Dominion of Notron

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Anthem: Never Give Up (de-jure)
The Notronean March (de-facto)
A map of Notron.
A map of Notron.
CapitalCity of Peace
Largest city New Vonkouver
Official languages English
Demonym Notronean
 -  Head of State Lavender
 -  Prime Minister Wilson Schmidt (Acting)
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Vacant
Legislature Parliament
 -  The Great War ends 1953 
 -  Liberation and the New Order 2015 
 -  2015 estimate 2,000,000,000
Currency WB$

The Dominion of Notron is the name of the state that governs over the entire planet of Notron. It is a dominion of Shops Island, which means that it's practically an independent nation, although Shops has the right to exercise its will in some places. The (mostly ceremonial) head of state is the president of Shops Island, and that person is currently Lavender. The prime minister and his deputy are decided by a federal election.

Notron is known for its vast abundance of resources and high population. Even though it is technically a sovereign nation, its only diplomatic ties are to Shops Island, its parent country. For the purposes of scale, Notron is not included in the Shopper census, which spans the rest of Shops' empire.


See Also: Orwellia, Verpomia, Ouestland

The earliest history of Notron is obscured, if not mostly lost. The countries of Orwellia and Ouestland had destroyed most of their historical artifacts over time, and those kept by the Verpommians were in dismal condition. The only events cemented in history begin in 1945 (in Earth years), with the outbreak of a global war between what was over thirty countries at the time. During the war, a country had learned how to split the atom, and other countries caught on to it. Eventually a nuclear war had broken out. The war ended in 1953 when all countries had been destroyed. Out of the ruins came the remnants of Notronean civilization, more cold and barbarous than ever before. The remaining survivors organized themselves into two factions: The Orwellians and the Verpommians. They hated each other bitterly, and for the next sixty years would be engulfed in yet another war with each other. Throughout this time, they would massacre enemy and civilian populations who did not meet their standards. Notron would deteriorate to the status of a third-world country which ruthlessly oppressed its people. In 1997, an uprising in Verpomia caused the breakaway state of Ouestland to gain independence by force and declare war on both Orwellia and Verpomia. In 2015, a foreign power, Shops Island, intervened in the mess, and defeated all three nations, and set up the current dominion that rules over Notron.

Government and Politics[edit]

Notron's senate chambers.

Notron is a dominion, which means that it is a state with its own operating government that works by the grace of Shops Island. Notron's government is a parliamentary system which consists of two houses: a House of Commons and a Senate. In the house, bills are proposed, read, revised and voted on. In the senate, these bills can either be approved, rejected, or sent back to the house to be adjusted.

The head of state is technically the President of Shops Island, who is currently Lavender, although his powers are rarely used. The head of state has the ability to nullify laws even if they pass both the house and the senate. The Shopper government as a whole is also the only entity that can change the Notronean constitution, as well as they are responsible for the state's judicial system. The actual leader of Notron is the prime minister, who is elected in a federal election. He has veto power in parliament and can sign executive orders much like a president. There is also a deputy prime minister, whose job is to be the head of parliament alongside the Speaker of the House, and his job is to break ties in votes.

Unlike Shops Island, Notron's government consists of many political parties. The Shopper government allowed this so that the Notroneans could have a greater range of choice. The parties in Notronean politics are the Conservatives, Liberals, Imperials, Revolutionaries, Libertarians (formerly the Notronean Liberation Movement), and many other smaller grassroots parties. The current prime minister, Wilson Schmidt, is the president of the Libertarian Party.


Due to years of oppression and cultural extermination, most of Notron is still rebuilding its culture and establishing its identity. Places that used to be part of Orwellia and Ouestland have largely adopted Shopper cultural traditions, as they have nothing else to work with. Places that were part of Verpomia have largely retained their culture. A notable tenant of the Großverpommish and Oberfrankish culture is their belief in "The Divine". They are said to have given divine right to whoever ruled their lands, and are now apparently the ones who control the fate of the people. Belief in The Divine has since spread throughout Notron, and is quickly growing in popularity.


Notron is divided into seven different regions which are called provinces. Each of them have their own provincial government and leader, called a premier. Each province has a deal of autonomy from the others, although they are all ultimately controlled by the federal government.

NorthOrwelliaFlag.png North Orwellia[edit]

New Vonkouver after reconstruction.

