Doctor Frank Hochstadt

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Dr. Frank Hochstadt.

Dr. Frank Hochstadt, cruelly teased with the name Dr. Frankenfurter is a really evil scientist and Swiss Ninja's Great Grandfather.


Dr. Frank was the infamous son of Hung, one of The Five Senseis, who was born in 1922. He did not become a Sensei like his father and grandfather before him because Chin Yang's prophecy did not permit it, and his father knew that he wasn't fit for the job. Also, Dr. Frank also had an interest in Science. He pursued his life of Science by attending Many schools, academies, and universities. After finishing his studies, He became a biochemist and bought a laboratory in Shiverpool, although he later moved to Club Penguin not long later. He did many wacky experiments, but one of them scarred him for life. While experimenting with donated penguin brains and radioactive chemicals, Doctor Frank was attempting to find a solution to prevent evil thoughts. However, Dr. Frank did not wear any goggles, and chemicals like uranium was not well known and tested. The radioactive compound that Dr. Frank had created splashed into his eyes, which went to his brain. Dr. Frank became evil as he was permanently scarred mentally as always felt delusional. Doctor Frank continued to create more crazy experiments, since he had a strange desire to conquer Antarctica. Many of his experiments were attempts to create stationary objects like Sleds, Cacti, and toys to life.

Marriage and Children[edit]

Dr. Frank knew a girl penguin who he knew since he was very young, since her father was a Ninja who trained under The Five Senseis. They met again 20 years later, and fell in love with each other. They got married, and planned for having Children. Unfortunately, the one expirament that turned Dr. Frank evil changed their plans of hopes and dreams. Ever since, Dr. Frank neglected and mistreated his wife, though she stayed loyal to him and talked with him very little, since he was always busy. Dr. Frank's neglect towards his wife escalated until he began using his wife as a live penguin test dummy. Then one day, she laid an egg. She knew that Dr. Frank should not know of this, so she threw the egg into the river. Luckily, the egg survived, hatching a penguin named Yilk. Dr. Frank's wife later laid another egg that hatched Dave Hochstadt. Unlike her firstborn son, she gave Dave Hochstadt's egg to one of her other childhood friends when she finally had a chance to escape her husband, though she had no choice but to return to him.


On one particular experiment, conducted by the time Yilk and Dave were infants, Dr. Frank wanted to test and see if he could genetically modify himself to grow wings. By this point, the radioactive chemicals had done substantial damage to his brain, and he hallucinated often. Dr. Frank eventually created a potion of mixed coffee, chocolate, banana, and apple juice, believing it to be the formula to grow wings. Since the Doctor was not in his right mind, he thought he saw himself grow wings, and he took his wife to one of the cliffs of Club Penguin, where he was going to test his "flying ability". Dr. Frank jumped in the air, still believing that he had grown wings, and fell to the ground, breaking all the bones in his body and killing him instantly. His wife was finally liberated from her husband's control, and she ran off to live with her brother who had moved to Lisboagal, where she lived the rest of her life until she died of an unknown illness.

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