Dr. Kowalski

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Dr. Kowalski
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The army doctor with his legendary "Kowlaskian Needle", invented by himself after joining the Elite Penguin Force
Title Doctor, General, Agent and Director
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction USA, Elite Penguin Force, Special Activities Division
Health Good
Status Directing a covert operation
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Army doctor, intelligence director/operative
Interests Chemistry, medicine, Cream Soda, hot girls, guns
Archetype Good

Director Kowalski of the Special Activities Division
In office
15 July 2013 – Incumbent
Serving with The Director, Agent Rogue Tvarkov, Nicktang10
President Spike Hike, Megg

Doctor Kowalski, known as Director Kowalski and the codename Kill-King in the Special Activities Division (but still a field agent in the ATD), is an army doctor for USA's army. He also studied chemistry, having a doctorate degree in it. Kowalski also started his own clinic at his hometown-Mattress Village, making him a somewhat popular penguin in the town and at Club Penguin as well. He joined the EPF as a field agent and as a doctor. Now, he is also the founder and current bureaucrat of the Special Activities Division. Currently, he is 34 years old.


Dr. Kowalski is highly skilled in the practice of medicine and surgery. He can identify all types of pills with his five senses. In all of his surgeries, most patients had completely been healed, with 3 of his failed surgeries having a side effect for the patients (they became a Vampenguin).

Being an army doctor, Kowalski knows how to handle weapons. Having a doctorate degree in chemistry, Kowalski knows how to create poisons, from Ditto, sleep-inducting agents TO chemical weapons, X-Virus and fatal heart attack-inducing agents. He first got enlisted in the Great Snowzerland War I, being in army training for most of the war until USA got occupied by Snowzerland, then Kowalski stopped his training and started being a rebel. When the war's over, Kowalski resumed his army training, being able to see action in the Great Snowzerland War II. Since then, Kowalski had been in every war that involved USA. Kowalski also possesses some knowledge regarding explosives.

Finally, Dr. Kowalski knows how to speak English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Cantonese (learnt from watching Cantonese soap operas). He knows some basic Russian and Portuguese.


Dr. Kowalski usually goes to the battlefield with an auto-shotgun, a Desert Eagle and a knife. However, he’s also adept at using machine pistols such as an Uzi, which he keeps in his player card in case of emergencies. At home, the doctor keeps a M4, several auto-shotguns, 3 pistols, 3 revolvers and a SMG for target practice.

After joining the EPF, Kowalski invented another weapon, which is the legendary Kowalskian Needle (named after himself). The syringe weapon’s ammunition is in the form of two varieties of vaccines. The first is filled with sleep-inducing agents, AKA sedatives, in order to knock out enemies. Next is the heart-attack inducing needle, which is suitable for an assassination mission. Another type of needle is the death-simulation serum, which fakes someone’s death in order to carry out more unique missions (like breaking someone out of a North Joseon concentration camp). The final needle contains the antidote to the death-faking serum.


Dr. Kowalski is very aggressive, being easily angered. He is also very impatient. Despite his aggression, Kowlaski is friendly to his friends, even sharing jokes with them. Despite that, he has became more sarcastic and slightly arrogant after becoming the SAD’s Director. He is also a ladies man.


Dr. Kowalski is a tall Adelie penguin. Normally, Kowalski wears a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He also dons an expensive watch. On formal occasion, he would wears a grey fedora.

In the battlefield it's a different matter, Kowalski wears his normal clothings with the black suit replaced by a grey one. He dons a bulletproof vest and a gas mask as well.


Dr. Kowalski can't run very fast, which made escape by foot difficult. He also LOVES Cream Soda, which he has an addiction of. The SAD Director is easily seduced by hot women.

One of his more fatal weakness is his reliance on his firearms. If Kowalski is cornered with only his knife in his hand, you can easily defeat him if you have some skills in martial arts.

His final weakness is that he could be easily corrupted by others. This could be troublesome in some missions.


In Club Penguin, Kowalski bought an entire block of apartments with only 8 floors, using the ground floor as his clinic and renting the 1st-6th floors to normal penguins. He took the 7th and 8th floor for himself, converting it to a penthouses with 2 floors. The penthouse is equipped with luxuries and advanced technologies. There's also a miniature "hanging garden" on the highest floor.

In Mattress Village, it was a different matter. Kowalski owns a Castillian-themed villa built in place of his old house. It is this place where the doctor does his experiments. Kowalski lives here at least once a month.


Dr. Kowalski is worth 8 million Club Penguin Gold Coins. His money comes from his clinics, which has also opened in South Pole City, UnitedTerra, West Pengolia (more of a hospital than a clinic) and other places & investments in some companies. 30% of his wealth is inherited from his parents.