Dr. Blowhole

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Doctor Blowhole.

Born Alastor Gregory "Doctor" Blowhole
c. 2003
Residence Confederacy of Independent Culldrome
Skulldrome Isles
Gender Male
Nationality Culldrome
Ethnicity Humpback Whale
Citizenship Culldrom
Education None (natural talent)
Occupation Scientist, Inventor
Years active 2013 -
Employer Confederacy of Independent Culldrome
Known for Being an evil genius
Parents Unknown

Alastor Gregory Blowhole, also known as Dr. Blowhole, is an evil genius whale obsessed with scheming up plots and plans. Intelligent and ingenious, Dr. Blowhole is known for his inventions and gadgets, most of which he tries to use to take over the world. He is one of the most highly ranked individuals of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome and is the country's tech lead and head scientist. Despite his ambitions, Dr. Blowhole's plans regularly fail in a spectacular fashion. After the death of Gravity, he assumed leadership of the Porcyal Order, alongside Solir Ryne'n.


Early Life[edit]

Doctor Blowhole was born as Alastor Gregory Blowhole in 2003 in the oceans near Puffle'and. His father and mother, along with all his friends and family, had all disappeared to the rumored Humans. This angered him and left him bitter and resentful. Alastor eventually found his way to Snelten Island in the Culldrome Isles. Here, Alastor was taken care of and educated. He showed a keen interest in the sciences and eventually became one of the many scientists of the island. However, he was still angry over his parent's disappearance.

One day, Alastor was approached by a scarred rabbit wearing scuba gear. This rabbit, who's intentions were malevolent in origin, fooled Alastor into believing that his family were taken by Penguins. The rabbit then left, leaving Blowhole with another thought: The penguins that he thought were innocent creatures had done terrible things to his family. He was angry and went on a rampage, destroying his home and the neighborhood around it. Alastor proclaimed himself as Dr. Blowhole and vowed to destroy all penguins.

First Schemes[edit]

The newly crowned Dr. Blowhole fled off and made a home in an iceberg near Club Penguin. There, he realised his genius and began plotting plans to destroy all penguins and achieve world domination. Young and rash, he would think up of anything to annoy the lives of the penguins who he hated. Dr. Blowhole started off small (such as bumping into boats or moving icebergs near shipping lanes) and slowly began to increase his ambitions (robbing the Pizza Parlor and momentarily shutting off electricity).

His plans did not go unnoticed; Dr. Blowhole eventually gained a reputation in the PSA and (later) the EPF. It was at this point that Dr. Blowhole's luck turned around. His plans, which used to succeed, now began failing often in spectacular and comical fashions. Things began to go awry all the time. Sick of his failures, he moved far away to the Skulldrome Isles where he built a secret laboratory. His sanity became worse and Dr. Blowhole became more of a mad scientist.


In 2012, after the events of Nightmare of Culldrome, Dr. Blowhole soon began to rethink his ambitions, especially after his plans have all failed. He became contacts with Chairman Dux and Gravity and from then on, Blowhole vowed to destroy the Culldrome Isles. Since then, he has provided scientific knowledge and planning to the Skulldrome Ninja Independence movement and eventually the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome.

In 2014, during the Shadow of Culldrome, Dr. Blowhole was tasked with creating the 'Confederate Superweapon', which would enable the country to take control of the world. Besides this, Dr. Blowhole still continued his own small side projects. In late April 2014, with the help of Snoss fighters, he acquired a laboratory in the Culldrome Extraterrestrial Colonies for these projects. It was only short lived, and was retaken over several days later. A few weeks later, with the Superweapon nearing completion, their plans were foiled by the Super Seven. Dr Blowhole fled, later regrouping with Solir Ryne'n and taking up the leadership of the Porcyal Order after his demise.


His plots to sink Antarctica have always failed, one way or another. Mostly due the the fact that amassing a large enough stockpile of explosives is a very, very tedious and difficult task because of the complications of having flippers instead of a Penguin's rudimentary wings to manipulate things and also, being underwater.

His plans have gone mostly unnoticed because of the lack of successes in his career.

Notable Works[edit]


  • Confederate Superweapon - Dr. Blowhole's magnum opus and the single invention which he dedicated most of his time in. Supported by other top scientists of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome, the Confederate Superweapon was described by Blowhole himself to be "the weapon to end all weapons and the world as well." In reality, the superweapon was a large mindcontrol device that could have potentially took control of the entire known world. Consuming plenty of electricity, it worked in tandem with the Porcyal Super Accelerator.
  • Porcyal Super Accelerator - Utilising the top secret CSRA Porcyal accelerator underneath Shadow City, the heavily modified accelerator could generate large amounts of power, which was utilised by the Confederate Superweapon.
  • Confederate Superweapon Prototype 1 - A much smaller version of the Confederate Superweapon, only able to control a smaller group of penguins. It was planned to be launched into orbit so facilitate a greater coverage area. It was destroyed in a top secret CSIA mission lead by Sonic Boom.
  • Transportation Mobility Device - Dr. Blowhole, being a large, ungainly whale, created a way for him to move about on land and solid surfaces. The Transportation Mobility Device (TMD) was basically an inflatable pool on wheels. With this, Dr. Blowhole was able to further his scientific 'research' and world domination plans.
  • Instant Teleportation Device - Dr. Blowhole's first invention using Porcyals. Although prone to errors (teleporting himself to different areas randomly), the Teleportation Device was carried by Dr. Blowhole at all times to facilitate instantaneous transportation. This was used during the Allied attack on the Culldrome Extraterrestrial Colonies, both to transport him to the Moon and to escape away.
  • Blaster Gun - A large gatling cannon that fires balls of pure energy. It is attached to a backpack which houses the firing equipment, ammunition and power source. It was the signature weapon of Chub 667X in the Shadow of Culldrome.


  • Project Takeover - Dr. Blowhole's original plan to takeover Club Penguin, schemed in 2012. However, after the events of Operation Blackout, the plan was halted. Not much is known about Project Takeover, other than it involved the destruction of Club Penguin.
  • Operation/Project Shadow - Perhaps, Dr. Blowhole's most intricate and complex ventures. Although not completely designed by him, Dr. Blowhole had a large contribution to it. The plan involved the complete subjugation of Culldrome, Antarctica and the rest of the penguin-world using Porcyal-power to place everyone under mind control. The plan was the main driving force behind the Shadow of Culldrome and its failure lead to the destruction of the Confederacy.





  • Dr. Blowhole has a Puffish accent.
  • He likes tea with a passion.
    • One of his earlier evil schemes involved the take over of a tea plantation.
  • He constantly wears a top hat and monocle and occasionally carries around a cane. His image is now associated with his attire.
  • Dr. Blowhole's plans are infamously known to fail.
  • He is on the wanted list of the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency for his schemes and role in the Shadow of Culldrome.

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