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I don't see what the big deal is...
Title Dustin O'vian
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Talking Puffles
Health Good
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Fitness clubs, Dance Clubs, his house
Birth date somewhere
Occupation Hunk
Interests Working out, flirting, making himself prettier
Friends A bunch of people
Enemies his brother
Archetype Evil

Dustin is the older brother of Disco Puffle and cousin to Steven. He is considered to be the most attractive puffle by nearly all female puffles. Like most other talking puffles, he has a slower growth rate and higher intelligence. He thinks he is one of the best puffles because of his looks.


Dustin shares a rivalry with his brother, Disco Puffle. During their childhood and early adulthood, they both were considered heartthrobs, and faced competition with each other. However as years went by, Disco became less popular, and Dustin became more attractive towards female puffles. Disco Puffle failed to realized that his 'fro and style were out of date and considered "dorkish". Dustin's smooth talking and outer beauty still made the ladies sigh, and Disco Puffle was jealous (although he still thinks females are as attracted to him as his brother)

Dustin general has no interest in (having a relationship with) women and flirts for the fun of it. Occasionally he'll use his good looks to manipulate them into doing various things for him (and they usually consent) and takes pleasure in watching puffles get hurt by having cat-fights over him


  • He is somewhat based on Prince Charming from the Shrek series
  • Dustin's body has certain pheromones that give off a scent. This makes him irresistible to blind female puffles.
  • He and his brother have freckles
  • He likes working out.
  • He is also a singer, and sings well, and can change his voice to several different pitches.
  • Dustin is the biologically father of Mabel, Cabel, Charles, Emily (all by Mabel XVIII) and Foamy by Susan by artificial insemination.
  • Being an O'vian, he tends to flirt with penguin females. He is as successful as his brother, since Penguins have a totally different taste in body than puffles.