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Science is golden!
Born Charles Frank Lagois
September 15, 1971 (1971-09-15) (age 48)
Tropicapolis, Tropicalis
Residence Club Penguin City, King George's Island
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Dr. Infinity
Education Unknown
Alma mater South Pole City University of Science
  • Scientist
  • Science Teacher
  • EPF Agent
Years active 1996-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town Tropicapolis
Height 3.85 ft
Weight 65kg
Known for Several inventions and his adeptness at being able to fix most mechanical machines.
Title Dr. Infinity
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Penguino Lagois III (father), Hannah Lagois (mother)
Relatives Penguino Lagois IV (brother), Steve Lagois (brother), Wikipenguino45 (nephew), Lagois Family

Dr. Charles Frank "Infinity" Lagois or better known as Dr. Infinity is an accomplished inventor, a mechanic, an engineer, and the brother of Penguino Lagois IV. Dr. Infinity is also a scientist, as well as the uncle of Wikipenguino45, Wikipengal45, and Cheddarbox among other nieces and nephews. He is known for his helpful and sometimes efficient inventions, however, most of the time, his inventions usually fail a lot before he can find the solution to fixing them. He's not as popular as Gary, but he is well known in Club Penguin City for his workshop and laboratory, and usually helps his nephew and his friends in whatever they need. He cares a lot about the safety of his nephews and hates it when they get themselves into massive trouble. He doesn't get too angry at them, but will act in a very concerned manner. He also teaches at the Club Penguin University as a science teacher.

Wikipenguino and Wikipengal often go to Dr. Infinity whenever they have a physical problem or something they think can fixed with the use of science. Charles is also an Elite Penguin Force agent as well as a TSIS Agent.


Charles was born to Penguino Lagois III and Hannah Lagois and grew up alongside his two brothers, Penguino Lagois III and Steve Lagois. Charles was the most intelligent of the three, and was the most curious. Charles was always eager to find out more about the world, especially things like how computers worked. Charles studied extra hard in school, and even read science books for fun and became a hobby of his. He exceeded mainly in science, probably due to his knowledge of science from reading in his spare time. He was sometimes bullied, but it never stopped him from learning more. Charles was the best at most subjects in his class, and always achieved the highest scores. He was the most knowledgeable and knew the most about subjects (except for physical education).

Charles pursued a scientific career while his brother, Penguino, studied politics. After learning computer coding and chemistry and most scientific sub-topics, he traveled to South Pole City and attended the South Pole University of Science, where he went further and graduated. Charles moved to Club Penguin, where he got a souvenir cap for his nephew and set up his own lab in his igloo. He also made weekly trips to King George's Island to set up a business (Dr Infinity's Gadget & Repair Lab) in Club Penguin City where he developed all sorts of gadgets and inventions, usually from turning regular items, food and objects into altered versions and repairing things. A few years after his business started to grow greatly, he discovered the PSA, and joined it where his inventions could be made useful for agents.

After his nephew, Wikipenguino45, moved to Club Penguin Island, Charles introduced him to the island and his lab, and promised him that he would respond to him if he ever needed help learning his way around. He sent him an EPF Invite, which Wikipenguino followed to become an EPF Agent. Charles was slightly involved during the Power4U Affair, in which he attempted to track down super penguins who had gotten their powers from the website to no avail.


Charles, as an agent of the EPF, only works with the other scientists to help develop gadgets and machines for other agents. He hasn't actually gone on any missions, and prefers to fight for justice from the EPF command room rather than fighting on the battlefield. He often visits the EPF either in Club Penguin around midday on weekends when he's not working at Club Penguin's university or in his workshop. During early mornings on weekdays, he travels to Club Penguin University to work as a science teacher. Dr. Infinity hasn't done or been involved in much as a scientist and as a teacher, but he has quite a few times supported Cheddarbox's charity donating and makes reasonable contributions to Coins for Change every year. However, during his time as an EPF agent, Charles has supported many attempts to end evil at times such as Operation Improbable, and once or twice forcibly gets invovled by villains. Charles hasn't really done much as a TIA agent, apart from tracking a few targets.


Charles is a science teacher at the Club Penguin University after having his job transferred there after Beacon University was destroyed. He usually comes to work as a teacher there in early mornings during weekdays until around 12:00pm. At around 1:00pm on weekdays, he returns to his workshop in Club Penguin City called "Dr. Infinity's Gadget & Repair Lab" to open it and keeps it open until around 7-8:00pm. There, he has a job as a machine repairer where he is known for being able to repair things such as coffee machines, computers, monitors, holographic devices, phones and most other mechanical and everyday items. Charles also has extra help from his puffle, Matthew, who is often fixing things up in his own separate room next to the laboratory. Charles is also an EPF agent, and using his talents and abilities to construct items, objects and gadgets as well experiment with machines, tools and mechanisms and often tests them before being put to good use. Charles is also a TIA agent, but hasn't done all that much as most of his time is devoted to helping out the EPF and working at his lab.


Digit, one of his creations.
  • Digit - A robot built to help the inhabitants of the Lagois Mansion.
  • X-Virus Extractor - A prototype machine created to remove the X-Virus from one's system. It is unknown just how efficient it may be, or if it even works, but it is known Charles has been working to improve it after a certain incident.
  • Test Robot - The robot he constructed in the shape of a penguin with materials made to withstand damage without breaking as easily. He and his puffle Matthew normally use him as a guinea pig to test their newly made weapons or gadgets. He can follow all kinds of commands and can be programmed to follow a specific path or person, or do an action like wave it's robotic flipper or throw something. Dr. Infinity fixes him whenever he gets too damaged.
  • Language Translator - Meant to be worn on shirts as a clip-on microphone. Still very inaccurate, most of the words come out in literal translation and it's sound detection range isn't as great.
  • Infinity Supercomputer - A supercomputer and system that Dr. Infinity built to run his laboratory. It is capable of many things, such as searching the internet, controlling various electrical appliances in the lab, statistics on the weather and much, much more.


