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Atlas Aye-Que

The evil scientist Aye-Que
Born October 2, 1954 (age 53)
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Puffle
Other names Ropuffnik, Ol' Puff Man, The Mustached Dude (what Cyber Tails calls him)
Occupation Trying to take over Antarctica
Home town Club Penguin
Height ???
Weight ???
Known for Being a genius.
Title Most brilliant puffle ever
Children Doctor Wreath Aye-Que (nephew)

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Dr. Aye-Que (pronounced IQ) is an evil puffle scientist, and ruthless dictator of the Ayetropolis District. He's an expert at machinery and his IQ is incredible (possibly being the smartest creature in Antarctica). He's bent on taking over Antarctica, but is always stopped by Tails6000. He's extremely proud of his mustache and was even won an award for "Best Mustache" (despite being a villain). He often hatches many schemes to take over Antarctica, but they always fail (for instance Tails6000 and the Ray of Youth).


How he became evil[edit]

Doctor Aye-Que as a kid

Aye-Que was born on what is now Club Penguin sometime during the fifties. All the doctors were shocked at his appearance, which many deem downright creepy to this day. Unlike most puffles, who had nice friendly looking smiles (with some exceptions), Aye-Que had incredibly sharp teeth that made him to look evil every time he smiled. The doctors simply called it a birth defect, but these days Aye-Que simply claims he's simply a more evolved than other puffles. He had three sisters, and a brother whom he despised. His mother would all ways say that she liked all her children the same, but Aye-Que knew that she liked Rodger the best. He was always teased by his other siblings about being interested in technology.

As he grew older, Aye-Que started to dislike his family even more. They despised his aggressive attitude and kept telling him that he should be more like his perfect well-behaved brother. Eventually Aye-Que couldn't take it anymore and he left home. Eventually he reached the coast and boarded a boat that was heading for Freezeland. For a few years he was owned by two penguins who didn't care about him much. They wouldn't let him swim in public pools, they made him be a Lawn Gnome for about a year, and eventually they got a new Puffle and kicked him out.

Years later Aye-Que's scientific genius was finally recognized. He became a scientist who's job was to develop weapons for the upcoming rebellion against the king. Eventually he was given an apprentice who was a yellow penguin who seemed to be in his late twenties. The penguins named was Julian6000 and he soon learned a lot from his mentor. The two soon became good friends. Soon they began development of several robots, one of which eventually became the villainous Metal Explorer (look at that article for info on how he became evil). After Metal was imprisoned for giving Julian several fatal wounds, Aye-Que was surprised at how he felt. He expected to feal sorry for his friend, but instead he felt a bit proud. He felt proud that he was able to create a machine that nearly wiped out the enemy base. He then began to think about how if he were to create more weapons like that, he could be the leader of the new country that was to be made. Eventually he decided that he should keep his ambitions a secret for awhile, and simply continue to work under the orders of his superiors. A few years later the war had ended, and Aye-Que began the first step of his plan to take over Antarctica. He claimed a bit of land for himself and created a small state in the USA. He named it Ayetropolis, and it was there that he began to gain popularity. He started to manufacture many electronics in his city and sold them to penguins throughout Antarctica. He gained a seat at the South Pole Council and soon became a very recognizable figure. Little did the citizens know that he was secretly planning the takeover of Antarctica.

Starting his army and gaining a nemesis[edit]

While on the outside Aye-Que may have looked like a nice guy, he was secretly plotting a plan that would allow him to takeover Antarctica. Using some ancient manuscripts that he'd found, he discovered more information on the gem that him and Julian had used to create their robots. As it turned out, there were seven of these gems, and they were call Destruction Gems. Supposedly if you were to collect all seven, you would gain unlimited strength. Aye-Que was very intrigued at this idea, and decided that he would do anything to get his hands on them. It was then that he began the next part of his plan. Aye-Que built various android penguins that he could easily control that would go around to make deals with various criminal organizations. The reason he didn't do this in person is because he didn't want his identity as a criminal to somehow leak out to the public. Soon he had the Neo-Naughtzees, the Walrus Crime Ring, the Jock Brothers, and even the Underground PWN Mafia working for him without even knowing it. Using his various androids, he ordered them to search for the Destruction Gems and in return they would be payed a great sum of money (50,000 per gem to be exact). This offer caught the attention of many criminals, and they quickly went to search for these gems.

