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Ha, ha, ha! I am ze Doom Chef!
— The Doom Chef
Ze Doom Chef

The Doom Chef cooks something.
Born Unknown
Possibly Francterre or Acadia
Residence Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Possibly Francterre or Acadia
Other names Doom Chef
Ze Doom Chef
Da Doom Chef
Super Chef
Nice Recipe Guy
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Ethnicity Penguin
Citizenship Antarctica
Education Himself
Occupation Being a Doom Chef
Years active Lots
Employer Himself
Notable works Bomb cakes
Salary Unknown
Known for Being a villainous chef
Predecessor Position created
Successor Unknown
Opponent(s) Those who are against villainous chefs
Board member of Totally Unofficial Evil Chef Party (TUECF)
Awards Unknown
He is - you guessed it - evil.

Doom Chef is an evil chef - hence the name - with a Francterran accent. He doubles as both a villain and a famous gourmet restaurant worker, where he impresses the guests with his amazing food. Wily, he likes creating evil but tasty masterpieces, usually about destroying huge important buildings and taking over control. Nobody has, so far, admitted his secret that he is evil, which is good for him. In fact, almost nobody even knows that he's a super-evil chef. Your average penguin just takes it for granted that he's an ordinary chef - much to his subconscious annoyance.


Nobody is ever sure where the Doom Chef is from. Although he speaks English very well, he speaks with a Francterran accent, so it's likely that he's from either Frankterre or Acadia. Nobody knows his real name either, or his birthday. In fact, nobody, apart from himself, knows anything about his early life. It's just blank off the record. No-one can persuade him to tell him much either, but he insists that he wanted to be a chef since he was a chick.

The point that all scholars and biographists know clearly from, is that he emigrated to Antarctica in 2013 to work at one of the first "extra stalls" at McDoodle's. This means that whilst he wasn't working at the original McDoodle's (FatLand), he got employed at one of the new branches. He was an excellent worker, but he got bored after a while. He was messing around with some Frank Fries preparations, when he wondered - why not try some "advanced" recipes; that is, become the first evil mastermind chef?

He didn't intend to start his career in such an evil way, but as he practiced/research, he became more and more convinced that it was a good idea. His secret plans backfired a bit when he accidentally cooked up his first creation in the McDoodle's kitchen, but it turned out being delicious instead of what he had in mind. Unfortunately, because that was not on the McDoodle's agenda menu, he was fired for being irresponsible and wasting valuable food, even though it was healthier and more delicious than the food on the menu itself.

He was then hired at a small, local, family-run gourmet restaurant named Le Culinary Cruise, in which the guests were very impressed with his skills. It seemed like this was the beginning and the end of Doom Chef's evil career, until he, wanting to vent his evilness, found a cave not too far away from the restaurant. This became his evil lair, and it is there where he invented his favourite recipe, the Bomb Pie, and many others.

To this day, he is now able to juggle a full-time job and an evil lifetime.


The Doom Chef is smart, so he learns from his mistakes. When one of his schemes fail before it even gets out of being a prototype, he can find where he messed up and "change the ingredients". Doom Chef's prime way of doing evil deeds is cooking up actual pieces of living food - somehow - without any help from lightning, electricity, hypnosis, or anything of the sort. One of his favourite, simple recipes are "bomb cakes", which explode when being hit with impact.

His creations do most of his evil work, so nobody suspects a thing. This means that the police just wonder why and how these creations came to be. As long as he destroys any evidence of his making them, such as fingerprints on a nearby spoon, he's absolutely safe. Another way of keeping his evil side a secret is through easily manipulation of his wits. Doom Chef can be quite the sweet-talker when he needs to be, which can make him seem like the most innocent person at the crime scene.


Unfortunately, sometimes he messes up in the kitchen of the family-run restaurant and accidentally makes a Bomb Cake or something. This is because he's prone to day-dreaming, which can lead to him making what he's thinking about. This has lead to near disaster many times, as the kitchen is basically a narrow corridor, and a dish-washer is employed in the next room. If the dish-washer waddles out for some water, or something to deliver some clean plates, then the Doom Chef's toast.

He also has a tendency to start mumbling weird stuff when he's bored in the kitchen or at the crime scene, which leads to some penguins being suspicious about him. The fact that he can suddenly start rambling in a thick French accent doesn't help. Also, he isn't very literate, either. Whilst he's literate enough to read a cookbook and spell the names of unusual edible foods, he can't concentrate on serious, academic things, or literature.


