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Sir Dps04

Dps04 in 2012

In office
23 August 2012 – 10 February 2015
Governor Tom Saworton
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Djf1107

4th Governor of Southern Shops
In office
1st February 2013 – 19th October 2013
President Mario Arkay
Preceded by Penquino
Succeeded by Penquino

1st Mayor of Moon Island City
In office
5th May 2012 – 19th May 2012
Governor Himself
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Tom Saworton

Born January 31, 1981 (1981-01-31) (age 38)
Moon Island Flag.png Kingdom City,
Kingdom of Moon Island
(Now Moon Island City)
Citizenship Shopper, Moon Islander
Political party United Moon Island (2027-)
Spouse(s) Queen Miss Dps II
Children Dps the Fifth

Sir Dps04 (hatched 31 January 1981 on Moon Island as Dps the Fourth) is a penguin currently residing in Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island. As a member of the Dps Family, he is the former mayor of Dancing Penguin City and thus the former de facto head of state of Moon Island (the de jure head of state is Lavender). He additionally served as the Governor of Southern Shops for part of 2013.


Early Life[edit]

Dps the Fourth is hatched on 31 January 1981 on Kingdom City, Moon Island. His father is Dps the Third (1949 - 2005), who was killed in Rockhopper's colonization of Moon Island.

Governor of Moon Island (2009 - 2012)[edit]

In December 2009, to meet with independent demands about democracy and freedom within the Island, the Rockhopper government made a concession, and instead of appointing members from the royal family, Dps the Fourth was appointed as the Governor of Moon Island. He served on this post for two and a half years until the independence of Moon Island from Rockhopper administration.

Mayor of Moon Island City and Dancing Penguin City (2012 - 2015)[edit]

After the independence of Moon Island from Rockhopper administration, Dps04 is first elected as the mayor of Moon Island City, the largest city and by default, the capital of Moon Island back then. Following the moving of the capital from west to Dancing Penguin City, he was also elected as the mayor there up till present. As for the post of the mayor of Moon Island City, it was briefly taken up by Rockhopperfan for a few months, then it was governed by Djf1107 up till 2015.

As the mayor of the present day capital, Dancing Penguin City, Dps04 also served as the de facto head of state of Moon Island. The title Governor of Moon Island is reserved for the leader of Shops Island (currently Lavender).

Governor of Southern Shops (2013)[edit]

On February 1, 2013, Dps04 was also appointed as the Governor of Southern Shops. Later that year, he resigned from this position to let Penquino manage the state.

Retirement (2015 - present)[edit]

In early 2015, Dps04 resigned from his position as Mayor of Moon Island City and de facto head of Moon Island, leaving Djf1107 to inherit the position, which he will be in until 2026. In his retirement, Dps04 has focused on his family and only had minor involvement in Moon Islander and Shopper politics.