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Ninja Village
Dojo Courtyard map.png
The exterior of the Dojo
Key details
Location Club Penguin Island

Ninja Village is a region on Club Penguin Island that was dedicated to ninjas by Sensei. It consists of the Card-Jitsu Dojos that were built by Sensei, as well as many hidden tatami homes to ninjas that have committed themselves to the ancient art.



At the time of the High Penguin Confederacy, ninjas were trained in the wilderness, the rivers, and on the mountaintops. Card-Jitsu training was often cut short due to harsh weather conditions such as blizzards or hail since ninjas did not yet comprehend how to control the weather. As a result, the Three Masters built the original Dojo beside a river which stood for many years until its destruction by avalanche after Sensei Hung's death in 1990.

The Modern Dojo[edit]

In 2003, Sensei returned to the site of the original Dojo and explored the wilderness around the area. There, he discovered a mountain with a clear view of a nearby waterfall, a dormant volcano and more mountains. With the help of Pen Chi, Sensei built his own Dojo, the current one, atop the mountain after concluding that it's location was perfect for coinciding with the three known elements at the time.

While Sensei went away on a journey to learn more of the elements, the Dojo remained empty until it was rediscovered by Club Penguin explorers. The Dojo was marked as a secret hideout where penguins could "get away for a while" and occasionally hold snowball fights. On occasion, the Dojo's trespassers would spot the shadows of penguins outside the room, though would never be able to pinpoint where they originated from. This way of life was interrupted when the Dojo was severely damaged by a lightning storm in the November of 2008.

After years of training, studying and observing, Sensei returned to his damaged Dojo and began to dig it out out of the snow and encouraged others to do so as well in an event he called "Dig Out the Dojo". With everyone's help, the Dojo Courtyard saw the light of day once again and Sensei revealed himself as the Sensei who promised to teach others the ancient ways of Card-Jitsu.

Publicly opening the Ninja Village[edit]

As the population of ninjas across Club Penguin grew, Sensei began offering leftover hidden tatami homes from the days of The Five Senseis for the most dedicated and committed of students. As it turned out, many of the shadows spotted across the Dojo prior to the reopening were the shadows of ninjas who still had homes in the ninja village.

In November 2009 when the sky faded to orange and Diamond Falls awoke once again, Sensei saw this as a sign from the elements that the ninjas of Club Penguin were ready to advance onto the mastery of fire. He expanded the ninja village to include the newly awakened volcano that he converted into the Fire Dojo with fireproof metals and materials.

An exact year later in November 2010, Club Penguin experienced its first rainfall in recorded history and Sensei once again took this as a sign from the elements to introduce ninjas to the mastery of water. He, with some help from construction workers, managed to build the Water Dojo in the middle of the local waterfall by securing it with very large chains.

The Dojo remained unchanged for years until April 2013 when a blizzard struck the Ninja Village. Once again Sensei was certain it was a sign to introduce penguins to the snow element. He constructed the Snow Dojo on a nearby mountain peak.

Points of interest[edit]

Sensei's Dojo[edit]

The Flying Flippers Emporium.

The Dojo is the main building heart of the Ninja Village. The Dojo consists of one large main room, a courtyard and many hidden chambers. At the entrance of the Dojo is a personal garden tended to by Sensei, as well as two large sleeping white puffle statues. There is the main entrance into the Dojo, as well as a hidden entrance to the Ninja Hideout.

The Dojo[edit]

The main room welcomes all penguins, regardless of his or her skill in Card-Jitsu. Originally an empty tatami-styled room with a single exit, Sensei added four blue-colored training mats for his students and a special seat for himself that encouraged students to speak with him one-on-one.

In secret, behind Sensei's seat in the main room of the Dojo exists a passageway to a hidden room that he lent to the Elite Penguin Force for some time.

Ninja Hideout[edit]

The Ninja Hideout is a small courtyard in the Dojo exclusively for ninjas. It has four training mats, gongs on the walls, stone lamps for lighting, the Flying Flippers Emporium, and the passageway to the Elemental Dojos.

Based off the original shop of the same name founded by Sensei Fut, the Flying Flippers Emporium sells a variety of ninja-related goods, furniture and clothing in a catalog put together by Sensei himself named Martial Artworks.

In the middle of the Ninja Hideout is a mystical amulet floor design, which is synced to each ninja's personal amulet. Each time a new Elemental Gem is acquired on a personal amulet, the floor will begin to light up from that penguin's point of view. When the amulet is completed, it acts as a key that breaks the illusion of the amulet floor design, revealing a staircase leading downstairs to the Chamber of Masters.

Chamber of Masters[edit]

The Chamber of Masters is a hallway beneath the Ninja Hideout's amulet that only the ninjas with a completed amulet are allowed to enter. The chamber is shaped like a very large amulet, with each area dedicated to an element. Within it, Sensei keeps away many powerful ninja artifacts, as well as a pathway further downstairs to the Hochstadt Sanctuary. The Chamber of Masters and the secrets within are protected by Sensei's very few Shadow Ninjas, who usually hide themselves in dark spots across the chamber.



Snow Mountain[edit]

Tatami homes[edit]

All around the Dojo exist tatami-styled homes with a similar appearance to the Dojo.

If you go up the snow hill nearby, you'll find the spacious Japanese-style house of Psyche and her parents.


  • The Underground created the foundation for the Dojo.