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Dooley image.png
World's Most Bizarre Inventor
Title "Mad" Inventor, Sales-penguin.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction His "inventions" have never hurt anyone at any time. They have a safety feature.
Health Semi-phycotic, though extremely friendly
Level Square root of -1.
Status In G's basement.
Location Club Penguin
Birth date May 8, 2004 (2004-05-08) (age 15)

Dooley, also known as "D", is the so-called "mad" inventor in G's Family. Although a very kind penguin, his style of dress and overall appearance make him look very frightening to other penguins. He earned the "mad" title because of his insane inventions that resemble torture devices (though they are not).

He is considered a "child prodigy" among many scholars, his older brother Gary amongst them.


Early Life[edit]

Dooley is younger than G, having hatched when G was 28.

He hatched on May the 8th, in the year 2004. Unfortunately for his image, he hatched with slightly zany eyes and larger-than-usual snaggleteeth, which made him look somewhat odd. As a young chick, he had a fascination of cutlery, especially if they were made of metals such as steel. Dooley found it fascinating how a thin-but-thick object could cut its way through something as hard as, say, an apple. In fact, he loved this action so much, he proudly states that he once bravely tried to break into a steel-and-cutlery to see how cutlery was made when he was 7, to no avail.

To compensate, Foldy, his and everyone else's father, thought that it would be a "jolly good idea" to take him to an assorted foods factory, which was his other interest. He was fascinated, but at the same time horrified to see how disgusting factory-made food looked like, when seen from the inside-out. In fact, he was so horrified he refused to eat anything in a plastic bag, processed food, or something which may have touched a factory on the way to the shop. This event impacted him for the rest of his life, leading him to prefer fruit and vegetables over, say, a fishburger, and in the end he became a vegetarian.

Even so, this didn't stop him practicing his inventions on the aforementioned fruit-and-vegetables.

Later-Current Life[edit]

Three years later, when he was 10, he saw the Pizzatron 3000 for the first time, and he was so impressed that he suddenly had a thought - why can't Dooley become an inventor too? He was, after all, not particularly taken seriously, so he took this question to heart, and, moving into the basement of the family igloo, began rummaging through the spare cogs, steel, and whatnot stored there, in the hope of finding something worthwhile. He found exactly what he wanted, but, to make a surprise and show that he was really worth something, he didn't tell anybody. The sawing and hammering noises, unfortunately, unnerved the other residents, which ended up in their becoming bad-tempered.

At last, he finished, and when he came out with his invention, he was never the same again. He shocked everybody by having a torn laboratory-coat, and bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep, as well as showing a few signs of zaniness. His first and favourite invention was, he showed them, a fruit slicer. Since he had slowly become more psychotic during designing the slicer, it ended up looking like a guillotine, which frightened the others quite a lot. Fortunately, he had invented, after long and seemingly endless nights, a safety device to go with it, which meant that it wouldn't hurt any living beings. This action was applauded, especially since nobody knew how it was done.

He even took it to various celebrated universities as a useful addition to their kitchens, and they gladly accepted, thinking it an honour to have a guillotine fruit slicer invented by G's brother. Since he was paid so well, he became rich in a week, and he eventually moved out of the family igloo to a run-down igloo in the middle of nowhere, full of dust and creepiness which didn't seem to bother him particularly. There, he opened two companies - the first being Ethical Fruits and Vegetables Unlimited, the HQ of which is in his garden; the second being Dooley's Fruit Slicers, which sells - you guessed it - fruit slicers that look creepily like guillotines.

To this day, he resides in that creepy house, and continues developing his fruit slicers by improving their safety features and fruit/vegetable capacities, making them look creepier and creepier as the developments go on. He is also the sole worker, manager, and investor in Ethical Fruits and Vegetables Unlimited, mostly because penguins think that his garden is too creepy to work in, and also in Dooley's Fruit Slicers, which is a mixture of the above reason and plain stubbornness/workmanship/loyalty to his occupation.


Dooley showing his... um, "fruit slicer"... that's what he calls it.

No one really understands his invention methods, but his products have never hurt any customer who dares to buy them. D states that his products may seem "scary", but they all have a built in safety feature.

He even demonstrated the accuracy in a Penguin State University assembly by inserting his own flipper underneath his fruit slicer and pulled the cord. Nothing happened. He then put a watermelon with his flipper on under it into his machine, and still nothing. He then inserted a penguin-shaped cookie, pulled the cord, and the cookie was sliced in half. He inserted a picture of a penguin, but nothing happened. As final proof, he lowered himself (much to the fright of the audience) onto the cutting board of his fruit slicer, pulled the cord, and nothing happened. During a convention, he did this to a watermelon (again), an apple, a pear, an orange, a lemon, a bunch of grapes and a banana. The second watermelon (without his flipper underneath, obviously), apple, pear, orange, lemon, grapes and banana all sliced in half.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]




D has many other inventions, and all have the built in safety feature. Below is a short list of the most prominent and successful of them.



Gary and Dooley have a good to excellent relationship with each other. Dooley, as a young chick, gave him the greatest respect he was capable of, and Gary has, ever since Dooley invented his guillotine fruit slicer, viewed him as a prodigy, which makes Dooley very proud, which is obvious, given how he wasn't exactly everybody's favourite when he was just an ordinary chick.



Dooley's personal relationship with Foldy isn't, perhaps, as good as Gary's, but when it comes to "impact in his career and overall image", Dooley says that "my opinion of my father Foldy is TOTALLY EPIC!!!". This is probably because Foldy had impacted Dooley's life because he suggested taking Dooley to the food factory, and thus had a distant participation of the invention of Dooley's guillotine fruit slicer.


He is on excellent terms with Perry. He likes to visit Perry whenever he has time, and he patiently listens and watches Perry gurgle on about his latest blueprint design/drawing, and is sometimes offered a flipper to draw something complex too. Whenever Perry's birthday comes closer, Dooley takes one of Perry's drawings and makes an invention based on it, to Perry's delight.


  • See my guillo-ahem, fruit slicer.



  • F, B, and Z all think that Dooley should be a show performer.
  • G says his items make great "novelty gifts".
  • He is a BIG FAN of Veggie Bob.
  • He sells the most products at Hallowe'en, due to how creepy his inventions look.
  • The Sapie Brothers are terrified of D, calling his "fruit slicer" a "guillotine", his "candle lighter" a "flare gun", etc...
  • Although many laugh at them for this, many sympathise and understand.
  • Tails6000 thinks D's inventions are realistic. He is a big fan, and makes miniature versions of them.

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