Both islands were prospering well. After 25 years, in 1999, the heirs of the Hightown and Irving clans decided to link the islands, not physically, but with a bond. Grenanda was built and coronated as the capital of both Cinta and Docca. The Hightown and Irving clans left Hightown and Irving (later Irving Point), and made a new goverment in the capital.


The most important towns are Grenanda and the Sealshore, famous for the seals in its bay. Both islands don't want to cooperate with the others; they want to get an independent state, named Etana. The politicians are still working, to get the state independent. The matter is very important, as it had made a big shock to the South Pole Council. An election soon would be started to decide, whether it should be dependent or not. It wasn't possible. Some islands north from Happyface State were found. The rebels moved there, and a new state was formed, called New North Etana. The Leader did a lot of work to that, too.

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