Dr. Infinity has yellow feathers, which is common for anyone in the Lagois Family. He also has brown hair just like many of his relatives. Charles wears a lab coat with a red lightning bolt on the lab coat's chest pocket. Charles also wears a grey shirt underneath and a lime-green tie. His eyes are a very dark brown, almost pure black. When he leaves work, is coming to work, or just travelling somewhere, he may from time to time wear a beige coloured coat over his shirt and tie as an alternative to his lab coat. Sometimes, he may wear his lab coat underneath. When in his lab, he can sometimes be seen wearing safety goggles and occasionally a mask, and may persuade anybody nearby to put them on too should they want to come near. If the weather is really warm and he's not working, he'll usually just wear his grey shirt and tie.


He has a very mature, caring personality and always cares for his relatives, nephews and nieces and would willingly put himself forwards to make sure they survive and stay in one piece. He's always scared and concerned for their safety especially when they do something dangerous or possibly infamous and can sometimes get angry depending on how big the mistake or incident is. Unlike his nephews and nieces, he has no intention of going on adventures of any sort, in fact very much the opposite unless he has to do something to save them from life-threatening situations. He also has a strong love for science, always excited and eager to make a new discovery or show off a new invention. Charles has an inflexible allegiance to the side of good, and would very much choose death over joining the dark side.


Charles supports the EPF's actions, and most other organizations, penguins and puffles working against them and to put a stop to evil around the continent. Dr. Infinity is also loyal to the Lagois Family and to the rest of his relatives, and supports most of what they do. Charles is a very anti-villainous person, and considers anybody fighting for the same reason or against the same enemy an ally. He is also a known target to S.H.A.R.K. mainly because he's a relative and supporter of one of their top enemies and arch-nemeses, Wikipenguino45.


See main page: Lagois Family

Charles has a large family, known for their importance in Tropicalis' history and their many fabled adventures and tales of all sorts. Charles was the middle child in his family with Penguino Lagois IV, his other brother being the eldest and Steve Lagois II being the youngest and their parents being Hannah and the former president of Tropicalis before Penguino Lagois IV took his place, Penguino Lagois III. Charles also has a cousin, Quincy Lagois as well as many other distant ones coming from other branches of the Lagois Family living all over Antarctica today. Charles also has quite a few nephews and one niece, including Wikipenguino, Wikipengal, Cheddarbox, Pablo Lagois, Kenny Lagois and two first cousin once removed being Cassandra and William Lagois the latter if which is currently married to Alayne Stark.


Matthew Markipuff, Charles' puffle.

Charles has one brown puffle named Matthew, who is often in another room of Charles' lab/workshop developing and working on his own inventions as well as improving Charles' whom he adopted in 2010. He usually follows Charles home after work and stays in the lab while Charles works at the Club Penguin University. Charles finds Matthew very useful as well as a very loyal and faithful companion and their passion for science is what draws the two closer together and makes them great partners. Matthew often helps Charles whenever something he's doing requires two individuals to make it work and nobody else is around.


Like most of the Lagois Family, Dr. Infinity is an Emperor Penguin who also hails from Tropicalis just like many of the members.


Charles excels in science and technology, hence his adeptness in repairing most machines. He also has an extensive knowledge of most science-based topics such as astronomy, physics and also knows just enough about healthcare to help anybody suffering from an injury. Charles also knows how to build machines and technology of all shapes and sizes, including miniature trackers, computerized gadgets, and robots (he has one he keeps exclusively for testing purposes). Evidence of this can be seen in and around his lab, such as his supercomputer, automated doors and computerized welcome mat that he configured to run all sorts of commands and programs when he enters.


Charles can be easily overpowered if one has a decent knowledge of how to fight, as Charles doesn't have any fighting skill nor does he fight very well at all making him very vulnerable to attack. Charles is known to have an unexplained irrational fear of ghosts, undead entities, and bats though he often tries to convince himself they don't exist anywhere near where he is. He's not a big fan of Halloween, in fact he doesn't like it at all, and this is probably why. Charles can also easily be bent to do certain things for villains in exchange for not hurting his relatives if there's no way and especially if they're held captive.


  • Wikipenguino45 - He and his nephew are on very good terms and have known each other ever since Wikipenguino was a young chick. Wikipenguino often trusts him with fixing whatever problem he may have (i.e., catching a virus, a broken machine). Charles was the one to give Wikipenguino his Puffle Ball Cap.
  • Wikipengal45 - Wikipengal's personality is much liker her host's and therefore Dr. Infinity finds it almost like talking to his nephew. However, he constantly watches out for Wikipengal, and does his best to keep her safe.
  • Penguino Lagois IV - Charles and his brother are very much alike in many ways, aside from his inexplicable love for science and Penguino's interest in a more political career. The two brothers have always looked out for each other when they were little, and maintained a good relationship up until this day. The two still keep in contact.


  • He is secretly afraid of bats.
  • Dr. Infinity is not a very good chef, which is probably part of the reason why most of his food inventions fail.
  • He has an IQ of 135.
  • He always calls Cheddarbox by his real name, rather than his nickname.

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