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One might drop when they see him! HAHAHA... ha...
Gender Male
Race Black demon puffle
Health A lot.
Level A lot... again.
Status Alive... probably...
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date October 2, 1967 (age 47)
Interests Being mean and, uh, probably killing people...
Friends GhostieGhost (sometimes)
Enemies GhostieGhost (most of the time)
Archetype Evil

Drop is GhostieGhost's black puffle. Due to his red eyes, apparently he is a demon. GhostieGhost approves of this, because he is a ghost. Drop has a very mean personality, which also relates fo GhostieGhost.

He also makes puns sometimes, but most of the time they are very disturbing. No one approves of this.


Not much is known about Drop's past, but most people know that his name wasn't Drop. GhostieGhost probably named him that because of the fact that he saw people drop, or, to be more specific, pass out, when they saw Drop. Drop was actually very mean to GhostieGhost, but GhostieGhost didn't care. That meant they were very similar in many ways.

GhostieGhost later gave Drop the ability to talk. The reason for this was because communicating with him would be much easier.

Often, Drop was mistakenly called a Zombie Puffle. This made him very angry, and GhostieGhost didn't like it either (he turned anyone who called Drop a Zombie Puffle into a ghost).

Drop also happens to be very interested in the §, which is a substance that defeats evil instantly. Although, he doesn't know how to pronounce it, so he just says "the gross-looking goop substance". People don't know what he is talking about when he says this, though.


Drop is a black puffle with bright red eyes. This makes him some kind of demon. Also, his black color is darker than normal black puffles, so it's impossible to see his mouth.


Well, Drop is a demon, so he has a very mean personality. GhostieGhost thinks Drop can kill other penguins, but Drop said that wasn't true. Drop is also a liar sometimes, so he probably isn't telling the truth... uh oh...



"Squeak? What is a squeak?" --Drop when he is asked why he doesn't squeak like every other puffle.



  • Drop doesn't really like GhostieGhost, even though GhostieGhost is his owner.
  • Drop sees Mabel sometimes.
    • When he tries to talk to her, she just says "Bye." and walks away.