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Title DotA
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Antarticans
Health 100
Level Unknown
Status Reading, Tinkering, etc.
Location G's Lab, Her condo, the mall, etc.
Occupation Spying, Reading, Tinkering
Height 2'4
Eye color blue
Feather color Yellow
Hair color Strawberry Blonde
Catchphrase "Tell me about it...."
Interests Tinkering
Allergies None.
Favourite color Pink, Navy blue and lilac
Fears Being kidnapped, the dark
Friends G, T.D., Aunt Arctic, Willie Watt
Enemies Becky Nivaj
Archetype Good

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DotA, otherwise known by her full name DotA Livingston is a beautiful, humble, bashful young female penguin who enjoys spending time helping Gary invent things for the Antarctican public, alongside countless other aides and friends.. Living in an igloo in the residential servers, the nineteen-year old enjoys reading and knitting sweaters. She is apparently known for her beauty, to the extent that some penguins quote her to be more beautiful than Maddieworld, but she's too humble to giver herself any credit.

Dota's journal.



Dota hatched old-style on a pleasant Sunday afternoon in September to two young loving parents who taught her everything they could from the start, from how to talk to three digit multiplication. When she entered preschool, she didn't fit in all that well. The other children enjoyed coloring and playing with toys, but DotA enjoyed doing math and science in a large copybook. When she tried playing with teddy bears, she found it quite pleasant to hug them. Later in childhood, DotA had been transferred to five schools, because the principal said she was too smart for them. When she later found the perfect school, she stayed there for a few grades.


Later in life, DotA was enrolled into one of the best highschools in Antartica, South Pole City HighSchool, and impressivelly modern school with many classes to choose from. She enjoyed Science, Advanced Mathematics, Art, and Swimming, which disappointed her father, as he was the choir teacher. Near the prom, many boys asked her out, but she said no. On the night, DotA went with a group of friends to the prom and they stuck together. Later, she got enrolled to a wonderful college which ended her smooth sailing road of education.


DotA is now one of Gary's friends and enjoys his company. She helps out in his Sports Shop from time to time. She works in the PSA as a spy, and enjoys it very much. She later adopted T.D., and they get along quite well, despite the puffle being a demon puffle. She now has a condo in Bakunyumoria and has befriended Kai Hills, unknowing he has a large crush on her.


DotA is part of the PSA and enjoys her job very much. She likes her coffee breaks with Gary, and she sometimes writes in her journal.







  • It is rumored she has a crush on G. This is comfirmed not true, although she has kissed G on the cheek, and once on the beak, due to celebration, friendships, etc.
  • She has a pink journal.
  • She is extremely hard on herself and has low self-esteem.
  • She says the capital A in her name is due to a birth cirtificate error.
  • DotA cries very easily.
  • She is interested in astronomy, travelling to new planets and colonizing.
  • She says "she has an awful memory".
  • She enjoys hugging other penguins.
  • She has a family.
  • She adopted a puffle.
  • She is one of the only penguins who has freckles, eyelashes, and real hair all at once.
  • Her sensitivity was probably caused due to her mother's strict parenting.
  • She says she would enjoy a boyfriend and have kids, but she says she just isnt ready yet.
  • She has a personality similar to Yowane Haku and Fluttershy.
  • Whenever sometime Becky Nivaj says something bad to her, she whimpers.
  • She has an X-Antibody
  • She has once lost her journal but Kai returned it to her and they blushed as he gave it back to her.


  • "Please don't yell at me, I have a tendancy to cry if you do..."
  • "I'm really sorry, I promise..."
  • "D' didnt need to do that....*blushing*"
  • "Am I really....?"
  • "Oh, puffling! I forgot my journal...*smacks self on forehead*"
  • "But..y'know, whatever you want to do is fine..."
  • "Oh, I wouldn't mind having a husband and kids, but I'm only 19..." (Note: She said that when she was 19)
  • "(When Kai accidentally says that he had a crush on her a little bit), "What?"
  • "Uh Kai, I hate if this sounds awkward to you but do you have a crush on me? I wouldn't mind, really."
  • "Hey is that my journal?"
  • (When Becky says something mean to her), "O-ok, then... *whimpers*."
  • "Awwww how cute, Kai has sent me this adorable e-mail!"
  • "Hey Kai, wanna be my biology partner?"
  • "Oh no, where is my journal?"
  • "Awww Kai, do you really need do to that for me? *blushes*"
  • "Aw c'mon Kai, you're not a computer geek, you're nice and a great friend."
  • (When Becky asks if this is her journal), "Journal? What journal? It's just a book to write in."
  • "Please stop it!"
  • "Sure Kai, you can have my phone number."
  • (When Kai tries to ask her out in Kai's fantasy), "Sure, I love to! *blushes*"

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