Dominic Smith

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Dominic Smith
Title Secretary of State of the Republic of Acadia
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Health Good
Level 100
Status Alive
Location Acadia
Birth date September 20, 1970 (1970-09-20) (age 48)
Place of birth Acadia
Occupation Secretary of State
Friends Robert Smith (his brother), Brant11, Travis Howe
Archetype Good

Dominic Smith (1970 - ) is an Acadian politician and the former Acadian Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2015 to 2018. Before becoming President, he fought in the Colonial Antarctica War, and helped write the Constitution of the Republic of Acadia after the war. He is the brother of Robert Smith, the former King of Snowiny, now known as the United Provinces. In 2018, after the arrest of his brother Robert for war crimes during the Bow Tie War and Dominic's attempted release, Dominic Smith was dismissed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs by President Brant Esser.



Dominic Smith was born on September 20, 1970 to Jacob Smith and Laura Smith in Delphi, Province of Acadia, which was still a Puffish colony at the time. He had two younger brothers, Robert and Patrick, both of whom would later become Snowinian politicians, with one being the King of Snowiny and the other being Minister of Foreign Affairs in the United Provinces, respectively. Dominic was also good friends with Brant10, the father of Brant11, as they were the same age. This friendship helped the younger Brant become an Acadian politician many years later.

Military Service[edit]

In 1990, he joined the Royal Acadian Armed Forces, and saw heavy action during the STINC War. When the war was over, Dominic returned to Acadia, and since from a young age Dominic liked politics, and joined the province's colonial legislature in 1990. After serving one term, he quit due to his displeasure with Puffish rule over Acadia and the politicians in the legislature. With the introduction of Puffle'and's taxes, Dominic became a staunch supporter of Acadian independence, and helped found the Acadian branch of the Siblings of Liberty, a mainland independence group.

In 1999, he joined the Acadian Patriots in the Colonial Antarctica War. From his experience in the STINC War, he was given a high rank. He, along with Ryan Crosby, Brant Esser, who was Brant10's son, and Travis Howe, fought in the Siege of Club Penguin, the Battle of Rockhopper Island, the Battle of George Washing Machine's Laundromat, and the Battle of Cream Soda Creek, and the final battle big battle of the war, the Battle of York Street. However, in that battle, he was shot in the leg twice, which nearly crippled him, and forced him to quit the army.

Founding of the Republic[edit]

Upon returning to Acadia to recover, he helped found the temporary government to administer the new Republic and rebuild the country, and helped write the Acadian Constitution after the war's end. Later that year, he got married to Elizabeth Smith, the daughter of an influential family in Acadia, and they had 3 children total, Dominic II in 2003, David in 2004, and Kate in 2008. That same year, Dominic was also appointed by Greg Cleanington to be the Vice President of Acadia in 2000 after the former's election as the first President of Acadia.


In 2010, Greg Cleanington resigned from his position as President of Acadia, and Dominic decided to run for President, using his time serving as Cleanington's vice president to support his candidacy. Since he was well known in Acadia for his acts in the Colonial Antarctica War and the rebuilding of Acadia afterwards, he won the election by a landslide and became the second president of Acadia. However, his term was difficult, as the 6 Great Snowzerland Wars, the Great Yowien War, the Frosian War, and others, were all waged around Antarctica during his Presidency.

By the time his Presidency was nearing its end in late 2014, his approval ratings were low in Acadia, as many saw him as a weak president dependent on his brother in Snowiny for support. Additionally, many Acadians were also angry over the fact that he "betrayed" Yow, since he had called Yow "a close Acadian ally" less than a year before The Great Yowien War, but did nothing to help Yow during the war. Knowing this, he declined to run for the position of the Presidency again, and instead endorsed Brant Esser, the nominee from his party, for the position of President.

During his Presidency, Dominic maintained extremely close ties with the Kingdom of Snowiny, even closer than the current relations between Acadia and the United Provinces, the successor state to the Kingdom of Snowiny, as his brother Robert was the King of Snowiny. These close ties led to many of his political opponents in Acadia to accuse him of being a puppet of his brother in Snowiny, while many in Snowiny accused Robert of being a puppet to his brother in Acadia. However, these accusations were often silenced by both brothers in their respective countries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs[edit]

After the election, the newly elected President Brant Esser appointed Dominic Smith as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as Brant needed Smith to cement the alliance with Snowiny, which was ruled by Smith's brother Robert. However, Robert Smith was overthrown in a peaceful revolution by the Snowinian people, and although Dominic wanted to send Acadian troops to keep his brother in power, Esser declined, as it would destroy Acadia-Snowiny relations. Dominic eventually backed down after being told by his brother not to send Acadian troops to Snowiny to keep him in power.

In 2018, after his brother Robert was arrested for war crimes during the Bow Tie War, Dominic attempted to hire a private army to storm the prison where Robert was being held and free his brother, but he was caught by the Acadian National Police when he attempted to pay them with his credit card. Unable to cover up the scandal, Brant Esser dismissed Dominic Smith from his position as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was replaced by Joshua Adkins, another close friend of Esser's and the former Acadian ambassador to Francterre from 2010 to 2015.





  • It is rumored that the Bow Tie War was actually devised by Dominic Smith during his time as Minister of Foreign Affairs, with his brother Robert.