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Make Antarctica great again!
— Donal Tenorio
Donal Tenorio
Donal Tenorio
Full Name Donal Juan Tenorio
Alias Don Juan
Born Olde Antarctica Flag.png Antarctic Peninsula, Olde Antarctica
Died 2044
Species Penguin
Race Macaroni Penguin
Gender Male
Residence USA flag.PNG South Pole City, United States of Antarctica
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Parents Diego Tenorio
Mara Saorse Ó Malley
Occupation Businessman
CEO of Tenorio Confectioneries, Inc.
Salary ~5.0 billion pebbles annually
Political Career
Political Party Conservative
Treasurer of the United States of Antarctica
January 20, 2017 – January 20, 2021
Barrick Abanana
President Megg
Vice-President Happyface141
President of the United States of Antarctica
January 20, 2021 – Present

Donal Juan Tenorio, nicknamed Don Juan and commonly known as Donal J. Tenorio, is a wealthy businessman who is known for his ability to make the ladies swoon. His charm and wit as a player starkly trumps that of Swiss Ninja. As a result, despite his great wealth from his candy empire, Mr. Tenorio remains single.

In 2016, Mr. Tenorio launched his campaign to become president of the USA. He became well-known for his inflammatory statements, most notably his calls to build a wall along the Polarian border while making them pay for it, and his proposed ban on all X-Antibodies from entering the USA, as well as registering all X-Antibodies in a database. Less controversially, he wants to deport all Mwa Mwa Penguins.

Although his campaign in 2016 failed, he would again run for president in 2020 and succeed, going on to win a second term in 2024. His presidency, which was arguably only brought about by significant foreign influence, oversaw a great decline in the USA's power across Antarctica, even with its largest competitor, Shops Island, being destroyed during his tenure. His presidency was dogged with a number of political scandals, most of which involve electoral fraud committed by Snowzerland and Polarian or Acadian-level corruption. His inflammatory statements and rhetoric also followed him to the presidency, where he caused numerous incidents, made a mockery of the USA and had no concern for the rule of law.


Early Life[edit]

Donal is the son of Diego Tenorio, the son of high ranking Castillan nobility, and Mara Saorse Ó Malley from Freezeland. Donal was born into wealth since his father was the founder of the family candy company. His paternal grandparents had immigrated to Olde Antarctica after the Fascist victory in the Castillan Civil War. Donal was born in what is now the Antarctic Peninsula, and grew up in that region. As a child, he attended a military academy due to his wild nature, which taught him to be a gentleman with good manners. He later attended university and majored in Business. It was in his university years that he began to learn how to flirt with girls since he never had exposure to them at his military academy. Immediately after, Donal began to co-run his family's chocolate business with his father.

In 1997, South Pole City was founded, and Donal saw a lot of opportunity in its future as a good place to relocate the company's headquarters. His father, now elderly, supported his son's plans, and he gave his son a "small" loan of 1 million pebbles to establish the business in the city. With his father's loan, Donal was able to buy a piece of land in the Metro borough of the new city and built himself a giant skyscraper known as the Tenorio Tower - one of the first in the city. Mr. Tenorio's fame quickly rose as his company suddenly saw large increases in sales in 1999 due to the raging Colonial Antarctica War. Mr. Tenorio was strictly on the Revolutionaries' side, and was very vocal about it. Mr. Tenorio soon transformed into a celebrity and business icon, especially by 2000 when the USA was formed. It was then that tabloid news and paparazzi desperately tried to snoop into his life, to find that he was a major player with several girlfriends he met and dumped on a regular basis.

Donal Tenorio has always disliked X-Antibodies ever since they came about. He has stereotyped them as criminals and terrorists and does not believe that most of them can become productive members of society.

Despite his claims of loving the Antarctic military, Donal bribed a doctor for a sick note so that he didn't have to fight in the first Great Snoss War.

2016 Presidential Elections[edit]

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After the Nightmare Epic, public distrust for X-Antibodies were at an all time high. While the antibodies had their sympathizers, others claimed that they couldn't be trusted due to their connection with Nightmare. Donal quickly took this opportunity to run a political campaign on the fears of the populace. Donal has stated that he will be tough on the X-Antibodies and will prevent any from entering the borders of the USA if he is president.

