Dps the Second

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His Majesty Dps the Second
Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island
Chancellor of the Moon Island Institute of Education
Dps the second2.png
Dps the Second (1920-) sitting on his Royal Throne. Photograph taken in September 1991.
Reign 24 December 1951 - 8 August 1999 (47 years)
Coronation 25 December 1951
Full name Julius Jacob Moon
Born 6 June 1920 (aged 99)
Birthplace Flag of Snowme.png Fanon City, Snowman Empire
(Now Fanon City, Freezeland)
Predecessor Dps the First
Successor Dps the Third
Consort Empress Liza
(m. 1945, 1918 - 2012)
Royal House House of Dps
Father Dps the Great (1880 - 1951)
Mother Empress Moon (1887 - 1966)

Julius Jacob Moon, better known as Dps the Second (hatched on 6 June 1920 in Fanon City) was the Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island from 24 December 1951 until his overthrow on 8 August 1999 by his nephew Dps the Third. He reigned for almost 48 years, and was the longest-reigning emperor in the Kingdom of Moon Island.

Dps the Second's reign witnessed the modernization and rapid advances in trading revenues with neighbouring countries. Since 1997, Moon Island has surpassed the GDP of all neighbouring regions in its close proximity. Because of this, Dps the Second is often referred by Moon Islanders as the The Founder of Modern Moon Island (Typhoonish: FaDa de Mŏn Eland, Chinese:彎月島之父).

At the age of 99, he is the oldest ever member of the Dps Family. After the death of his younger sister Princess Doyle in 2015, he became the last surviving offspring of Dps the Great.

Early Life[edit]

Dps the Second was hatched as Julius Jacob Moon in Fanon City, in the early days of the Snowman Empire. His father is Dps the Great (1880 - 1951), and his mother is Empress Moon (1887 - 1966). Educated in Freezeland, he graduated from high school in 1939, and furthered his studies in the USA, obtaining an Bachelor's degree in political science (Second Honours) from the Beacon University in 1943. The same year, he returned to Moon Island, and resided in the suburbs of Kingdom City. Julius was created a Prince of Moon Island in 1944, and was since then (and before his ascension to the Throne) known as Prince Julius.

Unlike his brother Dps the First, who was active in politics, initially he kept a low profile and worked as an assistant teacher at the then newly-founded Wizzint University, where he met his future wife, Liza. He married her in 1945. He obtained a Masters of Education degree from the Moon Island Institute of Education in 1948, and was appointed by his father as a permanent member of the university's administration in 1949.

Ascension to Moon Island Throne[edit]

After his father's death in July 1951, his elder brother, Alexander, ascended to the Moon Island throne as Dps the First. Julius was called by his brother to assist him with political affairs. Widely recognized as the brains behind his brother's administration, he rapidly accumulated popularity and built up his reputation amongst Moon Islanders. Therefore, after Dps the First unexpected death 4 months into his reign, Julius was able to amass support for his ascension to the Throne. Although Dps the First's son, Philip, should have the priority in succession by virtue of primogeniture, Julius argued the then 2-year-old Philip was too young to reign. Public opinion at that time indicated a majority of Moon Islanders supported Julius' succession, and few at that time questioned the circumstances leading to Dps the First's death (although some scholars nowadays suspect foul play might be involved). As such, with little opposition, Julius succeeded as the Emperor of Moon Island, reigning as Dps the Second.



Later life[edit]