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Doors 8
Part of the Micro Hard and Soft family
Micro Hard and Soft
Release date RTM: April 18, 2013
Retail: October 28, 2013 (info)
Current version 7.2f (October 28, 2013) (info)
Preview version -8 (April 18, 2013) (info)
Source model Closed source / Shared source
License MS-EULA
Kernel type Hybrid
Support status
Mainstream support
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Doors 8 is a variation of the Doors Operating system by Microhard. It is parody of Windows 8 Operating System. It is based on the core of Doors 7,Doors XP like it and is disliked by Doors Vista.


Doors 7 sales decreased rapidly Microhard wanted to start fresh with iceMac starting going up with profit Microhard Made Doors 8 secretly so secretly not even Director Benny or the Time Agency knew about it but on April 18. A employer of Microhard hacked into the EPF Mainframe and hacked into TV signals and made a clip it said

Phase 1: The Software and showed Bill Gate$ talking to penguins and showing a clip of the new software

On April 25 the same happened

Phase 2: Blue $creen of Death$,it showed Bill gate$ and programers saying "All Users are going to get a Blue $creen of Death Hahahahahaha"

On May 4 the same happened

Phase 3: Rise of the money,it shows a computer saying Estimateing cost $578.87 $648.99

On May 14

Phase 4: Installing Doors has never been </strike></span> easier </strike></span> harder than this,it shows gate$ saying it will be super hard hahahahahahaaha

After that, the employer got fired and arrested for hacking.

Surprisingly, Bill Gates was a victim of Phases 2-4.


  • New Apps - New apps perfect for busy penguins
  • High quality graphics - perfect for gaming and development
  • Fast booting speed and program speed - Great for office work and web browsing
  • Internet SpeedBooster - browse with style and no more pausing on PengTube videos!
  • Arrow theme - fast, simple and good-looking, Arrow theme is the number 1 PC theme out there.
  • Doors 7 mode - Old programs don't work? Try our Old Doors mode to get them running again.
  • FlipperScreen support - Many new computers use FlipperScreens, and now Doors 8 supports it. Just tap the screen and off you go!


  • This is parody of Windows 8.
  • Microhard has made a phone with Doors 8.

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