The UPM leader Bugzy was the first to find one of the gems. It was located at the house of Uncle Chuckdechuck, who was the older brother of Julian6000. The mafia leader sent several of his Waddle Gs to retrieve the gem, and they were soon able to over power the old penguin and take the gem. They began to cheer for themselves, but they didn't know they had just made the biggest mistake of their life. Tails6000, the nephew of Chuckdechuck and the son of Julian6000, had just arrived home after doing some shopping for his uncle. He was horrified to see what had happened to his uncle, and quickly ran over to him to see if he was alright. He then saw the Waddle Gs dancing around with his uncle's gem and this enraged him. Tails then dashed straight towards the gangstas and began taking them out one by one. They attempted to shoot at him, but his speed was even faster than their bullets.

Going super[edit]

During an intense battle with Super Tails6000, his battle robot had broken down and in a desperate attempt to survive he managed to drain a bit of Super Tails energy using an energy draining device. Aye-Que then used that energy to go super, and his super form looked more silly than anything. His mustache stuck straight up and kept blocking his eyes. Because of this, Tails6000 quickly beat him.


In the future, after Doctor Aye-Que dies, his nephew, Doctor Wreath Aye-Que, will take over the "Aye-Que Empire".


He is more evil than his owner and makes better inventions. Penguins constantly have to fight or run away from his inventions.

He despises Tails6000 with a passion, and has recently dedicated all of his time to bothering him and Angel Island. His robots and mechanisms work very well against him. However, his favorite weapon of choice is STILL his good old Wrench 3000. He can throw it and it always comes back. It also has a built in laser, and can tighten or loosen even the most rusted of bolts. As his prized possession, this puffle could not imagine life without it.


Aye-Que is quite possibly the most intelligent creature in all of Antarctica. His mechanics skilled are unrivaled, and it's often said he could do a lot to help the world if he wasn't evil. He also seems to have a better understanding of the Destruction Gems than others. His years in the war during Colonial Antarctica has also made him an excellent strategist, as shown during his first battle with Tails6000 in which he nearly blasted the penguin out into space by having him chase a hologram. While he lacks any sort of physical strength or fighting skill, his battle mechs can put him on par with many of the most powerful fighters in Antarctica.

This next skill could very well be just luck, but Aye-Que also seems to have the tendency to survive things that would kill many other puffles (his mechs blowing up with him inside, being punched right in the face by Super Tails6000).


As said above, Aye-Que lacks any fighting skill of his own and has to hide behind his robots, or use one of his many battle mechs in a battle. He's also quite childish at times, and often looses it when things don't go as planned.


(while battling Tails with one of his machines)

Tails6000: Cough, cough.

Aye-Que: Well Tails, it appears this time you loose.

(Aye-Que points a laser gun at Tails)

Aye-Que: Now I'll give you one last chance Tails. Hand over the Destruction Gems.

Tails6000: I'll never give them to you round-belly.

Aye-Que: Fine then. As they say at Burger Khan, have it your way. Or was it you know you want it? Well whatever.

(Laser gun loads up)

Aye-Que: Mwa ha ha ha ha, huh?

(Screen starts beeping, and then says Doors Loading Error)

Aye-Que: WHAT?!?!!?

(Aye Que looks out the window to see Tails destroying his machine)

Tails6000: See ya Aye-Que.

(Tails runs off, leaving Aye-Que in the broken machine)

Aye-Que:Grrrrrrrr, I HATE THAT PENGUIN!!!!

(after successfully grabbing one of the Destruction Gems)

Aye-Que: Tails fell for it! This gem is ours! I'll have to give myself a Promotttiiiiion.

