Duncan Mistrol

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Duncan, happy with his jester's hat.
Title Duncan Mistrol
Gender Male
Race Green Puffle
Health Excellent
Level 777
Status With Buhc
Location Club Penguin
Birth date August 17 1998
Interests Pranking
Friends Daniel Highwater, Chub 777, Buhc 777, Hochstadt Gang
Enemies Cutlass Brindley
Archetype Good

Duncan Mistrol more commonly known as Duncan, is a green Puffle. He is best friends with Daniel Highwater, a red puffle. Duncan and Daniel previously had the same owner, but they escaped and got captured by Cutlass, a pirate, who forced the two to work for him. Afterwards, they were both rescued by Chub 777, Buhc 777 and the Hochstadt Gang. Duncan eventually came under the ownership of Buhc and is now his pet.


Duncan Mistrol was born on August 17 1998 in what is now Club Penguin. He was born into a small family of green puffles, most of whom were quite hyperactive. Duncan was the same, although no so much. When Club Penguin was founded in 2000, many penguins came to live on the island. The penguins introduced propeller hats and green puffles soon became known for wearing them as they flew around. Duncan, however, was not so experienced and keen at flying. In fact, after an incident involving a propeller hat, Cream Soda and anvils, Duncan developed a fear of flying. Instead of finding excitement through flying, he became a goofy and energetic puffle who sometimes clowns around and pulls pranks. He soon found a jester hat lying around Club Penguin, which he got and wears to this day.

Duncan continued life normally and quietly. He disliked flying and instead became a puffle who was funny and performed pranks. In 2008, when he was 10 years old, Duncan was rounded up and placed into the Pet Shop for adoption. Still having a fear of flying, he was adopted by a penguin alongside Daniel Highwater. Their owner did not really care about them. They were ignored and neglected, just left alone like they never existed. Soon, the two were fed up. In 2011, when their owner traveled to Puffle'and, the two were (surprisingly) taken along. As soon as they set foot in the new land, the two figured that there was a new world out there for them to explore, and so they ran away from their owner, who did not notice.

Soon after their escape, they were captured by the Puffish pirate, Cutlass Brindley. The two were forced into piracy against their will. They were forced to work for Cutlass in his crew and as a mercenary. However, during the Winter's Tide, they were rescued by Chub, Buhc and the Hochstadt Gang. They all worked together to try and rescue the two puffles and stop the pirates from continuing with their schemes. In the end, the fail to stop the pirates, but are successful in rescuing Dan and Duncan. Afterwards, Duncan becomes Buhc's pet puffle. Today, despite Duncan's fear of flying and Buhc being a pilot, the two still get on together very well.


Duncan, against his will, was forced to work with Cutlass as a pirate. However, during Winter's Tide in 2013, he came across the Adelie brothers and the Hochstadt Gang. After their brief encounter, the two groups set off to rescue him and to stop the pirate menace on the seas. Eventually, they are rescued but, the pirates are not stopped and instead escape away.

Ever since Duncan's rescue, he has had a much better life with Buhc. Duncan is still a prankster and afraid of flying, but both to a lesser degree. Buhc has also tried to help Duncan overcome his fear of flying, since he is a pilot. Despite this, the two live together and get along very well.


Unlike most green puffles, Duncan is afraid of flying, especially with a propeller hat. He has sometimes been teased because of this, but he normally just shrugs the remarks off. However, just like most green puffles, he is goofy, energetic and playful. Duncan sometimes gets very hyperactive, but is usually just normal. He also likes to joke around and make his friends laugh, but when a situation gets serious, he stops joking around. Duncan is also sometimes clumsy, the results of the clumsiness often make others laugh along. Duncan also likes to prank others, for laughs. However, he is still quite serious and mature. Compared to his close friend Dan, he is considered the weaker of the two.



  • Unlike most green puffles, Duncan wears a jester's hat instead of a propeller hat.
  • Duncan is an aerophobic.
  • Duncan has always had the same jester's hat since 2006.
    • He has also always dreamed to have a large wardrobe entirely dedicated to jester's hats.

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