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His Majesty Dps the First
Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island
Dps01 coronation.png
Dps the First (1913-1951) in his coronation portrait. Photograph taken on 1 August 1951.
Reign 31 July 1951 - 24 December 1951
Coronation 1 August 1951
Full name Alexander John Moon
Born 3 March 1913
Birthplace Khanzem flag.png Fanon City, Khanzem [1]
(Now Fanon City, Freezeland)
Died 24 December 1951 (aged 38)
Place of death Moon Island Flag.png Kingdom City,
Kingdom of Moon Island
(Now Moon Island City, Moon Island)
Predecessor Dps the Great
Successor Dps the Second
Consort Empress Anne I
(m. 1935, 1915 - 1989)
Offspring Princess Joanne (b. 1940)
Dps the Third (1949 - 2005)
Father Dps the Great (1880 - 1951)
Mother Empress Moon (1887 - 1966)

Alexander John Moon, better known as Dps the First (3 March 1913 - 24 December 1951) was the Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island from 31 July 1951 until his sudden, unexpected death on 24 December 1951 at the age of 38. He reigned for less than 5 months, and was the shortest-reigning emperor in the history of the Kingdom. He was also the only Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island who has never been Chancellor of the Moon Island Institute of Education.

Early Life[edit]

Alexander John Moon was hatched in Fanon City during Khanzem dictatorship reign on 3 March 1913.[1] His father is Dps the Great (1880 - 1951), and his mother is Empress Moon (1887 - 1966). To escape from massacres and harsh regulations imposed by the Khanzem regime, his parents took Alexanader with them and secretly sneaked away from the land at a particular night in late 1913. They successfully escaped to an island (later known as Moon Island) by 1914 and settled there.

After his father's ascension to the Moon Island throne, he was named as the successor of the throne since 1915. Since there was a lack of schools in Moon Island, Alexander and his mother Empress Moon was sent by Dps the Great to study at an elementary school in Fanon City at the age of 6 is 1919, after the Khanzem regime was toppled and the Snowman Empire was set up. Her mother gave birth to his younger brother, Dps the Second (1920-) in the city. Alexander studied in Fanon City until in 1933, when he, at the age of 20, was asked by his father to come back to Moon Island to help him with political affairs.

Back to Moon Island[edit]

After receiving much education in Fanon City, Alexander, the sole legitimate successor to the throne, came back to Moon Island. His arrival was generally welcomed by most Moon Island Citizens, and scenes of jubilation and celebration were common.

From 1933 onwards, Alexander helped his father in a lot of social and political affairs, including policies made benefiting the Moon Island citizens. As such, he gradually gained trust by his father. In 1935, he married Princess Anne (1915 - 1989). It was believed that since the 1940s, when Dps the Great was in poor health conditions, he acted as the decision-maker for his father and the de facto monarch.

Ascension to Moon Island Throne[edit]

Dps the Great died on 31 July 1951, and news of his death were reported on 1 August 1951. On the same day, Alexander was crowned emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island, where Princess Anne became Empress Anne (later Empress Anne I). After ascending to the throne, he announced his plans to establish foreign relations with nearby regions, and a visit to nearby nations in the near future.

Sudden Death[edit]

However, only 4 months after these plans were released, Dps the First was found dead on the morning of 24 December 1915 in his bedroom in the Royal Palace, at the age of 38. According to official records, Dps the First died of a sudden, fatal heart stroke. Nevertheless, there were many rumors and speculations about the cause of his death. One of the most popular conspiracy theories was that Dps the First was assassinated by a member of the royal family, probably Dps the Second. However, there has been no proof of the Emperor himself being murdered, so up till present, the exact circumstances that lead to Dps Death has not been drawn to a clear conclusion.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 The birthplace of Dps the First is traditionally given as Fanon City under the Khanzem Regime. However, during the early days of the Khanzem War, several historical records pointed out that the Khanzem regime had failed to maintain effective control on certain parts of Antarctica, notably areas nearly the Antarctic Peninsula. It is thus possible that, at the time of Dps the First's birth, the Grand Ol' Land maintained tenuous control over Fanon City.
Preceded by
Profile dps the great.png
Dps the Great
The Position of
Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island,

as held by Dps the First

31 July 1951 - 24 December 1951

Succeeded by
Dps the second2.png
Dps the Second