(music starts playing)


(Smash and Pounder fall out from behind a hole in the wall and the music stops playing)


(After successfully capturing tails and tieing him to a chair)

Aye-Que:Muahahaha I finally got wher I want you Tails

Tails:I'm not telling you anything aye-que

Aye-Que:h goodie go straight on to the laser setting, oh after this part *turns up volume of song*

Aye-Que:Gonna blast Tails with laser, then he'd be gone, then I can do my evil stuff. Come on tails feel my funky rythems

(Robots play instruments)

Aye-Que:Ready for my robot Tails? *does the puffle robot dance, he then starts hopping on his head* GET A LOAD OF THIS!

(Song is over)

(Tails is seen passed out)

Robot:He fainted

(Aye-Que then grins)

puffinator: everyon, dr. aye-que is coming back, everybody prepare for his arrival *he crashes through the hangar accidentally freeing an animal from his robot)

Aye-Que: AW WHAT NO!!!!

puffinator: sir, how was your mission with the master gem

(Aye-Que replies with a groan)

Puffinator: you mean you le the hedgehog get away AGAIN!

Aye-Que: no, I let him win this time, it's all part of our master plan

Puffinator: ah, I see...I don't know how much lionger our back-up power is going to last

(A moto-puff is on a treadmill zooming looking at a picture of another motopuff he speeds up)

Aye-Que: we'll get the master time

Aye-Que Robo:'s ready!

Aye-Que: excelent, now to show you my latest invention

(it takes him and the ouffinator to a weird pole)

Puffinator: what is it?

Aye-Que: it's a way of getting around the station more effectively, *scoots onto the pad/ first you step here then you-

(gets launched in yellow rings in a path*

Aye-Que: *screaming*

Robot: *destroyed by aye-que screams comically*

Aye-Que: *screaming, he then falls faceflat upon ground*

Aye-Que: *in a drill tank of sorts fighting tails* now I will beat you once and for all *starts driving*

Tails: -_-' *starts jumping around*

'Aye-Que: hey! stand still I can;t get you jumping around like that *tails jumps towards aye-que* AHHH!!!!

(at ayetropolis)

Aye-Que: *pulling feathers out of his head*

Robot: well? I told you that was a stupid idea

Aye-Que: bah thats the past, check out my new invention *presses a button and it shows the chemical pouring machine I call it the....the...I got no name for it but it's an ingenious piece of equipment

Robot: probably doesnlt do a whole lot

Aye-Que:Oh Yeah? it's meant to pick up toxins from the chemical plant and drop it on tails

Robot:Oh thats a great idea...That piece of junk is slower than your last invention

Aye-Que: quiet, I heard enough out of you *in the machine* now I'm gonna finish that penguin once and for all

Robot: you can barely fit in that thing

Aye-Que: quiet....all I need is the butter...GET ME THE BUTTER!


  • T.O.D.D
  • Wrench 3000
  • Building Breaker 8000
  • Legs 2000
  • Snow Launcher 3000
  • Auto Arms 3000
  • Speedroids
  • Aye Pawns
  • Mechacizer
  • Metal Explorer
  • Cyber Tails (A clone of Tails6000 with a cybernetic arm, a cybernetic eye, and jet shoes)
  • Robo-monster (robo-mobile with monster truck wheels)
    File:Jay 001.jpg
    His robo monster


  • He's a parody of Dr. Eggman.
  • Very few people have ever seen Aye-Que's eyes, as they're always covered by his glasses. There are rumors that he keeps them covered because they're in a fixed "puppy dog eyes" position that would cause anyone to imediatley give him a hug (even Tails). This wouldn't be good for his villainous reputation.
  • Tails Underground wrote a song about him called The Real Aye-Que.
  • He hates that Manny Peng attempted to steal his Auto Arms. So now he has 800 robot guards around his castle.
  • He's also made his own video.
  • He is the one who actually made Metal Max1537.
  • His commentator is Nev.
  • Doctor Aye-Que is not always evil. For Example.
  • His wrench 3000 is like the Omniwrench 3000 in the Ratchet and Clank series
  • Tails has come up for a name just to tease him dubbed "ropuffnik"

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