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Dr. Ray
Birth name Raymond Wayne Elderman
Born August 9, 1971 (1971-08-09) (age 48)
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Hip hop, gangsta rap
Occupations Rapper, record producer, actor, songwriter, businessman
Years active 1989–present
Labels Music Industry, Impact
Associated acts Nebulent, Nyninyne, Spyler Red, Smooth Frogg, 1 Dollar, 6Pac, Xpert, The C.O.P, P.W.A, Grade-A Ghoulin' Cru

Raymond Elderman (born August 9, 1971) better known as Dr. Ray is a Antartican rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. Dr. Ray is considered a legend in the hip hop industry, who has produced and recorded a mass amount of classics during his lifetime. Dr. Ray is the CEO of Impact Entertainment and Rhythms Electronics. Dr. Ray gained popularity when he formed the rap collective Grade-A Ghoulin' Cru in the late 1980s, which were one of the first rap groups ever. Ray then joined P.W.A and soon ventured on to a solo career in the early 1990s. His debut album The Sonic (1993), was dubbed one of the best rap albums of all time - meaning that Dr. Ray became the most popular rapper during the decade, especially when his follow-up album Sonic 2002 (1999) sold millions of copies. Ray's musical style during the early stages of his career incorporated gangsta rap, but changed up his genre soon later.

Dr. Ray has produced albums and overseen the careers of many rappers, including Nyninyne, Smooth Frogg, Nebulent and 1 Dollar.

Early life[edit]

Musical career[edit]

1988-92: Grade-A Ghoulin' Cru and P.W.A[edit]

Ray started off his career in a band named the Grade-A Ghoulin' Cru in 1988. The band gained great success, but the band broke up in 1990. Dr. Ray met rapper Ice Block who introduced Dr. Ray to P.W.A (Penguins Wit Attitude) and become one of the members of the band. P.W.A introduced gangsta rap into the hip hop scene and released two albums whilst there were together, from 1990 to 1992. Their controversial song "Hate Tha Police" received attention from federal enforcements and the public - resulting into it being banned from being played on television and radio. Due to the song's content, the police has sent a letter in warning. Although it has been banned from television and radio, it sold many copies and is now a classic. In 1993, the band broke up.

1992-94: The Sonic[edit]

After the breakup of P.W.A, Dr. Ray went on the make his own songs. Dr. Ray introduced Smooth Frogg in The Sonic. The album was a commercial success. Dr. Ray also helped Smooth Frogg with his album, Froggystyle, which was a success.

1997-99: Impact Entertainment & Sonic 2001[edit]

In 1998, Dr. Ray signed Nyninyne and worked with Nyninyne with many songs that became hits such as Crazy Conscience, some other songs and the big hit in 2000, Forget About Ray. Dr. Ray co-wroted The Real Sly Shadow with Nyninyne. It was a big hit, but in RIAAC, Forget About Ray made the 2000 highest selling single. "The Real Sly Shadow" became the highest-selling single of the year. The duo continued to work on songs.

Dr. Ray continued the collaboration with Smooth Frogg and did some collaborations with Nyninyne. Dr. Ray recorded "Still R.A.Y" and "The Last Series" with Smooth Frogg and recorded "Forgot About Ray" and "Crazy Conscience" with Nyninyne. The album received many sales and was the highest selling album of 1999.

2000-03: Practice Day & The Rinse soundtracks[edit]

Dr. Ray and Smooth Frogg were featured in a movie named The Rinse. Dr. Ray and Smooth Frogg made many songs for the soundtrack along with Nyninyne, Nebulent and 1 Dollar.

Dr. Ray signed 1 Dollar to Impact Entertainment in 2003.

2004-09: Focus on production[edit]

2010-present: Reduct & other ventures[edit]

Musical style[edit]

Rapping technique[edit]

Musical themes and genres[edit]

Legacy and influence[edit]

Personal life[edit]

Business ventures[edit]

Rhythms by Ray[edit]

The Rhythms by Ray logo.

Rhythms by Dr. Ray or more referred to as Rhythms by Ray is a headphone company founded in 2008. Dr. Ray's signature headphones had many sales and Rhythms Electronics is the most popular headphone brand.

Impact Entertainment[edit]

In 1995, Dr. Ray founded Impact Entertainment. Smooth Frogg was signed in 1995. In 1998, Dr. Ray signed Nyninyne. 1 Dollar was signed in 2003 and Nebulent was signed in 2004.


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Studio albums
Compilation albums
  • Solid Roots (1994)
  • Next Round Takedown (1995)
  • Before n' the Year (1996)
  • Dr. Ray Presents the Impact (1996)
  • Archives: Best of the Skills (2002)
  • Archives: End Line Classics (2006)


  • Dr. Ray is a parody of Dr. Dre
  • Dr. Ray is close friends with Nyninyne, Smooth Frogg and Nebulent.

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