Dps the Third

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His Majesty Dps the Third
Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island
Dps the Third (1949-2005) speaking as Chancellor of the MIE at the 83th graduation ceremony, 2001
Reign 8 August 1999 - 11 October 2005 (6 years)
Coronation 1 January 2000
Full name Philip Charlie Moon
Born 14 April 1949
Birthplace Moon Island Flag.png Kingdom City,
Kingdom of Moon Island
(Now Moon Island City)
Died November 6 2005 (aged 56)
Place of death Quaxion Island, Moon Island, Colony of Rockhopper Empire
(Now near Quaxion, Quaxion Island)
Predecessor Dps the Second
Successor Rockhopper
as the acting Governor of Moon Island
Consort Queen Miss Dps I
(m. 1980, 1950 -)
Father Dps the First (1913 - 1951)
Mother Empress Anne I (1915 - 1989)

Philip Charlie Moon, better known as Dps the Third (14 April 1949 - November 6 2005) was a Moon Island-born penguin who was the Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island from 1999 until the abolish of the monarchy in 2005, and is the father of the de facto governor of Moon Island Dps04. As the eldest son of former emperor Dps the First, he was the heir apparent of his father when he acceded to the throne in 1951, and thus should have succeeded his father after his death in 1951. However, his uncle Dps the Second took his father's place and became emperor after he asserted that the then 2-year-old Dps the Third was too young and ineligible to rule. After 48 years of rule under Dps the Second, Dps the Third finally launched a successful bloodless palace coup against his uncle and sent him into exile. He remained in this position until the monarchy was toppled by the Rockhopper Empire in 2005. He then secretly led a group of soldiers to plot an assassination attempt against Rockhopper, in a desperate attempt to terminate Rockhopper's occupation of the island and to restore monarchy eventually. However, his assassination attempt failed and he was arrested by the Rockhopper government. He died approximately a month later while in custody in Quaxion Island.

10 years after his death, Dps the Third remains a controversial figure in Moon Island. His supporters point to Dps' achievements in enhancing trade and economic development in Moon Island over his 6-year rule over the island, and praised his role in resisting Rockhopper Empire's hegemonism, whilst his critics denounce the coup d'état launched by him against his uncle as barbaric and unconstitutional.

Early life[edit]

Philip Charlie Moon was hatched in Kingdom City (now Moon Island City) on 14 April 1949. He was the eldest son, and the second eldest offspring of Dps the First after his elder sister Princess Joanne, who was born in 1940. Therefore, he is a paternal grandson of Dps the Great, patriarch of the Dps Family. He married Queen Miss Dps I in 1980. Before launching the coup against reigning monarch Dps the Second, Philip served in numerous positions of the government, such as ambassador to Zhou from 1989 to 1996, and the assistant head of the Moon Island Royal Army from 1996 to 1999 etc.