Doctor Logic

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Doctor Logic
Doctor Logic
Full Name Adam So Crates
Alias Doctor Logic
Born Adam So Crates
Species Penguin
Race King Penguin
Gender Male
Residence USA flag.PNG The Happyface State, United States of Antarctica
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Superhero
Employer New Protectors
Political Career
Governor of the Happyface State
2012 – Incumbent

Doctor Logic, real name Dr. Adam So Crates, PhD, is a highly intelligent superhero who is a member of the New Protectors, as well as the governor of the Happyface State. He possesses an extremely high IQ, rumored to be the highest IQ in Antarctica.


Adam was born on a fateful day, in a library. His mother and father abandoned him at birth, and he was left there forever. Adam read many books, and one day, he saw THE BOOK OF LOGIC. Only several people can read this book, and people who were not chosen will die. Adam was chosen to read the book and he absorbed all of its knowledge and became Doctor Logic, THE MASTER OF LOGIC AND INTELLIGENCE.

Adam had no idea what happened to him, so he went back to solving a math problem he had trouble with. Instantly, the equation flashed in his brain, and instantly got it. He then backed away, and accidentally broke a puzzle a chick was working on. The chick began to cry, and Adam, not wanting anyone to cry, bent over to rebuild the puzzle. In his brain flashed an image of the broken puzzle, and suddenly Adam knew where every piece belonged. He built the puzzle in three seconds.

Adam realized he had super powers, and using his super-smart brain, he closed his eyes, and took a mental trip in his brain. He suddenly opened his eyes, and realized he had super-intelligence and mastered the art of logic. He knew how to get out of any situation, and now knew everything in the entire world.

Adam, using his powerful brain, instructed his body to have super-strength. He suddenly felt heavier and stronger. He became a superhero, and created a costume. Adam went out into the world and fought crime.

Adam was once fighting twenty super-baddies when The Defenders came and attacked the super baddies. Doctor Logic defeated them all in one swift movement. The Defenders offered him a place in the Defenders. He accepted, and now acts as a leading member in the Defenders.


  • Superhero
  • Author - Using his high intellect, Doctor Logic has written many books explaining various topics.
  • Politician - Doctor Logic succeeded Happyface141 as governor of the Happyface State in 2012. Since being elected, he has worked to prevent corruption, which had been a major issue for the past decade, and rebuild the economy. To get advice from across the political spectrum, he has broken precedent and appointed members of various political parties to his cabinet.



Doctor Logic possesses one of the highest IQs in all of Antarctica, allowing him to quickly work out solutions to incredibly complex problems. He has a near infinite amount of knowledge and understanding of logic. As a result of his knowledge of the universe, he is fully aware of the Bureau of Fiction, and is classified as a Class IV Fourth Wall breaker.


Despite his high intellect, Doctor Logic possesses very little fighting ability and is mostly useless in combat. Due to this, he prefers to stay on the sidelines and assist the New Protectors from afar.

Doctor Logic is also allergic to many different things, several of which could potentially prove fatal. This list includes, but is not limited to, peanuts, coconuts, lemons, lead paint, Purple Puffles, grapes, Doom Weed, duck feathers, humans, grizzly bear fur, mushroom spores, hot sauce, anchovies, pumpkins, certain types of plastic, cheese, white bread, screwdrivers, metric rulers, and sticky notes.

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