North Orwellia is Notron's heart of industry. It was named after the former country of Orwellia, in which this province was a key part of. North Orwellia has a high population and has a large manufacturing capacity, due to the Shoppers turning it into an industrial powerhouse during the liberation of Notron. The east coast of North Orwellia is populated by large metropolitan cities and fishing villages. Rugged and more tropical terrain to the south of North Orwellia make that part of the province more viable for planting fruits and vegetables. The west of North Orwellia is mostly underdeveloped due to its isolation and frequency of drought and volcanic eruptions, however the region is quickly growing. Central North Orwellia is where most of the province's manufacturing takes place. The north is mostly uninhabited due to near unbearable temperatures, even by penguin standards. Nevertheless, the north is abundant with fishing industries during the summer months. North Orwellia is also home to New Vonkouver, the largest city on Notron.

SouthOrwelliaFlag.png South Orwellia[edit]

South Orwellia is a province with pristine nature areas and vast forests. The heart of South Orwellia is blanketed by a giant forest which has been left pristine for centuries. Many exotic creatures can be found in these woods, many of which are lethal. Most of South Orwellia's population resides on the east coast of the country; the west is home to many ancient sites and ruins which were unexplored and untouched by the Orwellians. The north and south of the province are walled in by large mountain ranges, consisting of some of Notron's tallest mountains. The south of the province is also quite cold as it reaches almost to the south pole of Notron. Mining is also a popular industry in the mountainous areas of South Orwellia; mining is one of South Orwellia's largest industries. It is said that there are some war criminals from the former Notronean regimes still living in South Orwellia.

MalabarFlag.png Malabar[edit]

The City of Peace, the capital of Notron.

Malabar is a diverse province which has recently emerged as a cultural and political hotspot. The north and south of Malabar are covered in scorching desert, the hottest places on Notron. The center comprises vast forests and rich soil which supply much of Notron with food. The center of Malabar also hosts the City of Peace, Notron's capital. Before Notron was liberated, Malabar was in abject poverty and was the largest battleground on the planet. After the liberation, the Shoppers and the new Notronean government poured more money into Malabar than into any other province.

GrossverpomiaFlag.png Großverpomia[edit]

Großverpomia is considered to be the cultural capital of Notron. In what used to be the heartland of the Kingdom of Verpomia, the province has largely been preserved and is home to architecture which dates back a thousand years. Historical sites had never been trashed and erased from history in the Verpommian regime, making Großverpomia key in unlocking the early history of Notron. The province hosts old castles, halls, and places which are considered sacred to the locals. Belief in "The Divine" is still popular in Großverpomia, as it has been for hundreds of years. Großverpomia is also a primarily German-speaking province, along with Oberfranken. While not much food is grown in Großverpomia, the region is becoming known for its distinct cuisine and culinary treats. The north of Großverpomia is rather sparse and very cold, although it is also a nature hotspot. The rest of the province is known for its historical sites, people, and serene beauty.

OberfrankenFlag.png Oberfranken[edit]

Oberfranken is the largest province on Notron. It spans from the eastern border of Großverpomia all the way to the northwest coast of North Orwellia. Oberfranken was also under the rule of Verpomia, and was subjected to the same cultural expectations, although Oberfranken is much less densely populated, and there are much fewer historical sites and artifacts. Oberfranken's culture more closely resembles Slavic culture in Antarctica than it does Großverpommian culture. Oberfranken is also very rich in minerals and other natural resources in its northern part, much of which has been exported to Shops Island and redistributed to the rest of Notron. The northern part of Oberfranken is generally considered uninhabitable to all but the hardiest, and those in the mining industry. The southern part of Oberfranken is covered in mountains and is mostly dry and rocky, all the way down to the southern coast. On the far eastern coast of Oberfranken, fishing is a popular industry.

EstlandFlag.png Estland[edit]

Estland (formerly Ouestland) is the only francophone province on Notron. The province entails all of what used to be the country of Ouestland, which was abolished in the liberation. Estland is known for its very Francterran cuisine and culture. Much of Estland is very low-lying, and is susceptible to storms and flooding for most of the year. Estland is primarily known for its strong fishing industry and its cheap manufacture of products such as textiles and electronics. Estland is also one of the most populous provinces on Notron. Ever since liberation and the establishment of the dominion, Estland has tried to gain independence and become its own country, albeit unsuccessfully. The peoples of Estland are often stereotyped as being uptight and obnoxious.

SerranFlag.png Serran[edit]

Serran is the smallest and least populated province on Notron. It is also the only province that isn't connected by land to any other provinces. Much of mainland Serran is covered in desert. The surrounding islands are lush tropical paradises and are rich in the fishing and tourism industries. Serran is also known for its wildlife, which is considered the most dangerous on the planet, claiming countless lives every year. Before the liberation, Serran was the seat of Orwellia's government.


Notron has vast resources that outdo any country in Antarctica. However, due to its isolation, much of it remains in the ground and in nature where it belongs. Most resources that are harvested are used domestically, with all the rest going to Shops Island.

Notron also uses the same currency as Shops Island, the WB$.


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