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Born March 4, 1962 (1962-03-04) (age 57)
North Alemania Flag.png North Alemania
Species Penguin
Race Viking Penguin
Gender Male
Residence Antilles Flag.png Antilles
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Nationality Alemanian-Antarctican
Occupation EPF Inventor

Doktor is an Alemanian Viking Penguin who acts as the primary inventor and scientist for the Antilles Elite Penguin Force branch.


Doktor's early career for the North Alemanian government is vague and he refuses to go into much detail on his work, insisting that it "wasn't very important" and that he hated the Communist government the entire time. In 2002, Doktor renounced his Alemanian citizenship and moved to the United States of Antarctica.

After moving to the city of Antilles in 2009, Doktor joined the city's EPF branch which was looking for a scientist.


Doktor possesses a typical scientist's temperament, often becoming fussy over anything that affects his work. He also often shows more concern over a current mission's test in his laboratory than the penguin he is using as a test subject.

While in a heated discussion or argument, Doktor often reverts to his mother tongue of German.


As with every other Antilles EPF agent, Doktor wears the standard EPF Suit, though with a lab coat instead of the typical jacket. He also makes use of a Optic Headset occasionally, which gives him technical readouts on whatever project he is currently working on.


Doktor supplies every Antilles EPF agent with whatever gear they may need while on a mission. Almost all Antilles gear such as the hoverbike or EPF Phone is of his own design, rather than relying on Gary's standard agency equipment. As such, Antilles is a relatively isolated branch of the agency and rarely cooperates with others other than the event of a continental emergency.




  • Gary the Gadget Guy - Doktor often claims he has a great relationship with Gary, though often implies something happened between the two many years ago.



  • Doktor dislikes comparisons between himself and Gary, although insists he has nothing but respect for G.
  • He claims that he came up with the idea of Hoverboards first, but decided that a hoverbike would be more useful.


  • 2017
  • Your Lucky Day
  • The Tunnelers Attack
  • The Shadow Ninjas
  • Excalibur
  • 2018
  • Return of the Shadow Ninjas
  • Hero's Journey
  • The Interloper


  • "Ich liebe kapitalismus!"

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