Dragon Knights

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Dragon Knights
Not as terrifying as they sound
Title Darktonian Minion
Gender Male
Race King Penguin
Faction Evil
Health Mentally Insane
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Darktonian Realm

Dragon Knights are a group of four King Penguins who work for Darktan. Despite their terrifying name they are really just regular penguins dressed in a dark green dragon costume though not many realise that.


On the night before the Halloween Party of 2008, four wacko penguins dressed up in dark green dragon costumes they'd made themselves. Their plan was to open up a haunted igloo and then they would dress up like dragons and scare everyone. But Darktan had other plans for them.

A few minutes before the Haunted Igloo opened, a Lava Puffle poured some Ditto into their costume. It then absorbed into the fabric and as quickly as the Puffle appeared it left. Right before the igloo was opened the four penguins put on their costumes on, but they would soon regret it.

The haunted igloo was now opened and penguins young and old walked into it. It was pitch black, and they could barely see a thing. Then out of no where four dragons popped out yelling boo. Everyone screamed, but soon realized it was just the owners of the igloo. They laughed and asked them to take the costumes off. But the four penguins gave the most strange reply.

"What do you mean costume? We're dragons. Real ones."

The others didn't know what to say. But they believed that they wern't kidding, and that these were really dragons. Frightened they ran out of the igloo screaming like a bunch of Mwa Mwa Penguins. Just then the same Lava Puffle jumped down from a shelf and trapped the four penguins in a large sack. With the help of five Abyss Knights they carried them back to the Darktonian Realm.

When they arrived at Darktan's throne room the four penguins were released. Darktan expected to see brave warriors who could fight with skills better than 10 Ninjas, but was soon disapointed. All the Ditto had done to them is make them believe they were Dragons. The evil penguin was about to throw them out, until the Lava Puffle told him that they had managed to scare away a whole group of penguins. After hearing this he decided to keep them, and make them Lesser minions.

Today these four strange penguins call themselvers the Dragon Knights, and go around scaring penguins kind of like Pinky.


Dragon Knights are usually either scaring penguins throughout the USA or guarding Darktan's castle with Flame Knights.


  • Mabel despises these penguins.

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