The Doom Chef, being, in the public sphere, a plain chef, can't really do much without revealing his real desired career, and without revealing his true identity to others. For all he knows, if he isn't cautious, the entire chef industry could collapse, and he would be banned from doing his favourite profession. As a result, by day, he works as your average chef, making excellent recipes/food in the gourmet restaurant. By night, he works in his cave, to cook up his next evil masterpiece, with or without puns contained within them.

Totally Unofficial Evil Chef Party[edit]

In early 2016, he magically had enough concentration skills to read the "Politics" section of the newspaper. He read about all the current and previous antics that all the other countries had, and he wondered whether it would be scrupulous enough to begin his own political party.

He did some research, and he found out that as long as he had a base for his political party, then he could go ahead and do it. Excited, he grabbed a sheet of paper, untidily scrawled on it the legendary sentence "Totally Unofficial Evil Chef Party", and he declared his igloo the headquarters for his new party.

Unfortunately, when he spread pamphlets, a lot of penguins thought that it was a standard igloo party, so he lost a lot of potential members. He then opened its official website, which allows penguins/puffles to join. The only other member he in the party had was an evil chef called "Pie", who never turned up at the meetings - in fact, he never turned up at all - and was soon revealed to be a nosey & mischievous chick, who thought it would be funny to sign up on the website.

Due to his egregious advertising campaigns, it's never really taken off, and, three years on, he never had more than one full-time member - himself. However, in recent years, he's gained a very very very small following in the Marzu slums of Caseusopolis.



  • Flipplings - The Flippling siblings know that he isn't just your average chef, and most of them have, on multiple occasions, asked him for one of his wacky recipes.


  • Your average chef - Your average chef just takes him as a fellow chef, and they can't really bother to get to know him, for some weird reason.


  • McDoodle's - The company have never really forgiven the Doom Chef for using their food as a means to an end on that fateful day, and there is an 99% chance that if he ever wants to join the staff again, they will refuse.



  • Ha, ha, ha! I am ze Doom Chef!


(The Doom Chef is baking something in the restaurant kitchen.)
Doom Chef (quietly, to himself): Ha, ha, ha! I am using ze ovén as a means to an end!
(In other words, he's cheating and he's making his own evil pastries.)
Doom Chef: Hmmmmm, I zink dat I made too many pastries. Better put zem awaië.
(One by one, he puts them in his special cupboard, but forgets one.)
Waiter: Chef! Chef! Somebody wants pastry with jam!
Doom Chef (aka Chef): Alright, alright; it's right here!
(The unsuspecting waiter takes it, and brings it to the table.)
Victim: Ah, yes. Thank you.
(He dips the pastry in jam, and slowly digests it. Meanwhile...)
(Doom) Chef: Ciel bleu! I can't find one of my evil pastries! I'm sure I made ten...
(The victim has finished the pasty.)
Victim: Hmm, that was very nice, but it tasted a bit unusual. Guess it's just-Gadzooks!
(He springs from his chair!)
Waiter: Oh, help! Chef, Chef! The poor customer is going mad!
(The chef looks out. The poor victim is running in a circle, with an open mouth, and shrieking dismally.)
(The Doom Chef facepalms.)
Doom Chef: Oh. Zat's where it went.


  • Many of Doom Chef's wacky recipes and how he prepares them are inspired by the Cartoon Network original series "Chowder"
  • He has approx. 10 cookbooks.
  • He hasn't written one himself, however.
  • All of his evil masterpieces are edible.
  • That may be why they don't really matter.
  • Not even the EPF suspect that he's evil.
  • He's absent-minded.
  • An anecdote states that he once blundered and left some of his weird dough-preparation at the Pizza Parlour. Shadow Guy had to be called to destroy the weird dough-monster it ended up as. Unfortunately for the rumour, it turns out that the maker of this dough-preparation was not made by him, but by an unknown employee who was probably a practical joker, who then escaped seeing how his joke went terribly wrong. The only reason why the Doom Chef was under suspicion for his event was because he waved his cooking-spoon when an oversensitive member of the EPF casually mentioned it to him.
  • If he wasn't so absent-minded, then he wouldn't have forgotten to deny the claims pinned to him later on.
  • He tends to be absent from major events, because he's busy cooking at his restaurant, or inventing a particularly evil new recipe.

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