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His Majesty Dps the Great
Patriarch of the Dps Family
Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island
Founder and 1st Chancellor of the Moon Island Institute of Education
Profile dps the great.png
A drawing of Dps the Great on some mythical creature.
Reign 1 January 1915 - 31 July 1951
(36 years)
Coronation 1 January 1915
Full name Dancing Penguin Successor I
Born 31 January 1880
Birthplace Confederacyflag.png Fanon City,
High Penguin Confederacy
(Now Fanon City, Freezeland)
Died 31 July 1951 (aged 71)
Place of death Moon Island Flag.png Kingdom City,
Kingdom of Moon Island
(Now Moon Island City, Moon Island)
Successor Dps the First
Consort Empress Moon
(m. 1911, 1887 - 1966)
Offspring Dps the First (1913 - 1951)
Princess Hope (1915 - 1980)
Princess Joyce (1916 - 2001)
Dps the Second (1920 - )
Princess Doyle (1924 - 2015)
Prince John I (1927 - 2010)
Father Dancing Penguin (? - 1929)
Mother Unnamed

Dancing Penguin Successor I, better known as Dps the Great ( 31 January 1880 -- 31 July 1951 ), was the first monarch of the Kingdom of Moon Island, reigning from 1915 until his death 36 years later, in 1951. He is the patriarch of the Dps Family (which is the most well-known family in Moon Island), and the great-grandfather of Dps04.

Early Life[edit]

Hatched on 31 January 1880 in Fanon City, Dancing Penguin Successor I was the only known chick of Dancing Penguin (not the singer Dancing Penguin) and his wife, whose name is unknown. According to official records, Dancing Penguin Successor I had a very bad fever at the age of 3 to 4, but luckily survived the disease. At the age of 6, He briefly attended elementary school. Owing to poor grades, he quitted school and started focus training on his talent - horse riding in 1895, at the age 15. He spent his entire childhood in Fanon City under the Confederacy, a city where he had lived until the 1910s.

Marriage and Emigration[edit]

Whilst at elementary school, Dancing Penguin Successor I met a few friends, one of them being Alice Moon (the younger sister of his classmate Mary Moon), who after 30 years, would become the Empress Moon. Dps married Moon in 1911 at the age of 31, and the wedding took place near Fanon City.

Since 1910s, the political situation in the Confederacy became increasing unstable. Social unrest and violent crashes were not uncommon. In 1913 the couple hatched their first son, Dps the First, a few months after the establishment of the authoritarian Khanzem regime and the overthrow of the Confederacy. To escape from massacres and harsh regulations imposed by the regime, the couple together with their son secretly sneaked away from the land which they lived for over 25 years at a particular night in late 1913. Unfortunately, they were spotted by an officer of the regime, who arrested them and attempted to send them back to the mainland on a huge boat. Desperately, the couple fought for control of the ship, and they succeeded after throwing all of the officers overboard. Dps navigated the boat far away from Khanzem, hoping that one day they could find land and settle there.

Discovery of Moon Island[edit]

After sailing on the ship for a few months, by early 1914, Dps found an island which he called Moon Island, and settled there. There were many friendly indigenous penguins living on the Island whom Dps made friends with. At that time, Moon Island was also occupied by a group of Barbarians known as The Tribal Penguins. Their cruel and uncivilized acts damaged the quality of life of Dps and the indigenous penguins. They spent a hard time escaping from the Tribal Penguins' assault, and to survive.

The Moon Island Revolt[edit]

In late 1914, Dps decided that he could no longer tolerate the Tribal Penguins, and thought of a plan to annihilate them for the good of the penguins. he drafted a plan and gathered crowds to support his movement. Being bullied by the tribal penguins for a long time, a large crowd supported Dps, whom Dps supplied them with weapons like swords and guns. Dps lead a revolt against the Tribal Penguins in November 1914, known as the November 1914 Moon Island Revolt to penguins. They attacked the Tribal Penguins, and successfully annihilate or chase away the Tribal Penguins by the end of December 1914.

Establishment of the Kingdom and Ascension to the Throne[edit]

The revolt was largely successful, and since then Dps became a popular figure among-st the Island. Owing to his huge support, Dps proclaimed the establishment of the Kingdom of Moon Island on January 1, 1915, with him ascending to the throne and the first Emperor of the newly established Kingdom, and was supported by the majority of the population at that time. He officially became Emperor of the Kingdom on the same day, and called himself Dps the Great. He also named his eldest son Dps the First (aged 2 at that time) as the "sole legitimate heir apparent of his Kingdom".

In March 1915, Dps the Great proclaimed Kingdom City (now Moon Island City) on the Western Coast of the Island to be the kingdom's royal capital, and the construction of the Monarchy Palace in the city to honour himself. Official records indicate that up to thousands of the population are forced to do labour work in the city, which may be up to half of the population of the Island at that time. This caused discontent within the penguins in Moon Island, with some penguins planning to turn against him or even start a rebellion. In response, Dps the Great adopted a High-handed policy. He announced that whoever desired to topple his regime would be labelled as the "descendants of the Tribal Penguins" and would be dealt with. This resulted in various members of the opposition being arrested, some even killed.

The Adoption of high-handed policy successfully consolidated Dps the Great's rule over Moon Island, with several coups directed against him being unsuccessful and Dps the Great continued to rule over the Island. In 1920, he and Empress Moon hatched their second son, Dps the Second while on holiday in Antarctica during the Snowman Empire. During his rule over Moon Island, opposition voices were suppressed and Dps the Great himself ruled with an iron fist. Due to this, he insisted on self-supply for the Island, and refused to learn from other governments. As a result, when a famine stroke the Island in 1932, many Moon Islanders died of starvation, with reports of "penguins eating penguins" incidents. Despite this, Dps the Great still enjoyed a luxurious life in the palace built for him, and all plans of revolts were discovered and suppressed by him.

Towards the later years of Dps' rule, he started to recognize his problems and began rectify them. In his silver jubilee celebration of his ascension to the Throne in 1940, he was quoted saying: "Many fellow Moon Islanders suffered in the past years, and I am, in no doubt, responsible for that." He allowed a higher extent of freedom to Moon Island citizens, and in 1945, he started limited trading with nearby nations. This encouraged the socio-economical development of the state, and benefited penguins' lifes. Compared to his early rule, citizens generally have a better quality of life and social status since then.


In 1950, Dps the Great, having ruled the country for a massive 35 years, was reported to be having health problems, with at least one report stating him to be in a state of a coma. Nevertheless, the Royal family denied such reports until in February 1951, when they confirmed that the Emperor has had cancer since December 1950. The Emperor's last public appearance was in March 1, 1951, when he visited the inner part of Kingdom City.


Dps the Great died in his sleep on 31 July 1951, with his sons, Dps the First and Dps the Second beside him. He was 71 years old when he died.

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Position Created
The Position of
Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island,

as held by Dps the Great

1 January 1915 - 31 July 1951

Succeeded by
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Dps the First