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Dot the Disguise Gal

Dot in 2012.
Born June 26, 1986 (1986-06-26) (age 33)
Ice Kingdom, Olde Antarctica
(Now Eastshield, USA)
Gender Female
Nationality Antarctican
Occupation EPF Agent
Years active 2007-present
Height 2ft 9

Dot, a.k.a Agent D or full code name Dot The Disguise Gal, is the head EPF Stealth Agent, which makes her in charge of the EPF's stealth program. She is responsible for training every agent about stealth and disguises, and is considered a master of disguise. She is the EPF version of Agent LJM, who was the disguise expert of the PSA. She is polite, kind and is friends with most agents.

Though she is a Southern Kanta Penguin, Dot was born in the Ice Kingdom, in what was to become the Southern Rockhopper Penguin colony, and is now eastern Eastshield.


Early Life[edit]

Dot was born in 1986, in what would be the Southern Rockhopper Colony, despite being a Southern Kanta Penguin. One day, at the local school, a Jerk wanted to beat her up at noon, so she disguised herself so no one would recognize her. She later switched her blue T-Shirt with a red one, wore a wig (which is so, so crazy) which is yellow unlike her usual hairstyle which is blonde. She also wore Dorkugese glasses, a checkered skirt and blue sandals to replace her blue skirt and red slippers.

When she passed by the bully, the bully asked her:

"Have you seen Dot?"

"No, I did not."

"Well... have you seen anything that belongs to Dot?"

"Not at all!"

"Who are you, anyway?"

"I am Jenny. I transferred from the Penguin Academy"

"Oh. See you around."

When class started, she switched to her current outfit. Thankfully, the bully wasn't in the same class! The next day, the bully came to look around for Dot. However, Dot complained to the teacher and the bully was scolded. That was the start of her career.

Elite Penguin Force[edit]

In 2008, during the early formation of the Elite Penguin Force, Dot was recruited to the agency due to her disguising skills. She moved to Club Penguin Island soon after, and became friends with Gary, Jet Pack Guy, PH, Rookie and The Director.

In 2009, Dot was assigned as the EPF's head of stealth operations, which at the time mostly comprised teaching agents about disguises. Once the EPF started expanding in 2011, Dot was assigned as the head of the agency's Stealth Class of agents. Not only does she have to teac all agents the basics of disguising, but she also sees to the training of all agents that join the EPF's Stealth Class.

Dot was kidnapped in 2012 as part of Operation: Blackout.

She has had a number of agents become her personal proteges, including Zang and Isai, though they both have a huge crush on her which makes her feel "creeped out".


Dot is the EPF's "Master of Disguise", who is head of the EPF's Stealth Class of agents. She is also responsible for teaching every agent the basics of disguising. When it comes to training the stealth class, she usually has other skilled agents teach for her (such as Agent LJM).


It turns out that Dot has a lot of friends and enemies.



Penguins that have a crush on Dot.



  • Dot has a long lost sister named "Maddy".
  • She was cast victim to leaks about her identity in Herbert's Sexy Newspaper's first issue.
  • Agent LJM is a great help to Dot, teaching new EPF recruits. In fact, she's second in command to Dot in the EPF's Stealth program.
  • She is afraid of ugly sweaters.


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