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Dr. Benjamin Warp
Dr. Benjamin Warp
Warp preparing to get to work.
Born Benjamin Warp
October 31, 1973 (1973-10-31) (age 46)
Species Penguin
Race Emperor Penguin
Gender Male
Height 4'1"
Residence EvilositianLogo.png Lair of Evilosity
Children Chibi Pengu?
Occupation Inventor
Mad scientist
Evilositian Army member
Employer Evil Pengy
Years Active 1992-present
Salary Room and board
Dr. Benjamin Warp's signature

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We'll know if it works when it does.
— Dr. Warp

Dr. Warp is an inventor and part-time mad scientist who currently works for Evil Pengy. Though not truly evil, Warp is morally gray and does not really care what happens as a consequence of his inventions. He spends most of his time in the Lair of Evilosity's laboratory creating whatever comes to his mind, until Evil Pengy comes up with another "great" idea and needs him to invent something. Warp secretly hates working for Evil Pengy because of his abusive nature, but keeps working for him since Evil Pengy would probably try to ban him if he left.


Early life[edit]

Benjamin Warp hatched on a stormy Halloween night in 1973, and was quickly labeled as an odd child by his parents. As he grew older, he would often draw crude blueprints for various outlandish gadgets that he would think of. He was later expelled from high school after his project for a science fair exploded, which caused a fire that burned down nearly half of the school building.

He later chose to pursue a career in inventing, but it was mostly a failure. While he had the creativity to invent, he didn't have the knowledge and skills to pull it off, usually resulting in bizarre inventions that would malfunction and/or explode upon testing. Because he couldn't sell his inventions, he had to work for other people to support himself, jumping from employer to employer and getting fired nearly every time.

Working for Evil Pengy[edit]

In 2004, he was hired by Evil Pengy and moved into the Lair of Evilosity. Evil Pengy gave him free reign to invent whatever he felt like, on the condition that he would drop any current projects when Evil Pengy needed something done. Over the years, Warp got fed up with Evil Pengy's demands and abuse and began hating to work for him. However, he kept working for him and wouldn't dare to tell him his true feelings, because he'd probably get banned with his own invention if he did. He began to be plagued by near constant headaches and fell into mild depression, which over time evolved into slight insanity. Coincidentally, his headaches disappear and his mood brightens whenever Evil Pengy is incarcerated.

When Evil Pengy formed the Evilositian Army, Warp was forced to join, and accompanied them on their attempted conquest of Shops Island. After a standoff with the Chill Island Protection Force following their brief takeover of Chill Island, Warp, along with Parf, managed to escape capture by hiding in a trashcan, and returned to the Lair of Evilosity along with Chibi Pengu.



Warp's personality has spiraled downhill after putting up with Evil Pengy for so many years, giving him mild depression which devolved into slight insanity. However, whenever Evil Pengy isn't around, his mood improves drastically. Although he works for Evil Pengy and is a member of the Evilositian Army, he is not truly evil, but is morally gray and simply doesn't care what happens as a consequence of what he creates. He feels he has been given the "short end of the stick" by fate, and resents Gary the Gadget Guy, an inventor who is actually successful and well-known, viewing him as what he could have been since they were born the same year.



