Doctor McXapp

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Doctor McXapp
Doctor McXapp.png
Title Doctor Alastair McXappingham
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction EVIL!
Health Good... which is bad for us.
Level -13
Status Devising
Location Secret Hideout in Ternville

Doctor Alastair McXappingham is Mayor McFlapp's X-Antibody. He hates his genetic brother and wants the position of Narrator all to himself. McXapp is quite smart and devises mastermind plans to snatch Mayor McFlapp's position, but the Mayor has the advantage of the Fourth Wall and almost always foils McXapp's schemes.


Mayor McFlapp, like most Antarctic creatures, had the X-Virus. However, he was aware of it, and thus set the Lithium Improbability Drive to prevent the Virus activating, releasing it only at a very awkward and improbable time.

The Drive kept the Virus at bay for months, until the day the Mayor was scheduled to meet with the government officials of New North Etana...

Inside his private jet, where he would be flying all the way down to the island nation, the Mayor was typing on his Narrator's PDA, narrating a small anecdote involving some Khanz Penguin who was destined to take the throne of Pengolia, when the PDA suddenly ran out of batteries.

"Oh, whackaday!" muttered the Mayor. "Just when I was in my element, wot!"

Suddenly, the Mayor began coughing severely. As he reached for his cough drops, he noticed his reflection in the PDA's screen.

"GAH! *cough* WHAT IS *cough* THAT?! *cough cough*"

A large, red "X" was imprinted on his top hat, and his eyes were red. The Mayor screamed, letting loose a large glob of black fluid, which rebounded off the wall and landed on the seat next to him, transforming into a black tern with white wingtip feathers and a weird nurse's hat with a red "X" imprinted on it. The tern's eyes were red.

"Thank you for creating me, Mayor!" said the evil-looking tern. "NOW SURRENDER YOUR JOB OR PREPARE TO BE PWNED, EH?"

The Mayor, who was not about to let a creepy-looking tern X-Antibody with a weird hat take over his role as Narrator, just pressed a button on his PDA. The X-Antibody was teleported away, but not before saying this: "WE WILL MEET AGAIN, MARK MY WORDS! WE WILL, EH?"


Doctor McXapp constantly plans the downfall of his genetic brother in his secret hideout somewhere in Ternville. He likes devising complicated deathtrap schemes for the Mayor to get out of, only to have his plans foiled by the Mayor and friends.

Ironically McXapp was captured by Xplorer and controlled by Nightmare.


  • Instead of speaking in McFlapp's trademark accent, he speaks in a Canadian accent.
  • He pretends to be loyal to Nightmare, but in reality wants to lead the X-Creatures and take over Antarctica himself.
  • Tails X never listens to him because he only was created was to collect the destruction gems for nightmare and him alone.Only to have Tails6000 steal them back.
  • Murphy likes that McXapp is against McFlapp, and writes about his plans, but is not to keen on letting him become Narrator.

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