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Gender Male
Race X-Creature
Health ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Status Flying around Antarctica on his carpet
Location Unknown
Friends Dracosyna (sometimes)
Enemies Nightmare
Archetype Neutral

Dracoxyna is the X counterpart of Dracosyna. Unlike him, he speaks in a comical way.


DracoXyna first possessed his counterpart, and took time to understand him which causes Dracosyna to act strangely after he ate a burger in McDoodle's branch in Eastshield. After Dracosyna was rushed in the Eastshield Hope Hospital, it was the best time for DracoXyna to come out from his couterpart but he waited until the doctors put Dracosyna in Room 22 in floor 8. Eventually, his counterpart dreamt that he fought his own shadow, but was interrupted by his X-counterpart, who served breakfast for him. He eventually give his general information about him and concludes with a clue whilst flying off the hospital.

While flying with his carpet, he sought an island which he found interesting. He landed on a beach and went to the island's town. In there, he gazed at the coffee shop unaware of his surroundings. Eventually, a penguin snatched his carpet, resulting in DracoXyna's cat-and-mouse chase with the penguin. He eventually cornered the penguin on top of a lighthouse, and requests to give the carpet back. But the penguin pleaded that he can't afford to buy some "stuff". Having no choice, DracoXyna gave away the carpet. As the penguin walked away, DracoXyna disabled the carpet's purpose to fly and watches the helpless penguin trying to activate the "hover button".

Appearance and personality[edit]

Unlike his counterpart, Dracosyna speaks in "memelish" and doesn't take things seriously. Whenever he explains something, he speaks normal English and takes things seriously. Some said that personality was inherited from his counterpart. He wears a green tunic and brown undershirt and pants in contrast to his counterpart, although in rare occasions, he appears as a shadow figure with glowing red eyes. He also calls his counterpart, Dracosyna as his "older brother" he seems to be good friends with him.


DracoXyna, like all X-Creatures, possesses "super powers" according to himself. However, he doesn't use these as he preferred doing the classic way of fighting. Unlike many X-Antibodies, he dislikes Nightmare due to being "so serious and unfunny" although he is good friends with many evil X-Creatures.

DracoXyna is considered neutral, due to his careless manner such as causing small trouble in the streets of Antarctic cities and flying around with his carpet which find many penguins weird.

DracoXyna's memelish annoyed the X-Antibody who tried to capture him during the Nightmare Epic, allowing him to stay away from battle.


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