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Drake at the 2010 Destroy Mwa-Mwas Festival.
Title Drake
Gender Male
Race Pygoscelis adeliae (Adelie Penguin)
Faction Wears a distinct smile and has blonde hair.
Health Physically well, mentally unsound.
Level 150
Status Alive; Trying to get rid of Mwa Mwa Penguins forever.
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Anti-Mwa Mwa Penguin extremist.
Hobbies Playing the guitar, watching the television, holding anti-Mwa Mwa Penguin protests outside the Pet Shop
Friends DMMP members; anti-Mwa Mwa activists
Enemies Manny Peng, Mwa Mwa Penguins, Drake X.
Archetype Neutral.

Drake is a well-known anti-Mwa Mwa Penguin activist, having founded the Destroy Mwa-Mwa Penguins organization and runs a podcast on IceTunes, expressing reasons for the extermination of Mwa Mwas. A red penguin with blonde hair and a distinct evil smile, he likes to play the guitar and watch television when he's not ridding his 'nemesis'. He resides in Club Penguin. Interestingly, Drake has a Cockney accent like Mayor McFlapp, but less exaggerated.


Drake was born on November 19th, 1989 on Club Penguin Island. In 2007, he founded the DMMP, an anti-Mwa Mwa Penguin activist group that aims to exterminate all Mwa Mwa Penguins.


Drake is an anti-Mwa Mwa Penguin extremist and has been involved in numerous protests against Mwa Mwas.


Drake founded the DMMP in early 2007 to eliminate Mwa Mwa Penguins. He recruited around 50 members, in which the number grew to 200 within a month. Every three months, Drake organizes a shareholders-style meeting in which he invites all the investors of the group, that being seven, along with twelve executive members and discusses the Mwa Mwa situation. Drake also uses the DMMP to organize publicity stunts and protests outside the Pet Shop. The DMMP currently has bases in CP and South Pole City.

Currently, the DMMP has 200 official members and 95,000 "mercenaries".

2007 Anti-Mwa Mwa Week[edit]

Drake personally organized the Anti Mwa-Mwa Week and took part in mass-rallies held outside, and inside, the Pet Shop. He wrote the speeches himself and usually stood on the roof of the Pet Shop, announcing his stance against the 'annoying ones'. Drake and his two thousand "mercenaries" stood against the patrol team of twelve. Many Mwa Mwas escaped, while the remaining ones were put in captivity, or otherwise known as kidnap.

Hydro-Hopper Publicity Stunt[edit]

The DMMP organized their first Publicity Stunt at the Dock, in which an approximate five thousand participants wakeboard in the eve of December, 2007. Drake and his four executives at the time organized this event. Drake was also the first one to enter the waters, and led the DMMP's oath against Mwa-Mwas. The stunt took over a course of twenty-seven minutes, as a penguin timed. Police forces were not called in, though. The performance could be seen from the Cove, too.

2008 Mwa-Mwa Protests[edit]

See Also: 2008 Pet Shop Invasion

In 2008, shortly after the Mwa-Mwas took control of the Pet Shop, the DMMP arrived to "exterminate the pests" and used water bombs as weapons against the Mwa Mwas. They were the main opposition belligerants during the battle. On the fifth day of protesting, Drake entered the Pet Shop, swarming with Bay Bees, and locked more than five hundred Mwa Mwas in cages.


Drake likes to play the guitar and watch television. His favorite show is Mwa Mwa Watch. He also likes to hold anti-Mwa Mwa Penguin protests outside the Pet Shop.


  • Nobody knows his last name.
  • He has been against Mwa Mwa Penguins since he was born.
  • Although many consider him a hero for getting rid of annoying mwa mwas (including the CP government, unofficially), he is listed as a "wanted and dangerous penguin" by the EPF due to him commonly kidnapping mwa mwas and bringing them to who-knows-where.

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