Dorkugal Minor

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Dorkugal Minor was a former colony of Dorkugal and the predecessor to Skua Island. Annexed in 2003, condemned in 2007 and officially abandoned and disowned in 2008, the island was re-founded by skuas in 2008 and renamed Skua Island. The predcessor to the island covered the whole of the island, except a minor portion which was in dispute with the USA and Snowzerland.


Dorkugal Minor was founded in 2002 when one of the Dorkugese Hydro-Hoppers landed on an unknown island. When Dorkugal was founded, the penguins at the unknown island from the Hydro-Hopper called Dorkugal, and immediately the Dorkugese officials and Billy Fence I went to the island. The island was formally annexed by Dorkugal in March 2003.

Dorkugal Minor was located in Skua Strait. The skuas were, of course, not the friendliest but still some of the skuas were friendly enough to guide foreigners around the island. Homes were settled and by the end of 2003, 129 homes were sttled.

In 2005, a small portion of Dorkugal Minor was annexed by the USA. At the same time, the same portion of Dorkugal Minor was annexed by Snowzerland. Set in dispute, the portion was neither owned by USA nor Snowzerland, and the portion was in chaos, the homes there shifted to the inner section of Dorkugal Minor. An unrecognized republic was formed, known as 'Democratic Republic of Dorkugal Minor'.

In 2006, Dorkugal, being a high-tech country, wanted to rid the no-tech colony off. The island was not suited to a technological environment, and thus, the government of Dorkugal had to decide on whether to cross of the island or not. This bid took two years.

In 2007, halfway through the bid, Dorkugal Minor was condemned despite the inhabitats living there. All inhabitats were to be sent to Dorkugal. The process took two years and ended after the bid. The small portion was also officially granted to be an independent republic, but was unrecognized and later annexed by Dorkugal once again.

In 2008, Dorkugal Minor was formally 'abandoned', despite the inhabitants.