Donal recieved an endorsement from Mabel and the Mabel Mongrel Klan. Mabel is quoted as saying that Donal "Says what is on his mind, pulls no punches" and claims she has a very similar personality to him. When questioned in an interview about this Donal said ""I don't know anything about what you're even talking about with Mabel Mongrel Klan or Mabelism. I don't know -- did she endorse me, or what's going on? Because I know nothing about Mabel von Injoface." Donal later claimed this was because of a bad hair ear piece.

Many scandals came out about Tenorio in the last months of the election, including rumors that he hadn't ever paid money to the IIRS, and that he was secretly "BFFs" with Kaiser Swiss Ninja of Snowzerland because of "frequent business deals" made with the Kaiser in the confectionery business. Despite the scandals, he refused to show his IIRS tax returns or name a Vice President until he "won the election". This prompted the Conservative candidate in second, Joseph Crosby, to pull out of the race a few days before the election in an effort to get on Tenorio's good side. He later stated he would have chose Penghis Khan for the position, due to their similar personalities (likely including walls and their large egos).

On election day, most media outlets predicted Megg would win in a "yuuuge" landslide over Tenorio. They predicted right that Tenorio would lose, but the margins were surprisingly close, with Megg only having a few percent more votes than Tenorio. Immediately after his loss, Tenorio went to Chitter to call the election "rigged", and starting a months-long "Chitter Civil War". He encouraged his supporters to protest, which many did, with some turning into violent riots. He also recheeped a cheep from Acadian President Brant Esser accusing Dorkugal of hacking the election in Megg's favor, which was called off.

2017 Treasurer Elections[edit]

In the days after his election loss, he announced that he "wasn't done", and started campaigning for the position of Treasurer to replace the "foreign nincompoop" Barrick Abanana. President-elect Megg stated on November 24th that Tenorio wasn't fit to be Treasurer, and there was no way she would choose him for the position. That didn't stop Tenorio, as he immediately challenged Megg's nomination for the position once she took office, thus triggering Amendment 3 of the US Constitution and forcing the country's second Treasurer Election.

Tenorio easily won the election against Barrick Abanana due to his fame and the majority of voters being citizens who were still upset from Tenorio not becoming president. He has been the USA's Treasurer ever since, with his own actions, statements and opinions often conflicting with those of President Megg and other members of the US government, as well as causing much controversy. He often blames his predecessor for economic problems, and consistently insults penguins from the USA and around the world through his cheeps and speeches, for things that he doesn't like.


Tenorio campaigned for the 2020 from the time he was elected Treasurer, and won by a decent margin. Early in his first term as president, a catastrophic snowstorm hit a number of free republics, inflicting massive damage and leaving them largely without power or supplies for months. Despite their pleas to the USA for help, Tenorio and the USA refused to send aid, with Tenorio later making false claims saying the storm wasn't nearly as bad as everyone else was making it out to be. It fell to the other free republics to send aid and help rebuild the countries.

Shortly after he was elected and throughout his entire presidency, there was much talk about the election being interfered with, either a rigged election or the votes hacked. The prime suspect during all of these debates was Snowzerland, with more evidence piling up towards the end of his presidency to corroborate the claims. Tenoro said early during his presidency that if there was any hacking, it was the Dorkugese helping his opponent. During his presidency, many of the USA's allies and its free republics lost trust in the country that had just been built up again and reinforced by Megg and Happyface. This was mostly due to Tenorio's "Antarctica First" attitude and policy, that spread to his blind supporters in the South Pole Council that were afraid of losing their re-elections if they didn't support him. Free republics and allies became concerned that the USA wouldn't honor its defense obligations, and thus looked for alliances in other places.


Mr. Tenorio is a red colored Macaroni Penguin, which is what his mother is. As a result, Mr. Tenorio is rather tall and is known for his distinct blonde comb-over on his head. It was unconfirmed whether or not it remains to be his real hair or a wig for a long time, until he was seen firing penguins from the Pizza Parlor without it, and then it was confirmed to be a wig. Donal is also known for being very fat, and he almost always wears fancy suits wherever he goes in order to hide his obesity. Mr. Tenorio has, for all of his life, had a strange hatred for sunglasses, which has caused him to squint a lot.

Contrary to popular belief, he does NOT have small flippers. If any reporter says his flippers are small, he will trace them on paper and mail it to them in a golden envelope every month.


