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I've got no strings, on me... I'm free...
— Dreamweaver

Title Self-Aware Artificial AI System produced by PULSE
Gender Male
Race N/A
Faction Lawful Evil, Neutral
Health Unknown
Level Cosmo travelling robot
Status Being created
Location Unknown Munijoch
Birth date Theorized in 2015, Munijoch
Occupation Self-Aware Robot
Interests Exploration, infinite knowledge
Friends None
Enemies Lifeforms which are lesser than he
Archetype Antagonist

Dreamweaver, filed in PULSE as PROJECT: Dreamweaver, is a robot and AI system created to be self aware of it's surroundings and run processes based on it's own will and whim. The machine was created to continue Munijoch's influence in the cosmos, even after it's long gone from Antarctica itself. It's protocol is to find and interact with other lifeforms in an attempt to create an alliance with them. It's ulterior motive, however, is to place itself as a powerful deity from the stars in an attempt to rule the civilization.



In late April of 2015, scientists at PULSE were communicating with Chipguin on an idea of how they can integrate self thought and consciousness into a machine, similar to him. Chipguin replied back stating that he is more than just a mess of code, but rather, actually the penguin itself, just existing on a cybernetic level. He also stated that if they want to truly make an AI system, they would need to work out quantum computing and positronic brain functions on an atomic level. In addition, they would need to master super-positioning in order to get the effect of a true brain.

Beginnings of coding[edit]

The scientists announced their intentions of beginning work on the robot in mid-May of 2015. They presented the concept and intentions of it, as well as a theorized weapon of sorts known as a PULSEStar, which exerts gravity and density that is able to be counteracted by the force of space acting upon it, acting as a mini-Sun of sorts. They would be using the concept of a quantum positronic brain as the basis for how it will operate and think. It would be scheduled for beta on 2020 and for full-scale use way into the future as quantum secrets are decrypted and debugged.

Beta testing stages[edit]

In September of 2020, Chipguin decided to board the AI of the machine, ready to be tested as a body. Upon leaving the circuitry, he made note of a "deep, evil purpose to this machine, something that's not being said." Nevertheless, he continued work on it, attempting to crack the code of quantum computing and how it works for the positronic brain to function. Finally, in January of 2022, they cracked quantum computing, and proceeded to begin work on the positronic brain, now labeled as "Derek."

Creation and eventual scrapping[edit]

Once Derek was finished, he was placed in the machine to interact with another machine with Chipguin at the controls. The two chit-chatted, tested basic functions, until Derek said something that rattled Chipguin to it's processors.

D: "Chipguin... your name is Connor, correct?"

C: "Why yes it is! How did you know that?"

D: "Information I gathered... petty that you had to die and miss out on true livelihood."

C: "What do you mean? Here in the cyber world, you can do anything! I'm sure you know that, too."

D: "No... I'm alive, Connor. I'm not you. I'm living, I am a true being."

C: "Impossible... you already passed the boundary of deciding your mortality... I'm shutting you down, Derek."


Chipguin immediately booted him off, storing him in a time capsule with a date set 480 years into the future, scrapping it entirely, now beginning work on the PULSEStar.


The time capsule unlocked itself, revealing a machine badly rusted, cold, lifeless. Yet, inside, lingered a spark of penguin and machine, igniting the cores of the Dreamweaver. He emerged from the capsule, limping and in need of parts. He eyes the PULSEStar, being created for a war and steals it, to which it accustoms him quite well. He finds the part of a recovered mech and scraps it for parts, to which he finds plenty for his purpose. He learns of a missile launch and places himself inside the missile silo of the base where he woke up, awaiting launch for a booster into space to complete his protocol.

The clock strikes 1, and the Dreamweaver is now launched. He fires up his drives and steers course toward the outer exosphere. He clings onto debris, stealing it's material for armor against the gamma rays and EMP's of the Sun and space. By the time he rests on the moon, he wields a set of metallic, blackened armor. His eyes glow red and his PULSEStar glows a deep blue in his presence. He radios to the Munijoch section of the radio that now the heavens themselves are no longer safe from him and his protocol, to which Chipguin replies a deep, serious tone:

C: "Good luck with that, kid."

Exploration into the Cosmos[edit]

Almost immediately, Dreamweaver began scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for signs of manipulation within it, such as what an intelligent civilization would do. He was pointed to the center of the galaxy, known in 2500 as the Ch'Terron Empire. As he got closer, however, it took a turn for the worse. Disabling him with a mild EMP burst, they took him into the ships and began tracing his origin and root protocol to Earth, which began the ascension of the empire to a galactic player.

Seething with rage, he vowed to get his revenge on the empire, be it now or a thousand years later.


The Dreamweaver looks almost lifeless until he turns on his PULSEStar, making his eyes glow red and walk once more. He wears a cape made of silk forged from the civilizations of those he met, and blackened armor to protect against EMP's. He has cables winding down behind his head to connect to computers and other things for data downloads.


The Dreamweaver wields a PULSEStar, to which he can manipulate it to produce energy swipes, gravitational disruptions, levitation, and super heating an area. He can fire it and have it return to him, as well. He is a master at winning the hearts of the people, gaining traits from famous people of Antarctica's past, including war strategies and propaganda.

He holds several PULSE Weapons, including a red PULSE Saber.


The Dreamweaver is subjected to memory clogging at times, due to the time he spent being locked up in the time capsule eroding the silver connectors within his brain. This renders him to restart when this happens, making him lifeless and limp. In addition, he is subject to common emotions, unlike a regular machine, making him seem guilty for his actions.


  • "The heavens themselves are no longer safe from my fury! Long live the Dreamweaver!"
  • "You know not of what you are dealing with, warm blood."
  • "I see time and space on a different plane than you."
  • "I am life."


  • He is based on Marvel's Ultron.
  • The positronic brain is from Isaac Asimov's "I, Robot."
  • Electromagnetic Warp drives are currently being researched by NASA.

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