  • Spooky Eye Painting (2005) - A security camera under the guise of a spooky painting, intended for the front porch of the Lair of Evilosity. Its tracking system never worked properly, and the eyes spun around randomly until the batteries ran out.
  • Propeller Drill (2005) - A drill attached to a propeller to fly around and drill things, controlled by a remote control. It was destroyed after it accidentally drilled too deep into the earth and melted.
  • Instant Watermelon (2006) - A watermelon that grows instantly once the seed is watered, without needing to be planted. This backfired when Warp attempted to water several of them at once, destroying his lab in the process.
  • Self-Peeling Orange (2007) - An orange that peels itself. However, only the peel is left, because the rest of the orange was replaced by the machinery needed to peel it.
  • Pancake Mixer 3000 (2008) - It makes pancakes. Evil Pengy tried to make ten pancakes at once and it overloaded and exploded, destroying his kitchen.
The Bombs of Trolling. From left to right: Vandalism Bomb, Ban Bomb, and Spam Bomb.
  • Bombs of Trolling (2008) - Evil Pengy's weapons, used for his mischief around Antarctica. These are the only inventions Warp has made that are mass-produced.
    • Vandalism Bomb - Whatever is caught in the blast is changed into a silly version of itself. For example, a car hit by this could turn into a car made out of boxes.
    • Spam Bomb - Anything hit by this is covered in a silly string-like substance that is annoyingly difficult to clean off.
    • Ban Bomb - Anyone caught in the blast is instantly banned and sent to who knows where.
  • Spy Pie (2009) - A pie with a periscope camera hidden inside. It is flawlessly disguised and indistinguishable from a regular pie, until the periscope pops out and makes a mess.
  • Clanker (2010) - An extremely clunky robot. Rather than create artificial intelligence for him, Warp attempted to bring him to life with mad science, which ultimately failed and destroyed Clanker's vital components.
  • Refrigerator on Wheels (2012) - A fridge on wheels designed for lazy penguins. While testing it, it went out of control and rolled right out the door of the Lair of Evilosity. Warp has no idea where it went.
  • The Goodbye Shoe (2012) - A shoe connected to a complex series of mechanics designed to kick insurance salesmen and other annoying visitors away from the Lair of Evilosity. As of 2013, it no longer functions as a result of Evil Pengy destroying it when it attempted to kick him, and currently remains in disrepair on the porch.
  • Super Nuke of Destruction I Guess (2013) - A nuke made with the purpose of destroying Shops Island. The prototype crashed into the ground and fell apart, causing the project to be scrapped.
  • Sticky Shoes (2014) - Designed to allow the wearer to walk on any surface by covering the bottom of the shoe with gum, it worked a little too well and sits in the middle of Warp's laboratory, refusing to be moved. Evil Pengy and Warp have tripped over them multiple times.
  • Foodmobile (2015) - A vehicle made entirely out of food, created after Warp got the idea one night while being unable to sleep and wanted to prove that it was possible. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible, but tasted good according to Evil Pengy, who ate it one sitting and heavily regretted it.
  • Frog Traps (2017) - Various devices created to capture Kermit the Frog. There were at least 5 different versions of these traps, which were all horribly rushed and very flimsy. They were all destroyed when Kermit turned them on the army, causing them to break on impact.
  • Jeff Cannon (2017) - Shoots out fish, but according to the instructions on the side of the cannon it is only allowed to be loaded with fish named Jeff for some reason. Warp claims that the cannon has a complex identification mechanism that causes it to refuse to operate if the fish is not named Jeff. This was later debunked by Evil Pengy, who crushed Warp's dreams by using it to launch a fish named Fred.
  • Evilositian Fighter Jet (2018) - Fighter jets built for Evil Pengy's assault on Acadia, equipped with a highly sophisticated cloaking device and designed to hold 50 gallons of liquefied cheese and 500 dozen eggs each. Warp originally built 9, but only 4 made it back to the Lair of Evilosity after Parf crashed his during the Acadian assault and 4 others were shot down.
  • Trick-or-Chucker (2019) - A weight-activated, spring-loaded panel which flings anything on it backwards. It was built to fulfill Evil Pengy's request of a way to keep trick-or-treaters away from the Lair of Evilosity.

Personal life[edit]


Warp's greatest passion is inventing, which he spends most of his time doing. He usually creates whatever ideas pop up in his crazy imagination, without stopping to think if they would even work. His motto when it comes to inventing is "we'll know if it works when it does".

Besides inventing, Warp also dabbles in mad science, and has on multiple occasions brought mundane objects to life, including a potted plant, a chair, and Chibi Pengu. He claims that the Night of the Living Sled films are actually a true story based on a time when he brought a toboggan to life, although this claim is false and most likely just an attempt by Warp to make himself sound more important than he is.


  • Evil Pengy - Warp hates working for Evil Pengy because of his constant abuse, but doesn't dare to tell him.
  • Parf - Warp likes Parf, but only in some sort of sick and twisted way because of how much his presence annoys Evil Pengy. Warp sometimes volunteers Parf to be a test subject for him, but he doesn't seem to mind.



  • Warp is a strong believer in the multiverse theory. Evil Pengy often messes with him by telling him if that the multiverse theory is true, then there's a universe where it isn't. Warp attempts to correct him by telling him that the multiverse theory doesn't cover paradoxical situations, but Evil Pengy notes that this is true except for the universe where it does.

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