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The Dorkugese (Callidus apparatus, Latin for "clever with machinery") are a seperate subspecies of geek penguins who mainly reside in Dorkugal. They are famous for their high-tech technology, beating EmotiVille at its own game.


The Dorkugese have existed for a long time, originally known as "nerd penguins" before Dorkugal was established. They evolved when the first civilizations appeared in Antarctica, when it became necessary to understand science and maths. They were normally hired to keep track of the money that business had but others went on to pursue scientific discoveries. In the days of the Penguin Empire, many nerd penguins got involved in science, and, after the Penguin Empire's collapse, they became some of the few penguins who retained the knowledge that was mostly lost during the dark ages. In medieval times, nerd penguins made many discoveries, and were thought to be using magic by some, even though they attempted to disprove it. By the renaissance, nerd penguins had invented the printing press, which they used to write down their discoveries and patents more easily. During the industrial revolution, the nerd penguins began to get more creative, and one penguin invented a machine that did mathematical calculations. This machine was adapted further, and, in the early 20th century, a group of nerd penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula had invented the first computer. Other nerd penguins would go on to love this new invention, and some even had extensions added to their houses just so they could fit a mainframe in, others, however, thought it would be easier if there was a terminal that you could access the mainframe from. By the 1950s there were only five computers in Antarctica, and this was because of their large size, so nerd penguins began to find ways of making computers smaller, eventually starting the computer companies in Antarctica that we know today. In the 1990s the internet was invented, and some penguins became concerned about a bug that could spread across the internet, so, they decided to get everyone who has a computer, mostly nerd penguins, and put them on a boat with their computers and make it their problem. The nerd penguins found themselves on the island of Dorkugal, and made it their home and were renamed to the Dorkugese.


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  • Almost every Dorkugese penguin is an extremely pale-white color, from lack of real sunlight. The few Dorkugese that are a different color are also extremely pale.
  • For unknown reasons, all but one of the Dorkugese wear medieval style robes, reminiscent of the fourteenth-century Europe. This is extreme oxymoron, since it's an absolute clash of the high-tech lifestyle the nerds live.
    • A recent study suggests that robes may have been chosen as an adaptation from the Jerks... because you can't give a wedgie to someone without pants.
  • Almost every Dorkugese penguin wears some form of eyewear, because the lack of sunlight took a toll on the species' eyesight. Like most stereotypical nerds, the Dorkugese also wear ties and pocket-protectors. Many of them also tape their glasses, considering they get broken... a lot.


  • Few Dorkugese ever exit their home.



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