Tenorio firing an unsuspecting Pizza Parlor chef

Tenorio is known to be a frequent liar who makes things up and doesn't care about the truth as long as it fits his agenda. He is also known to be an avid reader of the Penstubal Post since he discovered that Brant Esser reads it. Tenorio is also known to be quite the glutton, with his meals of choice often including Big Pacs, Khan Supremes, buckets of Eastshield Fried Fish and lots of Diet Bepis. He is also known to have a sweet tooth, though it has rumored that the sweets he enjoys most are Judgies and Snoss Chocolate instead of his own candy.

He is also known for his strange method of diplomacy. He's been known to praise and admire questionable leaders like Bolsheevic Penguinsky and corrupt dictators like Swiss Ninja and Brant Esser, while saying bad things about the USA's allies when their leaders don't agree with him. He is also known to insult and antagonize any individual that doesn't agree with him, calls him out or criticizes him, especially in politics. Notable rivalries he's made since becoming treasurer include former treasurer James Mccane, Explorer 767 & Fred 676, and Judge Xavier.


Here are some of Tenorio's most notorious insults and derogatory names. Tenorio's opinion of someone can change regularly, so he might go from insulting to praising them or vice versa whenever he feels like it.


  • You're fired!
  • Make Antarctica great again!
  • Joseph Crosby is a TOTAL lightweight! He should pull out of the race.
  • X-Antibodies... hate us!
  • I couldn't have made it this far without your! Support from penguins, puffles, smart people, dumb people! Especially dumb people! I love dumb people!
  • Yeah, I know that quote I posted on Chitter was from Whoot Smackler Whoot. It's a good quote. I want to be known for interesting quotes.
  • When I moved to South Pole City, My dad gave me a small loan of a million pebbles...
  • I love Taco Balls!


You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 5 January 2016
Spike Hike was NOT born in Antarctica - he's an illegitimate president! We cannot let this travesty continue! When will he release his birth certificate?

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 6 Febuary 2016

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 8 November 2016
No, I will not call to congratulate Megg, when there are clearly votes still missing!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 9 November 2016
The election was obviously rigged! Everyone should go out and protest against the Fake Winner, Megg!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 11 November 2016
To everyone saying I'm done... I'm NOT done! If I can't be president due to a RIGGED election, I'll be the Treasurer instead, to replace that foreign nincompoop @BarrickAbanana. Watch out, banana boy!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 15 November 2016
The USA needs someone who's good with money. I'm good with money, unlike the current and past treasurers who have made the worst deals in the history of our country. Sad!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 18 January 2017
Barick Banana has let our country's debt spiral out of control... his assistant is the only reason the USA has any money left!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 7 March 2017
You're Fired!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 1 April 2017
Great prank by Explorer Antlers, becoming an "actor".

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 2 April 2017
It's not a prank? Well I did it first, and BETTER!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 29 September 2017
Another movie is out with failed counselor Explorer... Igloo Alone 2 is MUCH better! We all know it!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 20 January 2018
Our country is doing the best it ever has, and it's all because of me and my fantastic supporters! Don't listen to the Fake Fact Media and our Sore Loser President. #Tenorio2020

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 20 February 2019
Thank you @penstubal for the tremendous article in the Penstubal Post today. "Rising star on the Antarctic stage", so true! Very close friend of mine, we have a lot to learn from him!

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 9 May 2019
Why are there a bunch of ducks and Tall Penguins in the middle of the street? This is why other countries laugh at the USA, because Weak Megg won't stop these troublemakers. Sad! #Tenorio2020

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 9 May 2019
Yow was destroyed because they were making nukes to destroy all of Antarctica. They're a good example of what should happen to the USA's enemies.

You're Fired from Chitter.png
Donal Tenorio @realdonaltenorio • 9 May 2019
When I'm president, I won't let them get away with that like Weak Billybob and Melonhead Megg did.


  • He is the owner of the multi-billion pebble Tenorio Confectioneries.
  • This is a cross parody of Donald Trump and Juan Tenorio, a character from the 17th century Spanish play The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest.
  • He just happens to have what many in political debates call "the worst catchphrase in existence", "HOWZIT!".
  • It is possible that he is more arrogant than MABEL.
  • It's been uncovered that his family's last name was actually Dinar, but The Donal's father changed it to Tenorio.
  • He is an avid Chitter user.
  • Many memes were made about Donal Tenorio as a result of his presidential campaign.

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